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A microskiff is a small to medium sized boat for fishing the flats, bays, and estuaries. Typically, a microskiff is propelled by an outboard motor, and it is sometimes propelled manually, with a push pole. This human powered mode of propulsion is called poling.
Most microskiff require transportation by trailer, which results in their owners losing considerable time on the way to boat ramps, waiting for other boaters to launch and beach, launching, and driving to the target fishing grounds.
At the end of the fishing trip, more time is lost driving the microskiff back to the boat ramp, waiting for others to beach and launch their boats, beaching the microskiff, and hauling it to the trailer. And then, the microskiff owner loses more time driving back from the boat ramp.
Another problem with microskiff is their limited mobility in shallow water and in water where aquatic vegetation abounds.
This problem is not negligible, since shallow water and areas with plenty of weeds are among the best fisheries.
The problem stems from the microskiff’s dependence on its outboard motor, and therefore on the propeller, which isn’t operational in such waters due to draft issues.
Poling is hard, and therefore cannot substitute for motorizing for any reasonable amount of time. This means that unlike kayaks, microskiff aren’t practical in no-motor-zones (NMZ), which are often high quality fisheries.

Both the transportation and the mobility problems described here are solved by a new type of microskiff that’s lightweight enough for one person to car top by themselves, without help, and thereby eliminate the need for using a trailer.
This new microskiff is also narrow enough for its users (one or two full-size fishermen) to propel it effectively and comfortably with either dual-blade paddles (kayak paddles), or single-blade (canoe) paddles across long distances, and in shallow water, as well as in weed-rich water. The same attribute allows the crew of two, or one, to launch and beach this new microskiff practically anywhere, including difficult spots, rocky beaches, and very shallow water.
Despite its being narrow enough to allow for paddling, the new microskiff is stable enough for two anglers to fish from it standing up, as they would from a traditional microskiff.
The new microskiff can be driven with an outboard as a two-person or a solo skiff, and it is called the Wavewalk 700. Currently, this series includes three models, and it is offered in four color combinations, including three dual-color combinations and all-white.

Coming soon: Wavewalk 700 Series

We’re planning to ship boats from our new Wavewalk™ 700 series starting mid July.

The 700 design is similar to the 500 series, except it’s a heavier and more expensive boat, so why would you want one instead of a 500?…
Well, here are a few reasons:  The 700 offers a bigger load capacity, increased stability, a longer and wider cockpit, wider hulls, the ability to take more passengers on board (up to 3 adults), and higher speed when motorized due to the ability to outfit it with a more powerful outboard motor.
In sum, if you’re looking for a tandem car-top fishing boat or microskiff that can take two big guys and a powerful outboard motor, you should check out the 700.
The same is true if you’re looking for a tandem kayak or canoe that can accommodate an additional adult passenger, or a large-size dog.

Ah, and we’ll offer some of the 700 models in two colors! 🙂

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Yoav and the W team

Wavewalk® 700 Kayak Skiff

Checkout the new Wavewalk® Series 4 (S4) »
The new, highest standard in small craft:  A 98 lbs twin-hull super skiff that delivers full-size boat stability, speed and seaworthiness, plus great paddling capabilities and hassle-free car-top transportation. Read more »

The Wavewalk® 700

The popular, two-angler kayak and portable boat that you can launch, drive, paddle and beach everywhere, and easily car-top by yourself.


Wavewalk® 700

The W700 is a portable boat and kayak like which the world has never seen before.

With a design based on Wavewalk’s patented invention, the W700 delivers to you the best of both boating and paddling worlds, and more, with across the board top performance.

Wavewalk® 700 Reviews »



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Unique, unrivaled stability that redefines kayaks

The popular W700 boat is stabler than the classic 500 kayak series, which is the world’s stablest kayak. This stability, eclipsed only by the S4, is especially noticeable at heavier loads and higher speed (motorized). Practically speaking, the stability of the W700 is comparable to that of a regular fishing boat –

This video shows what sets the W700 apart from kayaks, and makes it a boat as far as stability is concerned:


Motorizing and Driving

This YouTube video is best viewed in high-quality HD 720p on a wide screen

Driving is easier and more fun with Wavewalk’s joystick steering :

With a load capacity of 550 lbs, the W700 can serve as a boat tender, and for touring:

The W700 passengers ride its 7’8″ long ergonomic saddle, which is similar to the saddles of jet-skis, all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and snowmobiles, and they can stand up anytime. The cockpit has enough room for three average size adult passengers, or two large size ones.

