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Transom mount for long and short shaft outboard motors

TMM 20-15 Transom Motor Mount for Long and Short Shaft Outboard Motors

The TMM 20-15 is a versatile transom mount that fits both 20″ long propeller shaft outboard motors and 15″ short ones -  Just flip and relocate it, and it’s ready for the new motor.

  • Price:  $138.
  • Shipping:

No extra charge when shipped together with a W kayak
When shipped separately: $20 S&H in the continental US (48 states)
When shipped separately: $25 S&H to Canada and Alaska

Materials and Construction

The TMM 20-15 is made from 3/4″ thick Medium Density Overlay (MDO), a composite wood and polymer resin (a.k.a. plastic) material developed for outdoor use such as signs and marine applications.  The front and back of the MDO panels come coated with a waterproof polymer-infused layer, and the sides of the parts that form the TMM 20-15 are waterproofed with polyurethane. Unlike the TMM 20 and TMM 15 specialized motor mounts that are made from Trex, which is a heavier material, the MDO used in the construction of the TMM 20-15 makes it considerably lighter.

The parts from which the TMM 20-15 is made are cut with a computerized router for maximal precision, best fit, and optimal strength. They are assembled and glued together with waterproof adhesive. The tab-and-slot technique and ‘caisson’ design applied in this product give it additional strength.

There is no need to paint this motor mount, but in case you want to, it can be painted with special paint for outdoor plastic, such as Krylon Fusion spray paint. Regular paint doesn’t adhere well to its surface.

The bolts, washers and nuts used in this motor mount are made from zinc plated steel.

Dimensions and Technical Specifications

  • Width:  21.5″ (54.5 cm)
  • Height:  5.5″ (14 cm)
  • Depth:  7.5″ (19 cm)
  • Weight:  2.5 lbs (1.14 kg)
  • Horsepower Compliance:   This design was tested with small outboard gas motors such as commonly used with Wavewalk 500 kayaks. It is unknown whether this product fits heavier and more powerful motors in the 4-6 hp range, which aren’t recommended for use together with this watercraft in any case.

How to attach this motor mount to your W kayak

In the 20″ position, just put the mount as close as possible to the rear end of the cockpit, as seen in the picture below, make sure it is centered, mark the two spots where you’d need to drill 3/8″ holes for the blots, and drill.

TMM 20-15 Transom Motor Mount in the 20″ (long) position


In the 15″ position, the distance of the motor mount from the rear end of the cockpit will be determined by the bolts that attach the motor to the mount, and the position of the motor when the propeller is. You’d need to make sure that the motor can tilt all the way down and lock, as the propeller shafts rises up from the water. You’d also need to make sure you can fasten and release the bolts that attach the motor to the mount.
Once this is done, make sure the motor mount is centered, and mark to two spots whee you need to drill the 3/8″ holes for the mount’s bolts.

TMM 20-15 Transom Motor Mount in the 15″ (short) position
Bolt the motor mount in its place by tightening the nut knobs with their Tee nuts facing down.

Why a dual purpose motor mount?

The problem starts with the fact that only a handful of small outboard motor models feature a 20″ shaft, which is the preferred length for the W500.  This limit in choice forces some W owners to use a 15″ (short) shaft motor. If later they find a 20″ (long-shaft) outboard, having a dual motor mount would save them the need to get a new motor mount for it.

Other users may want to use an outboard gas engine for long drives, or when they go through rough water, where electric motors aren’t recommended (see article » ), and use an electric motor when they fish in flat water and in no-motor zones (NMZ). Having a mount that can accommodate either type of propulsion can save them the need to carry and install two motor mounts on their W.

We also had our dealers in mind when we designed this motor mount. It’s easier for them to have one type of mount in stock rather than manage two different items. In the long run, this would improve the service our clients get from our local dealers and distributors.

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Detachable spray shield for motorized kayak


About the spray shield for motorized kayak

When the W kayak is outfitted with a powerful motor such as a 2 hp gas outboard, it can travel at speeds exceeding 8 mph. Currently the speed record for motorized W kayaks stands at 13 mph.
While spray splashing into the cockpit isn’t a problem in regular conditions, spray might splash into the front part of the cockpit when the water is choppy and the kayak’s bow hits waves at high speed.
This problem can be solved by outfitting the cockpit with a cover such as a small tarp.
Most W kayak models come outfitted with a preparation for a cockpit cover, and installing a cover is easy, takes less than a minute, and it can be done when you’re on the water.

The Spray Shield can offer similar protection, and it’s attached in a similar way, using the same bungee and hooks that are part of the preparation for cockpit cover.

The Detachable Spray Shield can’t be attached to the kayak while the cockpit cover is attached to it, so you have to choose which one you prefer.

A W500 INF 20 kayak outfitted with an outboard motor and a Spray Shield

Technical Specifications

Material: Acrylic

Thickness: 0.098″ (2.5 mm)

Dimensions: 48″ x 12″  (122 cm x 30.5 cm)

Weight: 2 lbs (0.9 kg)

Lashing hooks: 6

Made in USA

The Spray Shield is totally transparent


Price: $108.


