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Noel’s Motorized W500 Fishing Kayak – More Movies

“We just got back from Huntsville State Park, about 45 minutes north of Houston.  It is home to Lake Raven, a beautiful, serene and clean lake.  We camped overnight there (warm night) and went kayaking this morning.  Here are a couple of clips.  We tried fishing, but it’s so much fun paddling & trolling that it’s mostly what we did.  I even stood up while trolling and got a few stares.. At least 7 people asked me “What is it?” and I told them…”

-“This 4th of July weekend, we will be going down to the coast to try it in the bays.  I can’t wait to see how it does in the surf & small waves/wakes from boats and oh, maybe do some fishing.. 🙂 Will keep you posted. Noel”

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Noel’s Motorized W500 Fishing Kayak – Texas

Noel put his design engineering skills to action, and came up with this motorized W500 fishing kayak:

-“Problem solved with the trolling motor steering.  I rotated the handle 90 degrees outward, turned around in my seat, so now the trolling motor is in the back.  With this setup, you can turn at will, see the (cellphone) pics.”

Rainier driving Noel's motorized fishing kayak


Also getting more used to the weight/balance of the boat; standing is almost natural now and the boat does not feel tippy”


Electric motor mounted on W500 fishing kayak

Electric motor mounted on fishing kayak

-“The motor mount consists of a 2 ft long treated wood, 1×6 base & a 2×4 upright mounted with stiffening brackets from Lowes.  Used 4x 1/4″-20 bolts x 3″ long with fender/spring washers/nut.  Drilled 4x 3/8″ holes in the hull to allow for flex, then bolted from inside using another piece of 4″ wide 1×6, thus sandwiching the thickness of the HDPE hull between the pieces of 2×4.  This, I hope, will prevent the holes in the hull from tearing out.  I’ve run aground twice so far at the bank at v. low speed and it held without any problems or getting loose.”

Anchor pulley for fishing kayak

-“Check out the anchor mount quick release set up, I don’t fish shallow water so this comes in handy.  I don’t usually let the anchor hang as shown in one of the pictures, as it creates additional drag; I just pull it into the boat; it’s a 3.5 lb folding anchor.”

Anchor pulley for fishing kayak

-“For the paddle  holder, I took closet hanger wire and bent it to fit, it works great; simple solution.


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Noel’s W500 Motorized Fishing Kayak – Texas

Noel Mascarenhas is a Texan who got his new W500 fishing kayak a few days ago… (Read Noel’s ‘1st Impression Review’).

Here is his second review – story:

-“I can’t say enough good things about the WW.  When I washed it down yesterday, I flipped it over to get the water out of the hulls, and fully expected that some water would remain in the cockpit rim, but sure enough there was none; and then I noticed the drain hole in each end…also the hulls are sloped so that all the water will drain out of the boat when flipped over on the grass!  As a design engineer, I appreciate those little thoughtful features that Wavewalk has incorporated…most excellent!”

Father and son in their new fishing kayak - Texas

-“Had an awesome father’s day on the water with the family and the WW.”

Rainier and Noel launching their new fishing kayak

-“My son Rainier is a natural kayaker, and is paddling standing, sitting, fishing sideways, turning in circles, reversing, stopping, actually landing at the launch point where we put in, he is already well on his way.”

Rainier and Noel standing by their fishing kayak

-“We had a lot of people watching today, taking pictures and passing cars were honking as they went past, it was great!”

Noel standing up in his fishing kayak

-“I mounted a trolling motor, anchor, battery box and crate with fishing rods.. See the attached pictures.

With the trolling motor mounted in the front (I reversed the trolling motor handle to point towards me), at the 3 setting, it was moving along pretty quick.  On the 5 setting, I was leaving a good size wake!  Steering was a different matter though, as I kept doing S-turns or going in a circle no matter what I did with the trolling motor.  I think it has to do with the flow channeling effect and the prop wash between and against the hulls.  The reverse on the trolling motor is very poweful, so I’m just going to turn around in my seat & operate it like that for now.  That will negate the hull effect, as I was able to steer very well in reverse.”

Fishing kayak with electric trolling motor

-“The battery location is critical.  On the saddle, it makes the WW top heavy, esp. with 2 people on board and stability/balance became tricky.  I moved it to the right hull, moved the anchor itself to the left hull and it stabilized.  After that it was smooth trolling!

In between tryouts, my wife Nini happened to notice a Mayfly next to her, so I picked it up & took a picture.. now that’s a perfect fly fishing picture.. a mayfly & the WW!”

W500 in the backgroung, with mayfly

-“I played around with the moving (side mounted on pulleys) anchor trolley this morning again and could not figure out a way to easily stop the rope once the anchor hit bottom (and still be able to operate the trolley), so I bought an anchor stop & mounted it between the hulls in the rear, it works great, as I can release the anchor & haul it up real quick, and I have full control of the rope.  I bought this in the boat section of (all places) Walmart.”

Noel in his fishing kayak

June 27 UPDATE: See Noel’s final motor rigging

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Roxanne’s Motorized W Fishing Kayak – Movie

Here’s a movie that Roxanne Davis sent us from Connecticut. Rox shot it from the cockpit of her W-kayak that she rigged with an electric trolling motor and foot-activated steering system:

Isn’t it amazing?

And here is the full story about Rox and her Electric W Kayak Fishing Machine

This rigging job is a marvel, and Rox has some interesting tips to share on how to work with a motorized W fishing kayak: It’s no longer just about trolling – it’s actual combat technique.

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