Features, Benefits, and Pricing Info

AvailabilityDealerships & Direct OrderDealerships & Direct Order
Total Length12’10”13′
Total Width (Beam)31″38″
Total Weight Without Accessories80 lbs98 lbs
Hull Width2 x 9″2 x 13″
Total Cockpit LengthL = 7’6″L = 8′
Total Cockpit WidthW = 31″W = 38″
Saddle-Seat Height14 3/8″15″
MDO Saddle Bracket Installedyes, 1 unityes, 2 units
Molded-In Polyethylene Saddle Bracketsyes, 7 unitsyes, 7 units
Tite-Lok Clamp mount rod holdersno. order item separatelyno. order item separately
Built-In Large-Size Saddle Flotationyesyes
Standard Detachable Inflatable Flotation Tubes, L = 6ft, Diam. = 6″no. order items separatelyno. order items separately
XL Detachable Inflatable Flotation Tubes, L = 12ft, Diam = 7 3/4″no. order items separatelyno. order items separately
Transom Motor Mount (TMM)no. order the TMM 700 HD separatelyPreparation for mounting plate. Order the S4 mounting plate separately
Transparent Spray Shieldno. order a spray shield separatelyno. order a spray shield separately
Joystick Steering Systemno. order joystick steering
system separately
no. order joystick steering system separately
Max Payload = Passengers + Gear + Motor500 lbs650 lbs
Paddling2 adult paddlers in full comfort + child3 adult paddlers in full comfort
Fishing2 adult anglers in full comfort + outboard motor2 big and heavy anglers in full comfort + outboard motor
Motorizingoffshoreoffshore extended
Driving With Electric Trolling Motoryes, requires a motor mountyes, requires installing an S4 mounting plate
Driving With 20″ Long (L) Outboard Gas Motoryes, max 4.5 hp. TMM 700 HD
motor mount required
yes, max 6 hp. mounting plate required
Driving With 15″ Short (S) Outboard Gas Motornono
  • Motor mounts and mounting plates are shipped non-installed. Installation is easy and takes 5 minutes.
  • Spray shields are shipped non-attached.
  • Inflatable tubes can be easily inflated without a pump. Note that the presence of such tubes on the kayak’s sides makes paddling les effective.

Our kayak and boat prices include free shipping to continental US addresses (48 states). We ship each kayak in a custom cardboard box. All our shipments are insured and include call before delivery.)



Simply, send us an email to support@wavewalk.com and tell us which model, color and accessories you’re ordering, and we’ll process your order immediately, without waiting for your check to arrive and clear. By the time we receive your check, your order will be either ready for shipping or close to being completed. In your order please include your full name, the address where you want us to ship the boat, and a telephone number for the carriers to call to set the appointment for delivery.
Please make your check payable to Wavewalk, Inc.
Our address: Wavewalk, Inc., 115 Terrace Avenue, RI 02915
Call us  774 315-6009

Our kayak and boat prices include free shipping to continental US addresses (48 states). We ship each kayak in a custom cardboard box. All our shipments are insured and include call before delivery.

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Locate Dealers »    Wavewalk® boats are available at our authorized local dealerships.

W700 Dimensions

Total Length: 154″  12’10” (391 cm)
Total Width: 31″ (79 cm)
Total Height: 17″
Total Weight: 80 lbs (36 kg) without accessories

Cockpit Length  91″  7’7″  (231 cm)

Hull Dimensions

Hull Width: 9″ (23 cm) x 2 hulls
Hull Height Below The Saddle: 9″ (23 cm)
Hull Tip Length From Cockpit To End: 30″   2’6″ (76 cm)

Saddle Dimensions

Total Saddle Height: 15″ up from the bottom of the hulls (38 cm)
Total Saddle Length: 90″ (228 cm)
Total Volume: 24 gallons (3 cubic ft / 90 liters) for the closed-wall part
Total Positive Buoyancy: (Net Flotation Capacity) 180 lbs (81 kg)

W700 Carrying Capacity (Payload) and Draft

The average US adult male weighs 200 lbs, and the average US adult female weighs 165 lbs. This means that with a maximal recommended payload of 500 lbs, a W700 boat can carry two big guys and their fishing gear, plus a motor. Alternatively, it can carry 3 average-size adult paddlers (male and female) together with their fishing and camping gear.

  • Max Recommended Load: 500 lbs (227 kg)
  • Draft: 7.25″ at 500 lbs load (18.5 cm at 227 kg load)
  • Draft: 2.5″ at 200 lbs load

The W700 is the only shallow-draft fishing boat (skiff) that offers its crew to paddle easily, effectively and comfortably in water that’s too shallow for an outboard motor’s propeller to work. Poling over long distances is not an option for most people, which is why the W700’s full paddling alternative to motorizing makes it the most practical boat for fishing in shallow water, as well as in places where aquatic vegetation and underwater structures limit the use of a motor. The full-fledged paddling option also makes it possible to launch and beach the W700 practically anywhere.




W700 Internal Storage

Total internal volume for storage and passengers: 20.5 cubic ft (153 gallons, 580 liters). This volume does not include the space inside of the watertight Saddle, which should not be used for storage, since it is designated to serve as flotation.

W700 Flotation

The W700 saddle is a large-volume watertight compartment that provides 180 lbs (81 kg) of positive buoyancy, which works as flotation in case of capsize. Therefore, models from this new series are offered without foam flotation modules.
Outfitting a W700 with a pair of inflatable detachable flotation modules can increase the amount of flotation by 146 lbs of positive buoyancy (Total 326 lbs of positive buoyancy)

W700 Speed

Paddling mode: Compared to the 500 series, the W700 is considerably faster when powered by a tandem crew or a strong paddler, and noticeably faster for an average solo paddler.

