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My W Fishing Kayak Outfitted With a 2.5hp Lehr Outboard Propane Engine, By Jared Jorstad, Kansas

I wanted a kayak that paddled well, but was stable enough to fish out of easily, and being able to put a gas engine on it is a huge bonus.

The kayak has worked well. My dad, who lives in Minnesota, has tipping trouble with standard kayaks, and this worked well for him. My sister also took my nephew out in it.
I didn’t get much paddling time in it, but on the first time, I paddled 200 feet or so from shore, stood up, and paddled back.

I outfitted it with a 2.5hp water cooled Lehr propane engine with a 15″ propeller shaft. I like a water cooled just for the lower noise level.

Here’s a picture and video from throwing the engine and outriggers on and trying it.

fishing kayak with 2.5 hp propane Lehr outboard motor - Kansas

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Poling the Flooded Flats, Kayak Fly Fishing for Redfish, By Kevin Eastman

Well, thanks to the north east winds we had some unscheduled flood tides this weekend.
I could see that the evening high tide would flood one of my favorite spots though it would be after dark.
I decided to go just before sunset and see if the winds were bringing the waters up faster and as luck would have it the flood was in early.
After hustling to the first flat I only saw one tail and got a couple of unsuccessful shots at it.
With the sun setting fast I poled to another flat and was about to give up when some tails popped up but not for long. Fortunately, the water was shallow enough that I could follow the wakes. I missed the first one but stuck the second one I saw. It was a solid 24″ and put up a nice fight.
When I got that one landed and unhooked the sun had set and I figured the show was over. I scanned the flat and could still see some fish feeding as the light was fading. I got another nice shot at a cruising wake and the fish inhaled the fly. This one fought a lot harder and longer, laying out at 26.”
I was hoping to get a crack at another fish as the dark settled in but they pretty much disappeared by the time I got the fish unhooked.
There were still fish there, just not tailing as the lights went out. I ran over a few while poling back home in the dark but didn’t see any tails. I noticed the same thing a few weeks ago with the evening flood and full moon when I was hoping to fish the flat in the moon light. As soon as darkness settled in, the tailing stopped and fish activity decreased, even with the light of the full moon. Poling home off the flats in the dark is a hoot and almost as enjoyable as the fishing.
I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end Father’s Day.

The stand up fly fishing kayak at sunset Florida

Kevin's fly fishing kayak rigged with a high platform for sight fishing, and poling - no outriggers

kayak fly fisherman showing big redfish caught in flood tide shallow water at night FL

kayak fly fisherman showing big redfish caught in flood tide shallow water FL

Red fish caught by fly fisherman in stand up kayak FL June 2012

fly and fly rod on stand up fly fishing kayak

fly rod at dusk on stand up kayak FL

Great Offshore Kayak Fishing Trip For Sungjin

Sungjin went on an offshore kayak fishing trip with other members of his kayak fishing club.
It looks like they had a good time, and were quite successful!  🙂

Offshore kayak fisherman in motorized fishing kayak with flounder

offshore kayak fisherman showing flounder he caught - South Korea

Ocean view - kayak fishing trip South Korea

flounder and other fish caught in offshore kayak fishing trip South Korea

South Korean offshore kayak angler with stringer of flounder

flounder caught in offshore kayak fishing trip South Korea

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Sungjin’s Offshore Tandem Motorized Fishing Kayak Trip

Sungjin did it again, big time!

He created this outrigger system from foam boards and aluminum rods that he cut and assembled himself.

Outrigger for motorized tandem fishing kayak - South Korea

His goal: motorized tandem kayak fishing in the ocean, and he fully succeeded:

tandem motorized fishing kayak in ocean fishing trip - South Korea

two South Korean kayak fishermen in their tandem motorized fishing kayak - offshore trip.jpg

The 2 hp 4-cycle Honda outboard motor is powerful enough to propel this W fishing kayak and its tandem crew at a good speed:

Sungjin and his friend get serious about fishing:

two stringed fish motorized tandem fishing kayak - South Korea

And here Sungjin’s fellow fisherman is filleting a fish on board their kayak, and preparing it for for their lunch on board:

lunch on board tandem motorized offshore fishing kayak- Korea.jpg

Time to beach the kayak and get some rest:

South Korean kayak fisherman resting on the beach with kayak.jpg

And here is Sungjin’s outrigger tandem motorized fishing kayak, beached on this beautiful South Korean beach:

motorized tandem fishing kayak beached on South Korean shore.jpg

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High and Dry in My Stand Up Fly Fishing Kayak, By Ted Stevens

I bought my Wavewalk a couple of months ago.
I fly fish on the Indian River Lagoon in South East Florida where I live and the “W” fit my needs almost perfect, but at 64 years old I wanted more stability and such a higher vantage point when I needed it.
It really makes it a one man fishing machine and I absolutely love it.
I had labored over my decision to buy a stand up fishing Kayak for months reviewing almost everything including the [build-in outriggers kayak] line of boats that are sold at our local fly shop here in Stuart Florida.
I knew I wanted the stability of “W” and I wanted to be able to take a passenger on occasion.
I’m going to outfit my W kayak with the cockpit hooks and bungee as I don’t think there is a better more affordable way to keep my boat dry will it is sitting on the floating dock waiting for me to use it. Plus I love the idea that I can deploy it when caught out here in our rather numerous summer rain storms and hide under it until it lets up.
I paddle the boat standing on the platform, and use it that way a lot in the back creeks and small mangrove lagoons.
Ted Stevens

Pictures of my “W” outfitted with a leaning post and outrigger pontoon system:

fly fishing kayak with high standing platform for sight fishing

paddling a stand up fly fishing kayak with passenger on board

paddling a stand up fly fishing kayak with passenger on board

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