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A microskiff is a small to medium sized boat for fishing the flats, bays, and estuaries. Typically, a microskiff is propelled by an outboard motor, and it is sometimes propelled manually, with a push pole. This human powered mode of propulsion is called poling.
Most microskiff require transportation by trailer, which results in their owners losing considerable time on the way to boat ramps, waiting for other boaters to launch and beach, launching, and driving to the target fishing grounds.
At the end of the fishing trip, more time is lost driving the microskiff back to the boat ramp, waiting for others to beach and launch their boats, beaching the microskiff, and hauling it to the trailer. And then, the microskiff owner loses more time driving back from the boat ramp.
Another problem with microskiff is their limited mobility in shallow water and in water where aquatic vegetation abounds.
This problem is not negligible, since shallow water and areas with plenty of weeds are among the best fisheries.
The problem stems from the microskiff’s dependence on its outboard motor, and therefore on the propeller, which isn’t operational in such waters due to draft issues.
Poling is hard, and therefore cannot substitute for motorizing for any reasonable amount of time. This means that unlike kayaks, microskiff aren’t practical in no-motor-zones (NMZ), which are often high quality fisheries.

Both the transportation and the mobility problems described here are solved by a new type of microskiff that’s lightweight enough for one person to car top by themselves, without help, and thereby eliminate the need for using a trailer.
This new microskiff is also narrow enough for its users (one or two full-size fishermen) to propel it effectively and comfortably with either dual-blade paddles (kayak paddles), or single-blade (canoe) paddles across long distances, and in shallow water, as well as in weed-rich water. The same attribute allows the crew of two, or one, to launch and beach this new microskiff practically anywhere, including difficult spots, rocky beaches, and very shallow water.
Despite its being narrow enough to allow for paddling, the new microskiff is stable enough for two anglers to fish from it standing up, as they would from a traditional microskiff.
The new microskiff can be driven with an outboard as a two-person or a solo skiff, and it is called the Wavewalk 700. Currently, this series includes three models, and it is offered in four color combinations, including three dual-color combinations and all-white.


This website features hundreds of movies that were either produced by Wavewalk or contributed by its fans.

This page features a selection of YouTube movies that can take a few seconds to load You won’t regret being patient!

These YouTube video are best viewed on a wide screen at full High Definition (HD) quality –


Section I. S4 Movies

Wavewalk S4 official playlist


IMPORTANT: These movies are best viewed in 1080p HD Hi-Definition

The cogwheel image on the left is how the YouTube player’s “Settings” icon looks like.

The bottom image is how the “Settings” icon looks like if viewing quality is set to high definition (HD).

The player’s controls will appear after the first video starts playing.
Clicking the > arrow will skip to the next movie on this playlist, and clicking the < arrow will go back to the previous one.



Selected S4 Movies

I. 1. Wavewalk S4 driven in blue water

I. 2. Wavewalk S4 with a 6 HP outboard motor driven at full throttle

I. 3. Three paddlers in an S4

I. 4. Testing the S4

I. 5. S4 in 3-5 ft waves

I. 6. Junior testing the S4

I. 7. Car topping the S4 in 30 seconds

I. 8. Launch it anywhere you want

Watch more Wavewalk S4 movies on our YouTube channel »



Section II. Wavewalk® 700 Movies

II. 1. The Wavewalk® 700 microskiff

Motorized, unleashed… The W700 in a Microskiff version


II. 2. Absolute stability kayak – the W700

The 31″ wide W700 is shown to be as stable as a boat, and yet easy to paddle even for a 6 ft 205 lbs guy standing up with both feet in one hull:

II. 3. 300 lbs big guy paddling standing in a W700 on first try

Ernie is 65 years old, 6’1″ tall, and weighs 300 lbs:

II. 4. W700 in tandem with a 6 hp outboard motor

Versatility beyond fishing and paddling –

II. 5. W700 joystick steering

The joy of driving!  This video is a must watch –

II. 6. Easy Car-Top Boat W700

At 80 lbs, the Wavewalk 700 is easy to car-top, even for one person.

II. 7. Two Fishermen Standing In Electric Wavewalk 700

II. 8. 15 miles round trip, offshore, in a Wavewalk 700 skiff

More Wavewalk® 700 info »


Section III. Wavewalk® 500 Movies

III. 1. Super Stability – W500

This is not a catch phrase but a reality enabled by our invention, for which the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted us utility patent No. 6871608.
This demo movie is guaranteed to change the way you think about kayak stability, stand up paddling, and stand up fishing from a kayak. Watch this W500 stability demo:

III. 2. W500 offshore, motorized

The W500 outfitted with detachable, inflatable side flotation modules, a detachable and lightweight spray shield, and new lightweight transom mount that can fit both 20″ (long) and 15″ (short) shaft outboard motors.
Watch this new type of watercraft performing like a champ in the chop, and its user driving it standing…  More info »

III. 3. Super Mobility – ROCK CLIMBING W500 kayak

This demo video shows how you can go over obstacles with the W500 kayak, and it will prove to you that super mobility is not a superlative but a real thing.

III. 4. Paddling a W500 in A STORM, standing

Stand up kayak paddling in a W500 on lake Massapoag in Massachusetts, during a tropical storm with 35-55 mph (55-90 kmh) frontal and side wind. Just for the heck of it…

III. 5. W500 Tandem paddling on Flat Water

Total load: 350 lbs, which is close to the maximum 360 lbs we recommend. Overloading reduces performance, and it is not recommended.

III. 6. W500 Rigged for Fishing

Jeff McGovern shows how he rigged his Wavewalk™ kayak for fishing.

III. 7. The W500 as the Perfect Fly Fishing Kayak

Craig Masterman, a lifelong fly fisherman explains what makes the W kayak perfect for fly fishing.