Motorized: The W700 is much faster than the W500, for which the speed record is 13 mph. This is due mainly to the fact that the W700’s increased stability makes it easier to drive at high speed.

W700 Construction – How It’s Built

This product is assembled from two parts molded separately –

  1. The Saddle, which is closed from all directions and watertight. These attributes makes it effective as flotation for the boat.
  2. The Twinhull, which includes the two hulls, the Spray Deflector that goes around the cockpit, and a base for the Saddle part that’s dubbed the Central Platform.

The Twinhull is protected by seven molded-in plastic brackets integrated with the Saddle, plus one MDO (wood and polymer resin composite) heavy duty bracket installed behind the saddle, in a special compartment. This 3D animation video shows how the W700’s Twinhull and Saddle parts are assembled:

The saddle part is watertight, and serves as flotation. It features seven integrated (molded-in) plastic brackets (see above video) which keep the boat rigid.

Heavy Duty (HD) wooden saddle bracket at the saddle’s rear

W700 MDO saddle bracket 1024

Click image to enlarge

The above video doesn’t show the MDO (composite of wood and polymer resin) bracket installed behind the saddle, in a special compartment.
This additional bracket reinforces the boat’s structure in the area where the load created by the combined weight of a heavy passenger and a heavy outboard motor requires it.





W700 Materials:

Recyclable kayakHull: Rotationally Molded High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Saddle: Rotationally Molded High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Heavy Duty (HD) Saddle Bracket: Medium Density Overlay (MDO).

Our boats are made from 100% recyclable materials

W700 Country of Origin:

US flag 46Our kayaks, boats, paddles and accessories are 100% Made in USA


W700 Color Options

Since this product line is assembled from two separately molded parts, it can feature two colors. The color combinations we offer are –


Twinhull: Yellow,  Saddle: Orange

Yellow and Orange tandem fishing kayak top-view 640Tandem Fishing, Tandem Touring


Twinhull: White,  Saddle: White


Microskiff color combo. This unit is outfitted with a Spray Shield and a TMM 700 HD motor mount.


Twinhull: Gator Drab Green,  Saddle: Sand


Twinhull: Sand,  Saddle: Green

Sand and Green tandem fishing kayak 640

Sand and Green fishing kayak 640

Series 4 Colors

WhiteGator Drab GreenMud Brown


Wavewalk® Boating Accessories

1. Wavewalk® Paddles »
  • Wavewalk® PSP R  (9′ long)    Price: $190
  • Wavewalk® PSP L  (9’8″ long)    Price: $230

We don’t ship Wavewalk® paddles separately from Wavewalk® kayaks and boats, since any item that’s over 8 ft long requires shipping by freight truck.

Common kayak paddles are shorter than our paddles, and they won’t suit adults paddling our kayaks and boats. Other long paddles might be too ‘soft’ (flexible: slow, and waste your energy ), and/or not sturdy enough.
Our composite paddles are extra rigid and durable, so that you can use them for launching and beaching in difficult spots, for stand up paddling, and even for poling in shallow water.
We don’t ship Wavewalk® paddles separately from Wavewalk® kayaks and boats.
Learn more about the Wavewalk® paddles »
2. Extra Pair of Standard Detachable Inflatable Flotation Tubes »

Price: $230.
Tube Length: 6ft, Tube Diameter: 6″
If outfitted with a second pair of inflatable flotation modules (total of 4 tubes), the W700 F and W700 SU function as a full-fledged Rigid-Inflatable Boat (RIB), and as such it works best for high speed motorizing and rough waters, offshore work, and diving, and it can still be effectively rowed if outfitted with rowing oarlocks. However, due to the extra width added by the inflatable tubes, this model is no longer easy to paddle. Note that it is advisable to detach the front pair of inflatable flotation tubes in case you want to use this model for angling.

3. Extra Pair of XL (12′) Detachable Inflatable Flotation Tubes »

Price: $440.
Tube Length: 12 ft, Tube Diameter: 7 1/4″

4. W700 Joystick Steering System »

Price: $270.
If you’re looking to drive your W700 F or W700 SU in optimal comfort, and have more fun driving over long distances, the plug-and-play Joystick Steering System is what you need.  Learn more »


W700 Transportation and Carrying

Car topping a W700 is easy and quick, even for one person –


Carrying a W700 can be as easy as dragging it on the ground:



