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Wavewalk 700 fishing for cod in Norway’s fjords

By Roine Ankarstrom

Sweden (and Norway)

The fishing season is going very well. I´ve been in Norway for 2 and a half weeks and visiting my younger sister. She lives in a town called Brönnöysund, on the coast.
I went out paddling and fishing in several fjords and caught a lot of Cod.
The W700 worked great and it was no problem catching the bigger cod. It is so easy to paddle the W700 and it moves so smoothly in the water.
The biggest cod weighed 7.5 kilo [16.5 lbs].


Midnight sun viewed in a fjord in Norway


Cod is a strong fish. I caught many.


Trolling for cod in a fjord in Nroway

Wavewalk 700 tandem kayak from Sweden to Norway

By Kent Johnsen

Fiske Kajak, Sweden

I received the new boats a few days ago, and sold the first Wavewalk 700 today. Our first customers are Valeri and Milana, a couple from Sarpsborg, Norway. They drove 900 km one way [550 miles] to come here and try the 700. After they took it for a test ride on the river, they bought it instantly. They are very happy!
Valeri and Milana are nature lovers who want to live close to nature, and they chose the W700 because this is the feeling it conveys.



Close to nature, and close to each other!



The river is still covered with ice in some places



Now we’re going back home, to Norway!



I love my Wavewalk 500

By Kent Johnsen

Undersåker, Sweden

I live in the northern part of the country, near the Norwegian border.
I love my Wavewalk 500. It’s a dream for me. My son and my friends and other people here are very interested in it.
Found it through an ad in Sundsvall, on the coast. The man who sold it to me ordered a 700 r instead.
The first thought I had was what is this?
Love at first sight!

Maybe it’s the first Wavewalk is Sweden? Now I want to teach Swedish people how amazing it is.


Norwegian outdoors magazine Villmarksliv publishes its review of the Wavewalk kayak, by Eric Overdijk

At last, the popular Norwegian outdoors magazine “Villmarksliv” published an article about the Wavewalk kayak. In order to test Wavewalk 500 they have used it over a long period of time.
They gave the W500 five points out of six, which is highest.
This is very positive.


Wavewalk 500
Stable Fishing Kayak

Fishing from a kayak can be an unstable experience, so some choose a canoe instead, where there is also better space for equipment.
Wavewalk 500 is a kind of middle ground, and an exciting alternative for those who like to fish or hunt from a kayak or canoe.
This is a catamaran where you sit on a raised platform in the middle. Thus your position is more upright than in a kayak, and you get less tired.
You can also get up to stretch your legs and stand when you’re fishing, since the design makes the Wavewalk steady enough.
It is fitted with four convenient carrying handles, which allows two people to carry the kayak in a comfortable way.
It is somewhat cramped for fishing for two adults, and this is primarily a kayak for one person or an adult and a child.
On relatively quiet water, two medium-weight adults can sit back to back to fish.

Wavewalk 500 is pretty fast to paddle.

Because there’s storage space under the deck forward, it is convenient to stick the paddle down there when it’s not not in use.
There is also a bungee cord around the cockpit and the carrying handles can be used to fasten the luggage,.
An advantage of the Wavewalk is good directional stability during paddling, and that it does not turn or drifts away quickly because of wind.
This property makes it suitable for hunting for waterfowl.
I have not tried to hunt alone, but when you’re hunting sitting you can rotate completely around the seat, an advantage for hunting flying birds.
Although the material of the boat seems a little thin, and it gives a little under load, it is sturdy enough.
+ Stable.
Directional stability.
Good sitting position.
Ability to customize for larger luggage on top but little storage inside for large-size items.
The kayak is best paddling alone, and with two people it is a compromise.
Testing Results [rating]: 5 out of 6


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