  • No shipping fee when shipped together with a kayak
  • $25 S&H fee when shipped to addresses in the continental US (48 states)
  • $30 S&H fee when shipped to addresses in Alaska and Canada


 How to attach the Spray Shield

Attaching and detaching the Spray Shield is easy, and takes less than a minute -
Hold the Spray Shield with the hooks facing outward (away from you) and downward. Move to the front of the cockpit, and place the Spray Shield before the spray deflector’s front end.  Lift the bungee in the front, and bring it over the shield’s two front hooks, as seen in the above pictures.  Pull the sides of the shield towards you until they fit shape of the cockpit’s front end, and attach them using the bungee in the same way (see pictures).
To make the bungee tighter you can shorten it.

Storing it in your kayak

When not attached, the Spray Shield is flat, and it fits easily in one of the hull tips behind you – Just slide it inside. The end will protrude from the hull tip, but not enough to bother you.

Inflatable flotation modules for motorized kayak

Motorized kayaks are heavier than paddled kayaks, and they go at high speed. This requires high capacity flotation, which is what Wavewalk’s inflatable detachable flotation modules offer.

A pair of inflatable flotation modules attached to a motorized kayak


Made in USA

Tech Specs – stated for 1 inflatable flotation module:

Dimensions:   Length: 60″ (152 cm)   Diameter: 6.5″ (16.5 cm)
-Note: Fits exactly between the eyelets on the kayak’s sides in the XL and INF configurations.
-Note: Each side of the W500 kayak can fit up to 2 inflatable flotation modules (Maximum 4 modules for the kayak’s sides).

Weight:   Each module weighs 2 lbs (0.9 kg)

Volume:   The volume of an inflatable module is 2,000 cubic inches (8.65 gallon / 32.5 liter)
-Note: This is more than 2 XL foam flotation modules combined.

Material:   PVC / Black

Thickness:   30 MIL (0.03″) or 0.763 mm  (Heavy Duty)

Air valves:  Each module is outfitted with 2 air valves  -  A 1″ wide easy-filling valve, and a small valve for quick pressure-release.
-Note: The wide air filling valve eliminates the need for an air pump.
-Note: Do not fill the flotation module completely – Always leave some room for the air inside to expand as the sun warms it. If you see the surface is too stretched, release some air through the small valve.

Attachment:  Each module is outfitted with 2 heavy-duty rope eyes, and ships with 2 anodized aluminum carabiners

Repair:  Each pair of inflatable flotation modules ships with a PVC repair kit

Price:  This accessory is sold in pairs.  Each pair sells for $228.

Shipping:  When ordered together with a W kayak, these accessories ship with no additional cost.   When ordered separately, S&H is $20 to addresses in the continental US, and $25 for shipping to addresses in Canada and Alaska.


Inflatable vs. XL foam flotation

Inflatable disadvantages
  1. Price for similar buoyancy: 4 x XL flotation = $124 vs. 2 x inflatable flotation = $228. This means the inflatable is twice more expensive.
  2. Puncture:  Inflatable modules might get punctured by sharp objects, such as fishing hooks.
    -Note: If your motorized W500 kayak is outfitted with just one pair of inflatable flotation modules at its rear, you can still fish out of its front.
  3. Paddling:  When attached as seen in the above picture, the inflatable flotation makes the W kayak’s rear end become much wider, and this makes the kayak harder to paddle.
    -Note: In this configuration, the W500 is as wide as our competitors’ ‘barge’ fishing kayaks, which don’t lend themselves to paddling…
    In sum, the inflatable flotation is a solution fit for motorizing and not for paddling long distances, unless you attach these modules under the kayak’s saddle.
Inflatable advantages
  1. Looks:  The inflatable flotation modules look better than the ones made of foam.
  2. Capsize prevention:  Being wider than the foam modules, the inflatable flotation modules are more effective in preventing the kayak from flipping.
  3. Trimming:  Adding buoyancy at its stern helps the kayak keep level at higher speed.
  4. Shipping:  Inflatable flotation modules cost less to ship than XL foam modules do.


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Hawg Buster Fishing Kayaks will attend the first Annual N4Cs Outdoorsman’s Expo in PA, by Joe Stauder

HBBCO Kayaks will be showing our Wavewalk Kayaks rigged six different ways at the 1st Annual N4Cs Outdoorsman’s Expo that will take place at the Northern Columbia Community & Cultural Center.

Dates: Saturday June 14th 9:00AM – 4:00 PM & Sunday June 15th 10:00AM – 4:00 PM

Address: Northern Columbia Community & Cultural Center, 42 Community Drive, Benton, PA 17814

Tel: (570)-925-0163)   www.n4cs.org

  • Vendors for fishing, hunting, kayaking & outdoor life
  • Information for local fishing & sportsman associations
  • Father’s Day Outdoorsman Basket Raffle
  • Breakfast & Lunch available both days

We look forward o seeing you at the show,

Joe and the HBBCO team

Hawg Buster Fishing Kayaks



13 mph in my motorized kayak, and stable as a dock (movie), by Kenny (One-Shot) Tracy

Here’s a video showing me breaking in the new motor on my W kayak.
I’ve never gotten it more than a 1/3 throttle yet. I’m still trying to “break it in” according to their suggestions. The torque it makes is scary, so I was trying to gradually pick up my speed to ensure I won’t over-tax the motor mount.

I was driving with my left hand, and trying to video and keep my iPhone visible with my right hand. The video shows the magic number “13″ on the screen.
I have yet to figure out how to edit these videos.
My doctor told me I had a pinched nerve in my back, so hopefully when it heals a little more, I will have mastered the videotaping art.


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