Wavewalk Boats – Users and Applications

  • Big guys. These users can enjoy increased stability, a roomier cockpit, and a slightly higher saddle. The Wavewalk 700 is better for big and heavy guys than the 500 series. Read review »
  • Tandem paddlers. Typically, a middle aged or elderly couple looking to paddle together in a stable, comfortable, dry, and easy to paddle craft that they could car-top without problems. The W700 is the Best of Breed compared to both canoes and tandem kayaks. With two average size paddlers on board, the new model can accommodate a third paddler, or large-size dog. Recommended model: 700 R (kayak)
  • Tandem anglers. Typically, two big guys who fish out of a small microskiff, motorized dinghy, jon boat, large-size canoe, and other, heavier craft that require a trailer for transportation. Recommended models: 700 R, S4 – depending on propulsion (paddle or motor), and type of water (e.g. flat water, bays, offshore).
  • Hunters. There is enough room on board a W700 for a large-size hunter, plenty of gear, a motor, and a large-size dog. Recommended models: 700 R – depending on propulsion (paddle or motor).
  • Tandem hunters. Typically, duck and other waterfowl hunters, and their gear. Recommended models: 700 R, S4.
  • Families. The W700 is suitable for a couple paddling together with two young children. Recommended models: 700 R, S4   – depending on main propulsion (paddle or motor).
  • Boaters. The 700 and S4 are perfect tenders for a big boat or a yacht – as a paddle craft or rowing craft (“dinghy”), and motorized.  Recommended models: 700 R, 700 RIB, S4 – depending on propulsion (paddle or motor). Watch movie »
  • Kayak anglers. The only drawback the 700 has compared to the 500 series is its 20 lbs of additional weight. As far as everything else, it is a perfect car-top boat, while being lighter and much more stable than any high-end fishing kayak out there. Recommended models: 700 R (kayak), S4 – depending on propulsion (paddle or motor) and type of water (e.g. flat water, bays, offshore). Watch movies »
  • Flats fishermen. Typically, these anglers fish out of a Jon boat, a microskiff or skiff, which is a name given to a broad range of small, shallow-draft, stable motorboats that are too heavy to car-top, and can’t be paddled. As a microskiff, the 700 is easy to car top even for one person, and unrivaled as a mobile and stable paddle craft. Recommended model: 700 R, S4, depending on the number of anglers on board. More microskiff info »
  • Offshore fishermen. S4
  • Offshore technical crews. People working on offshore scientific, engineering and maintenance projects that typically involve the use of Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB) or RIB (Rigid-Inflatable Boat).  Recommended model: W700 RIB, S4.
  • Catamaran-dinghy sailors. For a 1-2 crew. Recommended model: W700 RIB and S4.
  • Speed, fun and adventure seekers. For a 1-2 crew. Recommended model: W700 RIB, S4.

Wavewalk® 700 Reviews »

Wavewalk’s unique plug-in Joystick Steering Kit ».  Steering with the joystick makes driving easier and more fun in long trips and in rough water.

W500 or W700?

This is a question that each client would have to answer by themselves.
Most people who fish out of a W500 will tell you it’s the world’s best one-person fishing kayak, and we designed the W700 to be the world’s best two-person fishing kayak and the world’s best car-top fishing boat, and indeed it is both, according to its users »

In quantitative terms, we think that the main factors worth consideration (except dollars) are  Weight vs. Load Capacity. The models from the 700 series start at 80 lbs, which is 20 lbs (9 kg) more than the similar models from the 500 series.  And while the 700 series offers unrivaled performance across the board compared to other tandem fishing kayaks (including its being lighter than them), 20 lbs can be noticeable weight difference if you don’t really need a bigger Wavewalk® kayak. But if you’re a big guy who wants to fish with a fishing buddy on board, or paddle in tandem with one (or more) paddling partners, you’d better get a W700.

Having said that, at 80 lbs, and with its flat twin hulls, the 700 is still a car top boat, even for one person, and transporting it is easy.

As far as motorizing is concerned, being bigger and stabler, the 700 series models is suitable for more powerful outboards than comparable models from the 500 series. 700 models can go faster, carry more load including passengers, and handle more difficult waters. If these factors are important to you, you should get a 700, and if they aren’t, get a 500.  Read more and Watch movie »

In general, we’ve decided to offer all W500 models in the Kayak Section , together with the W700 R, while we offer all other W700 models under in this Boats Section. The difference being that while W500 and W700 R models work very well with motors, their main mode of propulsion is paddling.

Wavewalk® 700 Microskiff vs Other Skiffs

The W700 is an ultralight microskiff that you can car top easily and quickly, even if you have to do it by yourself, without help. It offers full tandem fishing capabilities when motorized, paddled or poled, as well as offshore capabilities. There is no other microskiff, dinghy, tandem fishing kayak or other small craft on the market that offers a similar combination of advantages, except the new Series 4 from Wavewalk »
Comfort wise, the 700 offers you to spend an entire day on the water without getting back to shore – as you’d expect from a full size fishing boat, and as a bonus, you stay dry.
The front and rear ends of the W700 cockpit’s spray deflector are designed in a way that allows for a transom motor mount to fit tightly, with no gap. This feature makes it even easier and more convenient to access an outboard motor’s controls, as well as to steer.

W700 or S4?

  • W700 advantages over the S4:  Solo kayaking, solo canoeing, tandem kayaking, tandem canoeing, portability.
  • S4 advantages over the W700: Motorizing, tandem motorizing, tandem fishing, stability, offshore trips, load capacity (big guys, heavy gear).
  • Shallow water – The S4 drafts less than the W700, and it features a skiff stand up casting platform, but the W700 paddles better, in general.
  • Offshore – Being more of a boat than the W700, the S4 is more seaworthy, and performs better when driving in the chop.

