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Catching bass in the shallows

Mike standing in his Wavewalk 500 fishing kayak and catching bass in shallow water, in North Dakota

By Mike Moody

North Dakota

Here’s a video from yesterday. My son and I went out and caught over 100 bass. It’s just warming up here and they were all in the shallows getting ready to spawn! It was tons of fun and I couldn’t have gotten in the area without my Wavewalk 500! I think I’ve had it for 5 years now and it still works wonderfully! One advantage this time of year is that I can easily stand and search for bedding fish.

Have a great spring!



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Bass fishing somewhere in central Minnesotta

This is a quick video of my son and I out kayak fishing over Memorial Day.
We both caught a 5 pounder and several 4 plus pounders.
As always, the Wavewalk performed flawlessly. It’s especially beneficial during this time of year because I can stand to sight fish spawning bass!
My son did take the Wavewalk out once and now he wants one of his own. Maybe after college is done!

Mike Moody

Northwoods Bassin
N. Dakota

Fishing trip to Itasca State Park, by Mike Moody

A video from my kayak fishing trip on 9/29 to Itasca State Park, Minnesota.
It’s the first time I use it after my wife camouflaged it for duck hunting. It used to be yellow…

It was cold and windy out there, and the fish didn’t cooperate that much.
Caught two bass and three northern pike.


North Dakota



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