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Testing the Wavewalk S4 in our maiden offshore voyage

By Magnus Chung

San Francisco Bay Area, California

I finally got a chance to take the S4 out and test it on the water. It’s working beautifully with the Honda 2.3 engine. We actually have 3 people seat in it comfortably and both paddling and using the motor works quite well.

We launched the S4 at a rocky beach, and dragging the S4 over the sharp rocks caused some scratches on the bottom of the S4. This is a minor issue, and I’ve decided not to worry about it 🙂

Overall, I am very satisfied with the S4. Great Kayak and I can’t wait to show it off to my friends on the next fishing trip!

I was too busy with the S4. There aren’t any pics while the S4 is cruising in the water since all three of us were in the S4 and didn’t have anyone to take pictures from the shore.
Here are some of the pics my friend took on the beach –




UPDATE – August 2018

I have been taking the S4 to many fishing and clamming trips and it’s working great and impressed a lot of people!
A couple times we encountered bigger than expected swells so if it wasn’t the S4, we would have tipped over for sure. Most of the people who ride on it confirmed the S4 is the most stable kayak compared to everything they have seen.
One small thing I noticed is that when we have close to max load on the S4 in the bigger waves, the water splashes front and gets in the cockpit, so I think the splash shield may help with this.


First outing in our Wavewalk S4 tandem fishing kayak

By Severo Pasion



I didn’t register my S4 as a motor kayak yet. I’ll probably get it done within the next two weeks.

Here’s a pic of our first outing!!
Took a lot of getting used to the tandem paddling, but we managed to get to our destination 🙂

Wavewalk S4 tandem fishing kayak on the beach, Hawaii

Paddling and fishing in Kachemak bay, Alaska

By Pat Irwin

Homer, Alaska

I’m working my way up to a longer trip so the only pics I have right now are random photos around the bay in front of my house. The salmon are running (spawning) right now so my focus is to fill the freezer for winter.

This pic is from a rainy fishing day. The W500 pointing toward Grewingk Glacier and the Harding Ice Field.

BTW, the 500 is helping my MS by allowing me to stay even more fit than if I use my bicycle only. This boat is great!

Grewingk Glacier and the Harding Ice Field viewed from the kayak 1024


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Wavewalk 700 paddling trip in Hilo bay, Hawaii

By Jerry Wheeler

Pahoa, Hawaii

Took my W700 to Hilo bay and to the river. Just paddling, no fishing today. Recreation on the Kayak without fishing suites me fine, and I left my fishing rod on the bottom of the boat. I shot a video in the choppy waters. It was a fun day on the waters, but for only about 4 hours. The sun was a bit harsh.
Here is the video and some pictures,

My Wavewalk 700 Microskiff on the beach


“…I felt safe that day on the waters. The beginning of the voyage I paddled the protected part of the Bay behind the 3 mile jetty. The W700 performed very well. It will take you the distance even at an easy pace.
Eventually I decided to take on the unprotected coast line. So I got out there so far and decided to take a break and have a snack. Heading back I was fighting quite a bit of chop and swell. So I decided to kick it in gear and paddle hard so it wouldn’t take forever to get back. The W700 is amazing. It will pick up and go.”

The coast viewed from my kayak

The coast viewed from my kayak (3)

kayak trip in choppy water Hilo bay

Choppy water in Hilo bay

clouds over the coast

view of the beach Hilo bay



beach with calm water

big hotel

bridge and hotel Hilo Bay, Hawaii

Bridge over the river

my Wavewalk 700 under the famous bridge on the river

view of Hilo bay from my Wavewalk kayak

view of the beach in a protected area


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My W570 with 3.5 hp Tohatsu outboard

By Warren Thomas




Launching at the beach. I took a SUP board and SUP paddle with me…


On the way to the beach


View of the California coast


Another picture shot from my boat


That red kill-switch lanyard had to be attached to me, of course…


My w570 next to the van


At the beach


Still in the box


My van packed with SUP gear, a W570, my new Tohatsu 3.5 hp outboard motor, and the wheel cart


W570 20-15 with 3.5 Tohatsu outboard.


The Wavewalk TMM 20-15 motor mount model is not rated for such horsepower. This motor has so much torque that we’re not taking any chance…


We reinforced this TMM 20-15 motor mount in multiple points, including doubling the  thickness of its vertical mounting plate.