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Review of W Fishing Kayak Serving as Tender for Our Big Motorboat, By Alan Merrihew, WA

The W kayak works perfectly for our use of going to and from our boat on the buoy!
We also use it as an additional kayak for taking guest touring short distances.


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“Blood On My Yak” – Kayak Fisherman Fishing In Shark Infested Waters. By Gary Rankel

I had a great day today catching bluefish, jack crevalle and ladyfish on just about every cast for an hour or so. The only problem was a few sharks in the area also took an interest in these fish resulting in me reeling in one bluefish head, one tailless trout (see pictures) and a second bluefish sawed in half. I also got big a lizard fish, a small sea bass and a catfish and jack crevalle which both hit my lure and got hooked at the same time. All the fish blood was coloring my yellow noodles red, but I managed to clean them up when I got home. I lost about $40 worth of lures to the toothy critters today, but was it worth it – Oh Yeh.
Bob Smaldone and his wife spotted me and came over to say hi in his power boat – said he lost an anchor today. Oh well, we’ll see what the next trip hold for us.


bluefish head severed by shark

jack crevalle caught in kayak fishing trip FL

jack and catfish caught with same lure - kayak fishing trip

sea bass caught in fishing kayak FL

sea trout cut by shark

jfish blood on fishing kayak

needle fish caught in kayak 08_2012

fishing kayak beached after trip - FL August 2012

lizard fish caught in kayak

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New Video: Side Mount For Fishing Kayak Outboard Motor, By Gary Thorberg

This is a hand crafted, side motor mount for both electric and gas outboard motors. It’s easy to install and it works great, as you can see from this demo video:


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Wavewalk® Fishing Kayaks and Boats – Local Dealership FAQ

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Wavewalk’s distribution includes factory direct sales, and exclusive local dealerships in some areas.
Wavewalk has been rapidly evolving from a company with a single product line of W500 kayaks in 2015, to a company with three product lines of kayaks and portable boats in 2017 (W500, W700, S4). This fast process is changing our distribution, while creating opportunities for new dealerships that are better fit to resell our current products, and serve a broader range of clients and markets.
We welcome inquiries from prospecting dealers who are interested in reselling our products locally in the United States, and in other countries.

What’s a Wavewalk® authorized dealer?

A Wavewalk® authorized dealership is a business owned and operated by our company’s local dealer in their exclusive area. Our dealers are either established local businesses with a commercial storefront that sell products such as boats and motors, or fishing equipment, or new businesses that our dealer runs from a place where they store display our boats and.
Local authorized Wavewalk® dealerships are legal and commercial entities that are independent and separate from the Wavewalk company.

What is the relationship between Wavewalk and its local dealers?

The relationship between Wavewalk and its authorized dealers is exclusive, which means that Wavewalk does not distribute its products in a dealer’s area through any other local dealer but them.
We are careful not to install dealers too close to each other, because we want to avoid unproductive conflicts between our dealers.

We prefer to work with local resellers who personally enjoy using our products and like them because of the good experience they have with these products, and we enjoy and appreciate close, friendly relationships with our dealers.

  • Start and End

We’ve been selling our products factory direct since 2004, and we began experimenting with distribution through local dealers in recent years. Since 2015, Wavewalk has transitioned from offering just one product line (W500) to a company with three product lines (500, 700, 4). When we recruit a dealer we make sure they get from us all the attention and help they need to become successful. We’ve learned to work with various types of new dealers, and we’re highly motivated in this work. However, we are not committed to keep a relationship with a dealer who continuously under-performs, and if after a reasonably long period of time and efforts on our part we conclude that the dealer has done a poor job, we discontinue their dealership.

What does Wavewalk offer to its local dealers?

  1. Discounts – We offer our dealers 30% discount on basic, small wholesale orders, and bigger discounts on bigger orders. The basis for discounts is our actual, guaranteed, real-life, online retail price list, and not just a hypothetical MSRP that no one cares about. Our retail prices for W500, W700 and S4 boats include free shipping to addresses in the Contiguous US (48 states), including US ports. Accessories ordered together with boats ship free of charge too.
  2. Exclusive Area – Every Wavewalk® dealer gets an exclusive dealership area around their town. This is a large size area in which Wavewalk won’t install other dealers. In scarcely populated regions or smaller states, a Wavewalk dealership area may include an entire state, and stretch across state borders.
  3. Support – We offer full technical and marketing support for dealers and their clients, by phone and by email, seven days a week and all year long.
  4. Listing – We list our dealers on our website’s dealers list, with links to their websites.
  5. Sales Leads – We forward to our local dealers sales leads that we receive from prospecting clients in their area, and often from adjacent areas too. In many cases, a lead includes detailed information that the client provided about themselves and what they’re looking to buy.
  6. Free Website – For every Wavewalk® dealer who needs a website for their dealership, we create a full-featured website for free, with free setup and free tech support.
  7. Online Marketing Assistance – We actively help our dealers promote their websites on Internet search engines and on online classified ads websites (e.g. Craigslist).
  8. Help in Creating Website Content – We actively help our dealers generate and edit content for their websites, which over time helps their websites achieve a better ranking in Internet search results, and get more traffic from local prospecting clients. We also help our dealers learn how to shoot video, and we can edit their movies for them, if needed.
  9. Marketing and Sales Support – We’re always available and ready to help our dealers improve their marketing and sales, and if necessary, we can communicate directly with clients who have special questions or requirements.
  10. Limited Warranty – We offer our dealers and their clients a limited warranty for materials and workmanship under regular usage conditions, and excluding normal wear and tear. More info about our warranty and other company policies »

What doesn’t Wavewalk require from its local dealers?