Do you feel unsure? Please don’t hesitate to call or email us. We’re always happy to answer questions about our products and the best ways to use them, and offer more details about performance, outfitting, etc.


More reading about the W700

Shallow Water Fishing

The complete and effective solution for shallow water anglers


Shallow water is challenging if you own a motorboat, since although the boat itself may draft just a few inches, the outboard’s propeller must operate several inches below the lowest point in the boat’s hull, and practically speaking, you need to drive in water that’s at least one foot deep. This leaves you with an alternative mode of propulsion, namely poling, and since poling is slow and hard to practice, at least for most people, it doesn’t really solve your problem.

Mud motors are an effective solution for this problem, and they are fun to operate.
The following movie shows the new Wavewalk S4 outfitted with a 6.5 HP motor and a Twister drive from Mud Skipper:



Another alternative to conventional motorizing is paddling, but motorboats, even small ones such as Jon boats, are too wide for their crew to paddle effectively, so paddling doesn’t really work over significant distances – unless you own a Wavewalk® 700 car-top skiff.  The special thing about this new boat is that thanks to Wavewalk’s patented invention, it is extremely stable (watch video » …) and being just 31″ wide, it offers comfortable, easy and effective paddling, whether with single blade (canoe) paddles or dual-blade (kayak) paddles. This boat is ultralight (80 lbs without the motor), and thanks to its patented twin hull (a.k.a. catamaran) it tracks better than any kayak out there, and it’s easy to paddle solo and in tandem. In fact, the 7’8″ long W700 cockpit can accommodate a crew of up to three small to average size adults, or two big guys. The W700 is so stable that anyone, including big and heavy guys can drive it standing, paddle it standing, and fish standing in it in full comfort and confidence.
Even one person can car-top their W700 without help from a fishing buddy, so you don’t need to launch it in boat ramps, and you’re free to launch it anywhere – beaches, docks, etc.
When you launch at a shallow water beach, you keep the outboard’s propeller raised (no problem even if it’s a rocky beach), paddle and/or pole until you reach deeper water, lower the propeller into the water, and start the motor comfortably while facing it. Once the motor is on, you just turn around and face forward, so you can drive in the position that’s the most comfortable for you to drive in. It’s easy to do, and it takes barely a couple of seconds, as seen in the beginning of this video:


Aquatic vegetation – not a problem

The same is true for going in water with abundant seaweed and grass, where propellers tend to get entangled: You turn off the motor, easily and swiftly raise the propeller (as seen in the last few seconds of the above video), and you just keep paddling anywhere you want to go. Thanks to its unrivaled stability, the W700 offers you to go across obstacles that are absolute barriers for other kayaks and canoes, as demonstrated with the W500 in the must-watch video below –

Unrivaled Stability and Mobility for Shallow Water Kayak Anglers

Although shallow water is a popular fishing ground for many kayak anglers, fishing, paddling and motorizing in it aren’t necessarily easy, and they can be quite a challenge.
Whether you want to fish in flats or marshes, flooded grass, shallow streams, rivers obstructed by rocks and logs, or near oyster bars and rocky beaches – our W500 fishing kayaks offer you unrivaled mobility and stability, and the overall performance allowing you to go and fish optimally in all types of shallow water – W kayak anglers have dubbed it the All-Terrain Kayak for good reasons.
These are facts and not just words, and watching this short video is a good way to start thinking about going fishing in places that you may have previously thought were inaccessible or ‘unfishable’:


Going Over Obstacles

When you feel or see a submerged object (e.g. a rock, or a tree trunk) that’s preventing you from going forward you can try and go over it:   Raise the bow as much as possible by positioning yourself in the rear part of the cockpit and leaning backward, and paddle and/or pole as hard as you can.  When you feel your boat can’t go further ‘up’ move as forward as possible on the saddle and try to tip your boat to the over side of the underwater obstacle by pushing with your paddle.

Poling in Shallow Water

You’ll find that poling your W fishing Kayak is easy. We recommend that use use a Wavewalk paddle that’s longer and sturdier than kayak paddles. The advantage of using our extra-long and sturdy paddles is that you don’t need to carry a poling pole on board.
Some shallow water W kayak anglers use a poling platform. Although such platform is easy both to make and install, we don’t recommend using one, since it is stabler, safer and more convenient to pole while standing on the bottom of the kayak’s hulls.

