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Using A Trailer For Kayak Transportation, By Gary Thorberg

I own a small, lightweight trailer that I use for transporting my motorized fishing kayak together with my electric bike.

fishing kayak and electric bike attached on trailer

Fishing kayak and electric bike attached on trailer

When I transport my W kayak on the trailer, I can launch it directly from the trailer to the boat ramp “boat style” –

launching a motorized fishing kayak from a trailer, on a boat ramp

Launching a motorized fishing kayak from a trailer, on a boat ramp

Gary Throberg


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Wavewalk® Kayak Transom Motor Mount For 20″ Long Propeller Shaft



Fishing yayak transom motor mount

Wavewalk  kayak transom motor mount


Wavewalk® Model TMM 20 For motors featuring a 20″ long propeller shaft.

IMPORTANT: We recommend using 20″ (long) shaft motors, since they can be mounted at the rear end of the cockpit, and not a few inches behind it. When the motor is closer to you, it’s easier for you to start it and access its controls, and it makes steering easier. Only 20″ long (L) outboard motors fit outboard manufacturers’ requirements for the depth of the anti-ventilation plate below the boat’s lowest point. Do not use 15″ short (S) outboard motors with this motor mount.

Kayak Compatibility: This Wavewalk® Kayak Transom Motor Mount fits W kayaks from the 500 series.

Motor Compatibility: The Wavewalk® Kayak Transom Motor Mount fits electric trolling motors, and outboard gas motors up to 3 hp.
Important: We recommend outfitting the motor with a long, articulated tiller extension that enables the driver to steer from the middle of the cockpit and not from its rear.
Important: This model of Wavewalk® Kayak Transom Motor Mount can take only a motor featuring a 20″ long shaft. A motor with a shaft shorter than 20″ would be useless for steering if mounted on it, since its propeller would turn in the space between the W kayak hulls, and not below them.

Material: The Wavewalk® Kayak Transom Motor Mount is crafted from 1″ thick Trex board.
Trex is an environmentally friendly, composite material made from recycled and reclaimed plastic, and reclaimed wood. No trees are cut down for the purpose of making Trex. This material is widely used as decking and railing material since it will not splinter, rot or deteriorate due to harsh weather or insects. Trex resists damage from moisture and sunlight, which makes it a better alternative to wood for this matter. Unlike wood, Trex requires no painting, coating or maintenance.

Dimensions: This Wavewalk® Kayak Transom Motor Mount is 4.25″ high and 22″ wide, and it weighs 6 lbs.

Attachment: This Wavewalk® Kayak Transom Motor Mount is easily attached to the W kayak by means of two bolts. We recommend attaching the W Kayak Transom Motor Mount as close as possible to the cockpit, in order to improve stability, access to the motor, control, and safety.

  • Price:  $95.
  • Shipping:

No extra charge when shipped together with a Wavewalk TM kayak
When shipped separately: $20 S&H in the continental US (48 states)
When shipped separately: $25 S&H to Canada and Alaska

Attaching Instructions For This Motor Mount Model

How to attach transom motor mount to kayak

  1. Remove the bungee hooks from the cockpit rear
  2. Place the Wavewalk® Kayak Transom Motor Mount on the deck, in the location where you’re going to attach it, preferably as seen in these images
  3. Mark the position of the two holes, and remove the mount
  4. Drill the two holes in the deck with a drill bit whose size is slightly bigger than the bolts’ 5/16 diameter.
  5. Install the bungee hooks back in their place
  6. Insert the bolts in the mount’s holes, put the mount in its place, and push the bolts down, into the hulls
  7. Tighten the nuts with the metal part facing downward, to secure the mount in its place

The kayak’s plastic wall will get squeezed between the mount’s horizontal plate and the nuts.

How to attach transom motor mount to kayak

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Safety and Operation


Before going on a motorized trip, verify that the wide wooden bolt knobs that secure the motor mount to the boat are safely tightened to the maximum. Failing to tighten the bolt knobs could result in unwanted vibrations and noise. If you feel such unusual vibrations and/or hear unusual noise, stop the motor, turn around, and tighten the bolt knobs to the max.
Driving with loose bolt knobs is hazardous, similarly to driving with the motor’s clamp screws loose, and it could result in an accident.

Never operate the motor without the motor’s stop switch (“kill-switch”) attached to your arm.

For motor operation and maintenance please refer to the motor’s owner’s manual.


Two Fishermen On Offshore Kayak Fishing Trip, South Korea

Sungjin took his motorized W500 fishing kayak, and together with Junior, went for a fishing trip in Incheon bay.
They fished mainly for octopus and cuttlefish, and had a lot of fun, including a traditional Korean meal served on the decks of their kayaks.

2 fishing kayaks beached. South Korea
Islands in Incheon bay, South Korea
Junior fishing from his kayak
Korean kayak fisherman showing his catch
Korean meal served on fishing kayak deck


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Rox Test Drives Her 1.2hp Outboard Motorized Bass Fishing Kayak

Here is the test ride, it was awesome!!!!!
I had a late start today, didn’t hit the water until 2pm. Cloudy, windy and water temps were 53.
Today was my maiden voyage in the W500 with my 1.2hp Gamefisher outboard motor.

It Was AWESOME, I had so much fun, the W500 handled like always – Stable, stable and yes Soooooooooo Stable. The motor made no difference in the balance, it was like the kayak was meant to be used with a gas outboard.
I was doing doughnuts, driving over my wakes, I felt like a Kid with a new Toy…………happy bass angler
I even stopped to fish a little, maybe 1/2 hour was spent on fishing.
All smallies came out of the channel in 10′ to 16′ of water. Rattle Trap was really the only lure I tried, time was short. Only 2 Smallies were picture worthy, lost a beast, and landed 6 that were cookie cutters, 13″.

These 2 Big Girls hit the RT like a freight train. They both did circles under water putting a good bend in my Med/Hvy BPS rod before coming up and jumping like crazy even with the cold water temps.



Fishing kayak with 1.2hp outboard motor in pickup truck bed

Rox' motorized fishing kayak in her vehicle with the motor mounted

Smallmouth bass caught in motorized fishing kayak, Connecticut

Smallmouth bass caught in motorized fishing kayak, Connecticut

Smallmouth bass caught in motorized fishing kayak, Connecticut

Smallmouth bass caught in motorized fishing kayak, Connecticut

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Motorizing Your Kayak – New Section In Our Website

Electric trolling motors are becoming more popular, at east according to some people, and we’re also developing an alternative mode of motorization – outboard gas engines.
So we created a new section for this website, and it will be dedicated to motorized kayaks –
Why motorize your kayak that’s dedicated to motorizing your kayak:
What type of solution would best fit your kayak motorizing needs – an electric trolling motor, or an outboard gas engine? How to motorize your W kayak on a budget? What are the practices we recommend following in a kayak motorizing project?

Here is an example of a motorized W500 kayak with a 2HP outboard gas engine:

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