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Stand Up Fly Fishing Kayak Review by Bob Smaldone, Offshore Kayak Fly Kayak Angler, Maine

Bob lives in a small coastal town in Maine that’s famous for its fishing, as well as for other reasons. It was easy for Bob to drive down the Massachusetts to test the W500, and it was easy for him to decide to order one on the spot.

Here is what Bob wrote us after a few weeks of using his new w500:

I have been out with my wavewalk 500 almost every day, ocean, lakes and rivers, having a blast and learning its operating characteristics. I’d like to recommend this kayak to those who express more than a passing interest.
I have been wanting to send you pictures, but I find it a bit challenging catching fish on the fly, out in the ocean, and taking pictures at the same time! Guess I need to just get better at this! Yesterday I caught 1/2 dozen stripers, some up to 30″, all on the fly, and , of course, all standing up in the wavewalk. Doesn’t get any better!
Will practice on my picture taking.

And here’s an email Bob wrote to the editor of his favorite fly fishing publication named the Angler’s Report, shortly after he bought his W500:
“Just read your recent report on kayaks…thought you may want to check out Wavewalk kayaks. Just purchased one yesterday after researching and trying out both the [folding outriggers “stand-up” SOT kayak] and the [tunnel hull, ‘hybrid’ “stand-up” canoe-kayak] fishing kayaks. Their web site is entertaining, especially all the videos. In my mind, this is truly the only standup kayak out there. You actually walk onto to it, sit down and paddle away. I was standing and jumping within 2 minutes (trying to simulate one of the videos I saw) much to the concern of Yoav, the designer and owner of Wavewalk, as he watched from the shore. Later, we even went out tandem in the kayak. No other kayak has this kind of stability. A fly fisherman’s dream. Period.

Anyway, I am not trying to “sell” you the kayak… just thought you may find it worthwhile to check it out.

Bob Smaldone”

The editor of the Angler’s Report published Bob’s letter. Thanks Bob!

Some pictures of Bob fly fishing in Florida (Thanks to Gary Rankel) –

Bob fly fishing standing in his kayak, King's Bay, FloridaKayak fly angler Bob standing by his fly fishing kayak and Gary's fishing kayak
Bob getting ready to launch his fly fishing kayak, next to Gary Rankel’s “PackerYakker” W500 kayak

Fly angler catching a fish from his kayak, Florida

Bob and Dick on the beach, looking at Dick and Gary's fishing kayaksBob (L) talking to Dick Sherman (C) while looking and Dick and Gary Rankel’s W500 fishing kayaks beached in Crystal River, Florida.

Fly kayak fishing standing in kayak, Florida

Photos: Gary Rankel

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No Oil In Sight – Gary’s Kayak Fishing Trip Report, Florida

Dick Sherman and I encountered some brisk winds and choppy water yesterday, but our W kayak kept us high and dry. Another slow day, but still no oil in sight.

Kayak fishing offshore in choppy water, Florida

Offshore kayak fishing in choppy water, Florida

Alfred’s First Trip in His W Fishing Kayak, California

I went to Huntington Harbor on Sat. I had no problems paddling my W500 in the sitting position. I had to paddle thru a deep area to get to a shallow part of the harbor. I paddled around in the sitting position for a while in that area. After I felt comfortable, I stood up and paddled in the standing position (in the shallow area, about 1 to 2 feet deep). On the way back, I had to paddle thru deep areas and paddled in both in the standing and sitting position.
I took it slow, and I found the W to be very stable. I think my experience with SOT, ATV and riding horses helped.

Fishing kayak in Huntigton Beach, California

I didn’t take a fishing equipment on my first trip, and will not take any while I’m learning to handle the W. After that I’ll start using the W for offshore fishing.

Fishing kayak in Toyota Tundra pickup truck

W loaded on Tundra to head home. My wife made the red flags about 8 years ago that I used to clip to the handles of my SOT while transporting those kayaks.

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W500 Fishing Kayak Review by Shaun Wilkeson, Kayak Angler, South Australia

Most of the kayaks we ship are to customers in the continental US and Canada, naturally, but we do happen to ship to overseas clients, and this is the first review we got from Australia. Since Australians use the metric system, we added the info in US units.

Hi Yoav, it’s all good – I’m enjoying the W500.
I did get out in the surf the weekend before last, and managed a bit of stand-up action in some 1m [3’4″] swell – only fell out once!
I did manage to get out on Saturday morning – the weather was good for autumn [Australia is in the southern hemisphere, so the seasons there are reversed…] – the sea was flat and comfortable! I also used the anchor for the first time and that worked great.

fishing kayak on the beach - South Australia

Shaun’s W500 fishing kayak rigged for offshore fishing

I was happy to get 3 nice calamari squid in a short time. The largest is 35 cm [14″] total mantle length.
I’m still not that game to go too far offshore – about 500m [500 yards] is my limit so far.

Calamari squid caught in fishing kayak - South Australia

Close-up on the 3 calamari squid Shaun caught in his W500 fishing kayak

This weekend I’ve planned to give it a try in a local river, the Onkaparinga, and maybe flick a few bream lures around.
It can get a bit chilly here in mid winter . The coldest month is July, with a mean 9am temperature of 10.4 Celcius [50F]

The piece of water I was catching dinner from is the Gulf St. Vincent.

If I’m any good, I’ll eventually be able to send you pics of yak-caught King George Whiting, Yellowfin Whiting, leatherjackets, Snook, Garfish, Salmon and Salmon trout, Bream, Tommy Ruff, and (fingers crossed) Snapper -All fantastic sport fish and great on the plate.



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Jerry Kushner, 80 Year W300 Kentucky Kayak Angler Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico

Jerry Kushner is a winemaker from Kentucky, who purchased a W300 fishing kayak early this year, before the W500 became available.

Here is Jerry’s review of his W kayak:

“I planned to fish some of the fast flowing rivers with my Wavewalk kayak.
After I got it I tried it in my pond, and at first it felt tippy but once I got my balance I found it easy to paddle and maneuver.

Finally, I got to use it in the Gulf of Mexico.  I installed a pair of fold up outriggers that I purchased from Paddlers Hideaway (I found them on e-bay).
The first time I took the kayak out the waves in the surf were one to two feet high and even when broadsided by a wave the system was solidly stable.
I felt real secure, and for an almost eighty year old this rig is ideal for fishing offshore.

Jerry Kushner”