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DIY Motor Mount For My Fly Fishing Kayak (a.k.a. “Motor Yacht”), By Kevin Eastman

With the cool weather we’ve been having here the past couple of weeks, I’m beginning to think we are back up north ourselves.

I finally got around to getting some more pics of my transom motor mount after redesigning the attachment points.
I was out for a short trip in it today and took a few others to go along with them. I’m having a blast putting around St. Augustine in my new “motor yacht”. It reminds me of years ago when we’d go out fishing in a small boat with an outboard. I also cobbled together an articulating extension for the tiller arm so I can control the motor with my arms facing the bow.

We had a sunny but cool afternoon today with no wind, so I decided it was time to take a cruise and brought along a couple of rods to troll on my trip. The trout are biting pretty good so I’ve included a picture to let the northern yakkers live vicariously through since most of their waters are getting a bit cool to play in. I also ran into a couple of Loons that have made their way south for some warmer weather this winter. They are in their winter plumage so aren’t real pretty like you’re used to seeing them in the spring and summer.

I’ve got some wild plans to build set of sponsons for the back and put a 5 hp motor on the boat, then see what kind of trouble I can get in to.

Cheers, Kevin

Kevin's 'motor yacht' - a motorized fishing kayak.

Yamaha outboard motor attached to Kevin's fishing kayak

DIY motor mount for fishing kayak

DIY motor mount for fishing kayak

Kevin's DIY motor mount design for fishing kayak

Trout presented for the kayak fisherman's camera

Loon fishing near St Augustine Florida

Loon swimming and fishing

Motorized W Fishing Kayak as Personal Micro Skiff

Here’s our latest video, presenting the motorized W fishing kayak as a personal micro skiff (microskiff):

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Ergonomic Handle For Fishing Kayak Outboard Motor Tiller Extension

For those who wish to motorize their W fishing kayak, we recommend the 2 hp 20″ long shaft Honda outboard motor.
The user controls the power in this motor through rotating its tiller with their wrist.
The tiller is attached to a spring, which loads as the user rotates the tiller to power the engine.
If the user stops rotating the handle, the spring-loaded tiller will automatically rotate back, and get the motor to idle.
Holding the tiller extension in the ‘maximum power’ position might prove to be difficult over a long period of time, because of the wrist’s continuous effort in resisting the counter-rotation force from the tiller itself.

This is why we outfitted our tiller extension with a handle that’s almost vertical when you hold it in the ‘maximum power’ position. In this position, the feeling is similar to that of holding a joystick.
The additional handle gives the wrist added leverage for rotating the tiller, which reduces the wrist’s effort.

This is not a commercial product that we offer, but merely a suggestion for an ergonomic improvement.
The images below show the tiller extension outfitted with a canoe handle, and a snow shovel handle. We prefer the second one, because it offers more leverage.
Other types of handles could work equally well, if not better. For example shovel handles, large-size tape dispenser handles, and last but not least, DIY handles made from PVC tubing, wood, etc.

Handle for Articulated tiller extension for motorized kayak

Handle for articulated tiller extension for motorized kayak

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The Stand Up Fishing Kayak Unleashed at the Beach, Outfitted With a 2hp Outboard Motor

Horseneck Beach State Reservation, southern Massachusetts –

We uploaded the W500 on top of the car (easy!), put the 2hp 4-cycle Honda outboard in the trunk, stuffed the car with paddles, extra-large flotation modules, a can with gas for the motor, a tripod, cameras, and PFDs, and drove down to Horseneck Beach state reservation, in southern Massachusetts, right on the Atlantic ocean, facing Cuttyhunk island.
The beach offers a boat ramp, but we decided to do things the Wavewalk way, which means “Launch Anywhere!”, so we mounted the motor on the W500, stuffed it with all our gear, and carried it down to another beach, right behind where our car was parked.
We launched the kayak from dry land, according to our “Always Dry!” motto, right into a rock garden (shallow water with many rocks). Piece of cake! – or should we say “Easy as Wavewalk!”…
Driving around seated or standing up was easy and fun beyond belief 😀 – This watercraft is fast, stable, easy to steer, tracks perfectly (like a catamaran…), comfortable, and dry – even without pulling up the cockpit cover.
Just pure fun.

We even took a passenger for a ride, but since he was seated in the front and the boat was going fast, he got sprayed! 🙂

Nothing like it, nothing better, or as its users call it: -“The world’s best personal fishing craft.”

“I have caught more largemouth bass from my W500 kayak than in the previous 50 years+ combined…” By Michael Chesloff, NY

I have been out in my W500 a lot, each time resisting making any permanent modifications as much as possible until I get the feel for the best way to rig it.
I am very pleased with the W.
I’ll add that I have had 7 previous boats but that this year I have caught more largemouth bass from my W500 kayak than in the previous 50 years+ combined due to the unlimited access it provides to launch in every and any size body of water.

I have outriggers as part of my W fishing kayak set-up. I had this hardware already as I used it on my square-ended canoe.  I use them when I deploy the Honda 2hp because of the need to turn sideways and make sudden, hard pulls on the starter rope. Hopefully they will prove to be nothing more than “training wheels” after a while. I should note that I use an aluminum mount, my pontoons are foam (lightweight), they are set to ride above the water and are only used with the motor. The bar is bolted to the W500 (just 2 tiny holes at the apex of the spray skirt) and the pontoons snap on/off in 5 seconds.
I encountered promotional videos for kayak outriggers that I believe serve as good advertisement for your amazing kayak.

I still haven’t had the opportunity to go out in the W500 in a bathing suit and test the “tipping point” (actually make the boat capsize). I think it would be very useful to see a video of someone deliberately and carefully tipping the W500 as another way (versus the dramatic, jumping and rocking videos) to show how far you can go. Maybe right next to typical SIT and SOT models of about the same length (with brand ids hidden!) to highlight the differences.

I’ll provide some pics of my “Banana Split” soon as I think I am done with the configuration. The boat is very deliberately named Banana Split partially because of the color I chose, but more due to its multiple personalities! I think people will find the solutions to my fishing requirements useful.

After seeing Sungjin assembling a meal on board his kayak, maybe I’ll try chao (stir-frying) something in the W500 at some point!

Best regards,

Upstate New York

3lb bass caught on Cape Cod kayak fishing trip

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