Going Back In Case You Can’t Turn Back

If you get stuck in a narrow passage or in very shallow water and you can neither keep going forward nor turn your W kayak around, you can simply turn inside the cockpit and face ‘backward’, and ten simply paddle back in the direction you came from.  The W Kayak is totally symmetrical front-back, so you won’t feel the difference. This simple maneuver can be executed even if the kayak is outfitted with an outboard – just remember to lift the propeller out of the water!…
The ‘Stability video in the Sight Fishing section below shows how its done –


Sight Fishing

It’s important to understand that being able to get up and stand on a kayak doesn’t necessarily mean you can actually fish standing on it with confidence, or even in minimal comfort or acceptable safety.
Furthermore, being able to stand on a kayak doesn’t mean you can paddle it at a reasonable pace (and distance) if it’s either very wide and therefore slow, and/or features outriggers and a rudder that further slow it down.
This is especially true if the water and weather conditions are less than perfect, which is pretty normal, unfortunately.
This is to say that sight fishing requires that you can stand up easily and confidently in your kayak, including switching instantly and effortlessly from a seated position of a standing one, as well as cast and land fish comfortably and safely, and paddle easily and swiftly over long distances.
The W kayak is only kayak that offers you to do all of the above.
Unlike all other fishing kayaks, the W500 series offers you the ability to easily and comfortably paddle while standing, in full confidence, knowing that in case you lose balance (stuff happens!) you’re likely to fall into the Riding position on the 14 inch high saddle between your legs, and instantly regain your balance, and the control of your kayak.
More about stand up kayak fishing »

This movie demonstrates the stability level that the W kayak offers. Note the ease and speed of switching positions, and how natural and intuitive everything is, even for the big, middle aged guy featuring in it:


Paddling Through Grass

This is particularly easy, even in tall and thick grass, as this video shows:


Stopping Your W Fishing Kayak In Place

Sometimes you want to stop in a certain place, cast a few lines and go cast somewhere else without having to drop the anchor and pull it back each time you go to a new location. If you’re sufficiently heavy and if the water is shallow enough you can lower the stern of your W Fishing Kayak and make the hulls’ tips touch the bottom by sitting in the back of the cockpit.  This would make your kayak stay in its place unless current and/or wind are too strong.
Thanks to Jeff McGovern for the tip – we call this trick ‘Stop’n Go’


The W Kayak offers you the ability to throw to longer distances, which presents two advantages:
1.   Being able to cover more water from a stationary position before you need to move your kayak
2.   Some fish species can sense the presence of your kayak nearby and therefore are better caught from a distance.

The W Kayak offers three basic casting positions:
1.   Sitting with your legs forward:  This position is similar to the sitting position offered by canoes. Since you’re seated higher than in a kayak you enjoy more leverage on the rod, which enables you to throw to longer distances.
2.   Standing: This is the classical angling position, which gives you even more leverage than the seated positions.  The difference between throwing standing in a W Kayak and sitting in an ordinary kayak is considerable, and may require some time for practicing.
3.   Riding:  This is the most powerful position a paddle craft can offer. It combines height with extra stability and control, and the ability to extract more power from the muscles in your legs.  This results in a spectacular increase in the range of your throws.



Sitting Position






Standing Position






Riding Position











Read more (and watch video) about tandem fishing in the mangroves »










fly fishing kayak in the flood grass_FloridaRead more about poling in flood grass while fly fishing for redfish »







John paddling his kayak through obstacles on the shallow riverRead more about kayaking in obstructed rivers »







This video from 2006 featuring the smaller, now discontinued W300 kayak shows some more going over obstacles, even standing up:


The World’s Most Stable Fishing Kayaks, Portable Boats, and Micro Skiffs

Our three product lines –

1. Wavewalk® Series 4 (S4) Kayak Skiff / Portable Boat

The world's most stable kayak, and the world's lightest skiff and car-top boat

The world’s most stable kayak is also the world’s lightest skiff and car-top boat

S4 Key Features and Benefits

  • L = 13 ft, W = 38″, H = 17″. Weight = 98 lbs (net).
  • Patented twin-hull (catamaran). Personal watercraft saddle-seat for best balance and zero back pain.
  • Payload: Up to 650 lbs. Capacity: Up to 3 adult passengers.
  • Outboard motor up to 6 HP. Very shallow draft.
  • Most seaworthy in rough water. Internal built-in flotation.
  • Easy paddling and tracking. Fish, paddle, and drive standing.
  • Skiff’s front deck for stand up fishing. Fishing standing for all crew, up to three anglers.
  • Stabler than any kayak. Stabler than bigger boats.
  • One person can car-top. Zero maintenance.
  • Huge, skiff size on-board storage space. Dry, spacious and comfortable cockpit.
  • Faster than any kayak (17 mph record with powerful outboard motor).
  • Price: $2,760 including free shipping to addresses in the contiguous US (48 states).

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2. Wavewalk® 700 (W700) Super Kayak & Micro Skiff

Wavewalk® 700

W700 Key Features and Benefits

  • L = 12’10”, W = 31″, H = 17″, Weight = 80 lbs (net).
  • Patented twin-hull (catamaran). Personal watercraft saddle for optimal balancing capability and comfort.
  • Payload: Up to 550 lbs. Up to 3 adult passengers.
  • Outboard motor up to 5 HP. Internal built-in flotation.
  • Paddle seated and standing. Zero back pain.
  • Stabler than any kayak. Seaworthy in rough water. Two anglers can fish standing
  • Shallow draft. Maintenance free.
  • Easy for one person car-top.
  • Dry, spacious and comfortable cockpit. Very large on board storage.
  • Price: $2,180 including free shipping to addresses in the contiguous US (48 states),

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3. Wavewalk® 500 (W500) Super-Stable, Back-Pain-Free, Lightweight Kayaks

We offer two kayak models from the 500 series, and the R model from the bigger 700 series.


