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The Stand Up Fishing Kayak Unleashed at the Beach, Outfitted With a 2hp Outboard Motor

Horseneck Beach State Reservation, southern Massachusetts –

We uploaded the W500 on top of the car (easy!), put the 2hp 4-cycle Honda outboard in the trunk, stuffed the car with paddles, extra-large flotation modules, a can with gas for the motor, a tripod, cameras, and PFDs, and drove down to Horseneck Beach state reservation, in southern Massachusetts, right on the Atlantic ocean, facing Cuttyhunk island.
The beach offers a boat ramp, but we decided to do things the Wavewalk way, which means “Launch Anywhere!”, so we mounted the motor on the W500, stuffed it with all our gear, and carried it down to another beach, right behind where our car was parked.
We launched the kayak from dry land, according to our “Always Dry!” motto, right into a rock garden (shallow water with many rocks). Piece of cake! – or should we say “Easy as Wavewalk!”…
Driving around seated or standing up was easy and fun beyond belief 😀 – This watercraft is fast, stable, easy to steer, tracks perfectly (like a catamaran…), comfortable, and dry – even without pulling up the cockpit cover.
Just pure fun.

We even took a passenger for a ride, but since he was seated in the front and the boat was going fast, he got sprayed! 🙂

Nothing like it, nothing better, or as its users call it: -“The world’s best personal fishing craft.”

Oceanographic Wavewalk Kayak, By Peter Traykovski

Here are some more pics of my Wavewalk kayak, and a blog from the project http://blog.iod.ucsd.edu/RIVET/

We keep talking about turning the wave walker into a robot..autonomous surface vehicle..so I don’t have to drive!…haven’t done it yet but will let you know when we do. We have lots of robotic underwater vehicles here so on the surface is easy.

Hope all is well with you and you are having a good summer.


fishing kayak converted into oceanographic research boat

Note this kayak is outfitted with two motor mounts - The one in the front serves for mounting scientific gear

fishing kayak converted into oceanographic research boat

front view of kayak motor mount with scientific instrument

2hp outboard motor mounted on fishing kayak

Wide wheel cart for transporting the heavily loaded kayak over long distances on sandy beaches

fishing kayak with outboard motor - oceanographic research

motorized fishing kayak ploughing the waves with scientific gear mounted in front

motorized fishing kayak ploughing the waves with scientific gear mounted in front

motorized fishing kayak ploughing the waves with scientific gear mounted in front

rear view of motorized fishing kayak with scientific instruments - on the beach.jpg

map of the bottom of the ocean

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Sungjin’s Offshore Tandem Motorized Fishing Kayak Trip

Sungjin did it again, big time!

He created this outrigger system from foam boards and aluminum rods that he cut and assembled himself.

Outrigger for motorized tandem fishing kayak - South Korea

His goal: motorized tandem kayak fishing in the ocean, and he fully succeeded:

tandem motorized fishing kayak in ocean fishing trip - South Korea

two South Korean kayak fishermen in their tandem motorized fishing kayak - offshore trip.jpg

The 2 hp 4-cycle Honda outboard motor is powerful enough to propel this W fishing kayak and its tandem crew at a good speed:

Sungjin and his friend get serious about fishing:

two stringed fish motorized tandem fishing kayak - South Korea

And here Sungjin’s fellow fisherman is filleting a fish on board their kayak, and preparing it for for their lunch on board:

lunch on board tandem motorized offshore fishing kayak- Korea.jpg

Time to beach the kayak and get some rest:

South Korean kayak fisherman resting on the beach with kayak.jpg

And here is Sungjin’s outrigger tandem motorized fishing kayak, beached on this beautiful South Korean beach:

motorized tandem fishing kayak beached on South Korean shore.jpg

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New Video: Side Mount For Fishing Kayak Outboard Motor, By Gary Thorberg

This is a hand crafted, side motor mount for both electric and gas outboard motors. It’s easy to install and it works great, as you can see from this demo video:


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South Korean Kayak Fishing Trip Report: Beauty, Fun, Fish, and Food

Sungjin and his wife live in South Korea. They took a pair of W kayaks, and went on a fishing and fun trip in the mountains. The beauty of the scenery is breathtaking, and the fishing seems pretty good too!
They cooked a real meal on the beach, and after the trip ended, they dined in a restaurant. What could be better?
Sungjin drove his motorized W outfitted with the 2 hp 4-cycle Honda outboard (it’s the first W fishing kayak that got such a motor!), and towed the second kayak during parts of the trip.

kayak angler drinking coffee next to 2 car topped fishing kayaks

launching 2 fishing kayaks at dawn at lake - South Korea.jpg

motorized fishing kayak towing a second fishing kayak

beautiful scenic lake with 2 beached fishing kayaks

kayak angler paddling her kayak South Korea

stand up kayak fishing South Korean fishing trip

beautiful scenery in kayak fishing trip S Korea

Sungjin's wife fishing from her kayak

success in fishing from kayak - Korea

kayak angler resting in her kayak - Korea

Sungjin showing a fish he caught in his kayak

two beached fishing kayaks and picnic being prepared

the food looks very tasty!

two fishing kayaks on car top in front of Korean restaurant

kayak fisherman dining at local Korean restaurant - Yummy!


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