  1. We don’t require from our local dealers to make large orders before the beginning the fishing and boating season in their area. Having said that, we do require that a Wavewalk dealer maintain a basic inventory that would enable them to sell to a client who wants to come over, buy a Wavewalk kayak or boat, and drive home with it, without having to wait for the dealer to order that unit from the Wavewalk company.
  2. We don’t require from our dealers to resell any of our products above or below certain price levels, and we don’t intervene in their pricing policies. However, we do expect their pricing to be fair and reasonable, and support long term growth and profitability.
  3. We don’t require that our dealers restrict their sales to their areas. Our dealers often sell to clients who live in distant areas, and even in other states.

What are the minimum wholesale order and discount rate?

The minimum wholesale order is $7,000 in terms of our Online Retail Price List. Boat prices on this retail list include free shipping to addresses in the contiguous US (48) states, which is why our US dealers benefit from free shipping as well. Accessories ordered together with boats ship free of charge too.
This basic order entitles the dealer to a 30% discount, and bigger orders entitle the dealer to bigger discounts.
Wavewalk is committed to selling at the online retail prices to retail clients that order factory direct, and we never offer discounts to such clients.
We ship each kayak and boat in a custom cardboard box that offers maximal protection in transit and storage.

We ship full containers (FCL) to dealers overseas.

Questions you may want to ask yourself before becoming a Wavewalk dealer

We can neither guarantee nor predict your success as a Wavewalk dealer, but if we think that you or your business are not a good match for us, we’ll tell you, because we want to avoid investing time in a potentially unproductive relationship.

Based on our experience, we think that asking yourself the following questions, among others, could help you reach a better decision:

  1. Are you convinced that Wavewalk® patented kayaks and boats solve people’s paddling, fishing and motorizing problems in ways that no other kayak or small motorboat does, and that more people should know about Wavewalk’s products and benefit from using them?
  2. Are you serious about reselling Wavewalk’s products in your area in the long run?
  3. Do you need the extra income from selling Wavewalk® kayaks, and would you benefit from diversifying you product offering? If you do, it’s a good start.
  4. Do you feel confident about being able to answer potential Wavewalk clients’ questions, at least after some time in this business, and getting support from us?
  5. If you already own and operate an existing boat dealership, or another outdoor related business, would it be easy for you to sell Wavewalk’s products as well?

NEW: Demo Agent Program

(Starting September 2017)

  • A demo agent simply agrees to show their W700 or S4 to prospecting clients in their area.
  • A demo agent neither resells Wavewalk’s products, nor do they take orders from clients.
  • Demo agents are not required to offer live demos, or perform any selling or promotion activities.
  • Demo agents are not part or the commercial transaction between Wavewalk and the client, and they represent neither Wavewalk nor the client.
  • Wavewalk compensates the demo agent in case a client who saw their W700 or S4 ordered one factory direct from the company.
  • Wavewalk also compensates the Demo Agent in case a client who saw their W700 or S4 ordered one from a Wavewalk dealer, but the compensation in such case is smaller.
  • Not every Wavewalk 700 or S4 owner qualifies to be a demo agent, and in fact, few do.


Questions? Comments? Please don’t hesitate to call us at 1 774 315-6009 or email us »  Ask to speak to Yoav, the founder of Wavewalk, and the guy who designed the W500, W700 and S4.

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W Fishing Kayak Rigged For Oceanographic Research

Peter Traykovski is an oceanographer who specializes in Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering. He works at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. WHOI is the world’s largest private, non-profit oceanographic research institution, and a global leader in the study and exploration of the ocean.
Peter is also an avid kayaker and surfer…
Peter needed a small, lightweight, stable, dry and comfortable boat, in which he could spend long hours in the ocean. After testing various options, he chose the W500, which he outfitted with a 2hp 4-cycle Honda outboard, as well as various scientific instruments. Says Peter: –

Working great so far… Have it mostly rigged for science, just a few finishing touches required.
Did a quick survey of Woods Hole Harbor last week with the Honda motor and the Hummingbird sidescan and was pleased with the results. Put some sump pumps in tonight for keeping water out in rougher conditions. Just need to finish integrating the RTK GPS and will be all set. I am shipping it to North Carolina for a project studying a tidal inlet next week so that will its first major test. Will send some more pics when I get a chance.

Peter paddling his fishing kayak in rough sea Cape Cod Massachusetts

W kayak in the surf – Cape Cod, Massachusetts


Woods Hole harbor, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Woods Hole harbor, Cape Cod, Massachusetts


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