Wavewalk® 500

W500 Key Features and Benefits

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True, easy stand up fishing and paddling for everyone

245 lbs, 6’3″ Floridian fisherman Jeff McGovern and even bigger guys fish standing in their Wavewalk® 500 in full confidence, and so do elderly anglers and people with disabilities related to their back, legs and sense of balance – All enjoy the Wavewalk® 500 kayak’s unrivaled stability and comfort.

No gimmicks and no hype, as over two hundred full featured customer reviews with full name, state and pictures show.

This is an advantage that only Wavewalk’s patented twin-hull invention can deliver.


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The ultralight (starting at 80 lbs), super-stable, trailer-free, two-person fishing boats that you can easily paddle and car-top by yourself. The new Wavewalk® 700 series and Wavewalk® Series 4 (S4) make everything easier, simpler, more comfortable, and more convenient for you. This includes fishing standing, trailer-free transportation, easy carrying and car-topping, launching and beaching anywhere, motorizing in rough water and paddling in shallow water, storing on board as much fishing and camping gear as you possibly need, taking passengers with you, and the ability to fish in full comfort alone and together with a fishing buddy.
You can load the W700 with up to 550 lbs of passengers and gear, and the S4 takes even more. Thanks to Wavewalk’s patented invention which includes a twin-hull and a personal watercraft (PWC) saddle-seat, you will enjoy full boat stability and zero back pain. Paddling and motorizing have never been easier – You can fish and paddle standing whenever you want, and even have fun driving standing »


No back pain, and no leg numbness

Enjoy the natural, ergonomic and super-stable Riding Position (1 & 2) and regular Sitting (3 & 4). This posture guarantees zero back pain, and maximum balancing capability, in a natural, intuitive and most effective way.

kayak view from above

Top view of a paddler riding the saddle seat of his W500 kayak

All Wavewalk kayaks and skiffs feature a saddle seat that’s similar to the saddle of a personal watercraft (PWC) a.k.a. jet ski. When your legs straddle the high saddle seat, they support your balancing, control, paddling and fishing efforts, and you can switch anytime between many natural ergonomic positions.

Freedom from sitting in the traditional L- kayaking position means no more fatigue, discomfort or back pain for you.



Boy carrying a lightweight Wavewalk 500 kayak on his shoulder

Teenager carrying a Wavewalk 500

The basic Wavewalk® 500 R model weighs just 60 lbs, the Wavewalk® 700 weighs just 80 lbs, and the S4 skiff weighs less than a hundred pounds without accessories. All of them can be easily car-topped by one person.

You can drag our kayaks on the ground, easily car top them, and attach them directly to any car rack. You need neither a trailer no special rack (J-rack). Save your money for better causes!


Roomiest kayaks for passengers, and biggest storage

Wavewalk’s kayaks are the world’s roomiest fishing kayaks, offering many times more storage than any other kayak does..

80 years old grandpa Neville and three grandchildren from Tasmania, Australia enjoying a paddle in their Wavewalk 500 kayak, which is our smallest model.

 The Wavewalk’s unique high saddle provides sitting comfort for everyone, including toddlers, adults, big and heavy people, people with back problems and disabilities, and elderly people.



Young boy shows his father the fish he caught on board a WAvewalk 500 kayakKid shows his dad a fish he caught Take your children or grandchildren fishing with you. They’ll love it, and you’ll be able to sit with them on board comfortably, instruct them, help them, and shoot pictures and video. You’ll also be able to fish, if you have some time left.


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Customer Reviews

Interested to read testimonials about our Wavewalk® kayaks, micro skiffs and car-top boats?
Our website offers over two hundred full-featured customer reviews that include the author’s full name and state, pictures they contributed, and some reviews even have videos in them.
List of Wavewalk fishing kayak and car-top boat reviews »

Additional Wavewalk Kayaks Information

  1. The world’s most stable fishing kayaks
  2. The only comfortable kayaks, offering you the riding position and various additional positions, so you can avoid leg and back pain, fatigue, and getting wet.
  3. The easiest kayaks to paddle. Our fishing kayak, track better in strong wind, and require no rudder – ever.
  4. The only kayaks offering real-world, true stand-up paddling and fishing in safety and confidence, plus a high saddle to help you regain your balance if you lose it.
  5. The world’s most mobile kayaks lets you to launch, paddle, fish and beach where other kayaks won’t go.
  6. The roomiest kayaks, offering several times more storage space than any other kayak, and room for a second and even third adult  passenger on board, or several children.
  7. The driest and most versatile kayaks out there, for any weather and water condition including cold water, shallow water and the ocean surf.
  8. Wavewalk kayaks offer you both best performance and best value since you have to purchase no special car-rack, rudder, seat, outriggers or trailer.
  9. The most effective and easiest kayaks to motorize, and the only ones that performs as a personal, portable car-top micro skiff.
  10. We offer more info and links in our online User Manual
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This website features hundreds of movies that were either produced by Wavewalk or contributed by its fans.

