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Windshield style spray deflector for motorized fishing kayak

This can be a fun, inexpensive DIY project for a fisher who owns a W kayak outfitted with a gas outboard motor who’s looking to prevent spray from getting into the cockpit while driving through waves at high speed, or when a strong frontal wind blows spray in.
It’s a cool alternative to using a tarp as a cockpit cover, but it can also be used in combination with a tarp that would cover it.
Attaching and detaching it takes a few seconds, and it can be done from within the kayak’s cockpit, while the fisher is on the water.
Storing this windshield on board is easy too. It’s just a 4ft long and 1ft high, lightweight plastic board that fits in one of the W kayak’s hull tips.

The crystal clear transparent material used for it is 0.096″ thick Acrylite.
A 48″ x 12″ board of this lightweight material costs around $12. It’s a bit hard to cut without breaking it, but working with a box cutter eventually creates a groove deep enough for breaking the board along the line.

This windshield style spray deflector is then outfitted with lashing hooks that allow for attaching it to the top front part of the cockpit by using the bungee cord and hooks that are already in place as part as the preparation for cockpit cover (tarp). You may need to tighten the bungee (shock cord) in order to make it hold the windshield better.

windshield for motorized fishing kayak windshield for motorized fishing kayak windshield for motorized fishing kayak

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2.6 HP outboard with a 20″ long shaft from Mapi Outboards

Mapi Outboards is a US company based in Miami, Florida. It distributes in the US a range of small outboard motors that it outsources in China.
The motor sizes range from 2.6 to 25 HP, and they are water cooled.

Mapi’s 2.6 HP and 4 HP outboards feature both short (15″) and long (20″) propeller shafts, which makes them suitable for our W kayaks.
The 4-stroke 2.6 HP Mapi outboard has a 72CC displacement chamber and it weighs 37.4 lbs.
According to Joe Otero, Mapi’s founder, this model goes for $725.

Interestingly, Mapi also offers an outboard steering system:


As far as fun goes, outfitting your motorized W kayak with such a thing looks promising! :)

Note that while our W kayaks work well with 15″ (short) outboard models, and we even offer a motor mount for them, we recommend using 20″ (long) models for better access to the controls and easier steering.

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Wavewalk’s web blast ad for On-The-Water Magazine readers

Here’s a new ad emailed today to all On-The-Water (OTW) Magazine subscribers:

Ad for motorized fishing kayak - Dowsize and Upgrade

The content is self explanatory, and we direct it to all anglers in New England and nearby states in the Northeast that don’t like the idea of fishing out of a common kayak (sit-in, SOT or hybrid) for obvious reasons such as lack of stability and comfort, and reasons that are particular to this region which are the cold climate and the popularity of offshore fishing.
The idea is that local anglers can use our W kayak as a lightweight, high performance car top boat rather than as just a kayak, and say goodbye to trailers and boat ramps…

W kayaks at the NewStar Marine booth at the Halifax International Boat Show

This is a reminder to anglers, paddlers and boaters in Nova Scotia and New Bruswick – Tomorrow, February 23rd, is the last day of the Halifax International Boat Show, where NewStar Marine is showing the Wavewalk 500 without a motor, and outfitted with a 2.5 hp APS outboard motor with a short shaft. APS offers the same model with a 20″ long shaft as well.

View of NewStar Marine's booth with Wavewalk kayaks, rigid-inflatable boats (RIB), and outboard motors

View of NewStar Marine’s booth with Wavewalk kayaks, rigid-inflatable boats (RIB), and outboard motors

W500 kayak outfitted 2.5 hp APS outboard motor with a short shaft

2.5 hp outboard motor with short (15″) shaft attached to a Wavewalk TMM 15 transom mount

Wavewalk Kayaks’ transom mount for 15″ (short) propeller shaft outboard motor

Here is an image contributed by Norman Wiechert from NewStar Marine – Wavewalk kayaks’ distributor in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Canada. It shows a 15″ short-shaft APS outboard motor mounted on a TMM 15, which is Wavewalk’s transom mount for short shaft outboard motors.
Norman and his team will be showing W kayaks at the coming Halifax International Boat Show.


The distance between the motor mount and the cockpit’s rear is determined by the clamp screws.


1. This picture does not show the long tiller extension with a U-joint (articulated tiller extension) that we strongly recommend for motorized W kayaks. Using such extension allows the driver to operate their W kayak from the middle of the cockpit instead of from its rear. This is important for keeping the boat level, which helps attain higher speed as well as maintain better control, I.E. tracking and steering.

2. It is advised to close the gap between the motor mount and the cockpit’s rim with wood or plywood, in order to prevent spray from the propeller shaft from reaching the cockpit.

And this is just another beautiful photo of a W kayak in Halifax, courtesy of NewStar Marine:

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