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Motor Mount For Kayak Electric Trolling Motor, By Gary Thorberg, Minnesota

Here is how Gary mounted an electric trolling motor on his W500 fishing kayak:

1. Clamp-on motor mount – Quick and easy. Gary chose to make this motor mount from Oak wood. The vertical part, to which the motor is attached, is hinged, in order to prevent accidents in case the motor bumps into an underwater obstacle.

clamp mounted motor mount for kayak electric trolling motor


2. Electric trolling motor mounted on the W500 kayak. The motor is mounted on one side of the kayak, and the battery is placed at the bottom of the opposite hull. This balances the kayak without reducing its stability.

balancing weight of battery and trolling motor in kayak

3. Detail: Motor mount clamp: All metal components are inexpensive, off-the-shelf products found in any hardware store.

clamps fro attaching trolling motor mount to kayak

4. Electric trolling motor setup – General view:  With this propeller shaft length, Gary can troll both seated and standing up. Since the W500 kayak is totally symmetrical frond and end, Gary can troll with the motor either in the front, or in the back.

fishing kayak electric trolling motor setup

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Motorized Fishing Kayak With Powerful Outboard Gas Engine – Korea

Sungjin Kim, from South Korea, takes kayak fishing and touring to a new level. He’s the first to have outfitted a Wavewalk 500 kayak with a full fledged, 2 HP outboard motor:

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New Record Number of Daily Visitors to Wavewalk Kayaks’ Website

Yesterday we saw the record number of visitors to our website on a single day shattered: Wavewalk Kayaks’ website got 793 visits, according to a report produced by Google, and 1,028 visits according to a report produced by the company that hosts our website.

The difference from the normal came from many visits sent to us from Duckworks Magazine, the leading small boat site, who’s regularly interested in what we’re doing (thanks Chuck!…) This time it was our motorized kayak research project that caught Chuck’s attention.

The previous record for daily visitors to our website was 754, and it was set on July 6, 2009.

Airjet Motor on W500 Stand Up Fishing Kayak – Movie

This movie shows a ‘proof of concept’ test we did with the W500 kayak.
The setup includes a 32 cc, 1.2 HP, 4 cycle gas engine we took from a small leaf blower.
4 stroke engines are easy to start, and less noisy than 2 stroke engines.
They produce very little fumes, and therefore are not as stinky as 2 stroke engines are.
You can run for a long time on a 1 quart tank, and carry more fuel on board.

Clearly, the W500 would benefit from a more powerful engine 🙂

This W500 setup presents many advantages, including the lack of both rudder and immersed propeller, which makes it ideal for shallow water, as well as for water where seaweed is abundant.
Naturally, it also makes beaching and launching easy.

You can keep paddling while the motor is running, whether you’re looking for more speed, or for better steering. Needless to say, that you can troll and fish with both hands while the motor is running.
Killing the engine is easy, just by pushing a button on the throttle.
Starting the motor is easy as well, and so is refueling.

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Airjet Motor on W500 Stand Up Fishing Kayak – Movie