This page features a selection of YouTube movies that can take a few seconds to load You won’t regret being patient!

These YouTube video are best viewed on a wide screen at full High Definition (HD) quality –


Section I. S4 Movies

Wavewalk S4 official playlist


IMPORTANT: These movies are best viewed in 1080p HD Hi-Definition

The cogwheel image on the left is how the YouTube player’s “Settings” icon looks like.

The bottom image is how the “Settings” icon looks like if viewing quality is set to high definition (HD).

The player’s controls will appear after the first video starts playing.
Clicking the > arrow will skip to the next movie on this playlist, and clicking the < arrow will go back to the previous one.



Selected S4 Movies

I. 1. Wavewalk S4 driven in blue water

I. 2. Wavewalk S4 with a 6 HP outboard motor driven at full throttle

I. 3. Three paddlers in an S4

I. 4. Testing the S4

I. 5. S4 in 3-5 ft waves

I. 6. Junior testing the S4

I. 7. Car topping the S4 in 30 seconds

I. 8. Launch it anywhere you want

Watch more Wavewalk S4 movies on our YouTube channel »



Section II. Wavewalk® 700 Movies

II. 1. The Wavewalk® 700 microskiff

Motorized, unleashed… The W700 in a Microskiff version


II. 2. Absolute stability kayak – the W700

The 31″ wide W700 is shown to be as stable as a boat, and yet easy to paddle even for a 6 ft 205 lbs guy standing up with both feet in one hull:

II. 3. 300 lbs big guy paddling standing in a W700 on first try

Ernie is 65 years old, 6’1″ tall, and weighs 300 lbs:

II. 4. W700 in tandem with a 6 hp outboard motor

Versatility beyond fishing and paddling –

II. 5. W700 joystick steering

The joy of driving!  This video is a must watch –

II. 6. Easy Car-Top Boat W700

At 80 lbs, the Wavewalk 700 is easy to car-top, even for one person.

II. 7. Two Fishermen Standing In Electric Wavewalk 700

II. 8. 15 miles round trip, offshore, in a Wavewalk 700 skiff

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Section III. Wavewalk® 500 Movies

III. 1. Super Stability – W500

This is not a catch phrase but a reality enabled by our invention, for which the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted us utility patent No. 6871608.
This demo movie is guaranteed to change the way you think about kayak stability, stand up paddling, and stand up fishing from a kayak. Watch this W500 stability demo:

III. 2. W500 offshore, motorized

The W500 outfitted with detachable, inflatable side flotation modules, a detachable and lightweight spray shield, and new lightweight transom mount that can fit both 20″ (long) and 15″ (short) shaft outboard motors.
Watch this new type of watercraft performing like a champ in the chop, and its user driving it standing…  More info »

III. 3. Super Mobility – ROCK CLIMBING W500 kayak

This demo video shows how you can go over obstacles with the W500 kayak, and it will prove to you that super mobility is not a superlative but a real thing.

III. 4. Paddling a W500 in A STORM, standing

Stand up kayak paddling in a W500 on lake Massapoag in Massachusetts, during a tropical storm with 35-55 mph (55-90 kmh) frontal and side wind. Just for the heck of it…

III. 5. W500 Tandem paddling on Flat Water

Total load: 350 lbs, which is close to the maximum 360 lbs we recommend. Overloading reduces performance, and it is not recommended.

III. 6. W500 Rigged for Fishing

Jeff McGovern shows how he rigged his Wavewalk™ kayak for fishing.

III. 7. The W500 as the Perfect Fly Fishing Kayak

Craig Masterman, a lifelong fly fisherman explains what makes the W kayak perfect for fly fishing.

III. 8. W500 Power Stand-Up paddling…

Can you imagine a 6 ft, 200 lbs middle aged guy jumping up and down in a kayak while paddling it?…  Watch this video –

III. 9. Easy and Dry Entry and Exit

You enter the cockpit of this kayak simply by walking in from its rear, and you exit it by walking out from its front, and your feet always stay dry.

 III. 10. What It’s Like to Paddle Standing in a W500

This video was shot with a head camera, and it shows what it’s like to enter the W500 cockpit, launch standing, paddle standing, and even jump up and down!…

III. 11. Sailing the W500 Without Outriggers

Jim Luckett demonstrates sailing the W500 standing, without outriggers. It’s fun to watch, but don’t try it yourself unless you’re an experienced small-boat sailor or a seasoned wind surfer…

III. 12. The Riding Position – Extreme W500 Stability

The Riding position is the position favored by people who drive high performance vehicles such as dirt bikes, jet-skis, snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles (ATV). It’s also the most powerful and stable paddling position, as shown in this slow-motion W500 video.

Section IV. Our first series – The W300 (2004-2010)

IV. 1. Surf Playing

Few kayakers practice surf playing. This old video shows a small, early Wavewalk kayak model called the W300 (2004-2010) used for paddling in the surf, just for fun…

Watch more Wavewalk fishing kayak movies on our YouTube channel »