III. 8. W500 Power Stand-Up paddling…

Can you imagine a 6 ft, 200 lbs middle aged guy jumping up and down in a kayak while paddling it?…  Watch this video –

III. 9. Easy and Dry Entry and Exit

You enter the cockpit of this kayak simply by walking in from its rear, and you exit it by walking out from its front, and your feet always stay dry.

 III. 10. What It’s Like to Paddle Standing in a W500

This video was shot with a head camera, and it shows what it’s like to enter the W500 cockpit, launch standing, paddle standing, and even jump up and down!…

III. 11. Sailing the W500 Without Outriggers

Jim Luckett demonstrates sailing the W500 standing, without outriggers. It’s fun to watch, but don’t try it yourself unless you’re an experienced small-boat sailor or a seasoned wind surfer…

III. 12. The Riding Position – Extreme W500 Stability

The Riding position is the position favored by people who drive high performance vehicles such as dirt bikes, jet-skis, snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles (ATV). It’s also the most powerful and stable paddling position, as shown in this slow-motion W500 video.

Section IV. Our first series – The W300 (2004-2010)

IV. 1. Surf Playing

Few kayakers practice surf playing. This old video shows a small, early Wavewalk kayak model called the W300 (2004-2010) used for paddling in the surf, just for fun…

Watch more Wavewalk fishing kayak movies on our YouTube channel »

Price List

Price List and Purchasing Information

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Free shipping on all KAYAK AND BOAT models in the contiguous US (48 States)

Wavewalk® Kayaks


Total DimensionsL = 11’4″ W = 29″L = 12’10” W = 31″
Total Weight60 lbs80 lbs
Cockpit DimensionsL = 6 ft W = 29″L = 7’7″ W = 31″
Flush Mounted Rod Holder Installednono
Clamp Mount Rod Holdersnono
Detachable Flotation Modules
(Polyethylene Foam)
1 pairno. the saddle serves as flotation
Built-In Large-Size Saddle Flotationnoyes
MDO Saddle Bracket Installedyes, 1 unityes, 1 unit
Molded-In Saddle Reinforcementyes, gussetsyes, 7 pairs of Polyethylene brackets
Max Payload: Passengers + Gear (More info below on crew size and other possibilities*)360 lbs500 lbs
Tandem Paddlinglight crewfull tandem + more
Tandem Fishinglimited tandemfull tandem
Suitable For Electric Trolling Motor (Requires installing a motor mount)yesyes
Compatible With Outboard Gas Motors Featuring a 20″ Long (L) Propeller Shaft (Requires installing a motor mount)yes, max 3 hpyes, max 4.5 hp
Compatible With Outboard Gas Motors Featuring
a 15″ Short (S) Propeller Shaft


Motor mounts are shipped non-installed. Installation is easy and takes 5 minutes.

Wavewalk 500 color options






More information about the 500 Series »

More information about the 700 Series »

Free shipping on all KAYAK AND BOAT models in the contiguous US (48 States)


Wavewalk® Boats

More information about the new Series 4 »

More information about the 700 Series »


Being extremely versatile, the W700 features both in the Kayaks and Boats section

AvailabilityDealerships & Direct OrderDealerships & Direct Order
Total Length12’10”13′
Total Width (Beam)31″38″
Total Weight Without Accessories80 lbs98 lbs
Hull Width2 x 9″2 x 13″
Total Cockpit LengthL = 7’6″L = 8′
Total Cockpit WidthW = 31″W = 38″
Saddle-Seat Height14 3/8″15″
MDO Saddle Bracket Installedyes, 1 unityes, 2 units
Molded-In Polyethylene Saddle Bracketsyes, 7 unitsyes, 7 units
Tite-Lok Clamp mount rod holdersno. order item separatelyno. order item separately
Built-In Large-Size Saddle Flotationyesyes
Standard Detachable Inflatable Flotation Tubes, L = 6ft, Diam. = 6″no. order items separatelyno. order items separately
XL Detachable Inflatable Flotation Tubes, L = 12ft, Diam = 7 3/4″no. order items separatelyno. order items separately
Transom Motor Mount (TMM)no. order the TMM 700 HD separatelyPreparation for mounting plate. Order the S4 mounting plate separately
Transparent Spray Shieldno. order a spray shield separatelyno. order a spray shield separately
Joystick Steering Systemno. order joystick steering
system separately
no. order joystick steering system separately
Max Payload = Passengers + Gear + Motor500 lbs650 lbs
Paddling2 adult paddlers in full comfort + child3 adult paddlers in full comfort
Fishing2 adult anglers in full comfort + outboard motor2 big and heavy anglers in full comfort + outboard motor
Motorizingoffshoreoffshore extended
Driving With Electric Trolling Motoryes, requires a motor mountyes, requires installing an S4 mounting plate
Driving With 20″ Long (L) Outboard Gas Motoryes, max 4.5 hp. TMM 700 HD
motor mount required
yes, max 6 hp. mounting plate required
Driving With 15″ Short (S) Outboard Gas Motornono
  • Motor mounts and mounting plates are shipped non-installed. Installation is easy and takes 5 minutes.
  • Spray shields are shipped non-attached.
  • Inflatable tubes can be easily inflated without a pump. Note that the presence of such tubes on the kayak’s sides makes paddling les effective.

The 700 RIB model ships with a pair of XL inflatable detachable flotation modules, which are not practical for angling or paddling. This model is designed to serve as a boat for offshore work, diving and rescue, and as a tender and lifeboat for big boats and yachts.

700 Series Color Combinations

Color Combination NameTwinhullSaddle


Wavewalk Series 4 (S4) Colors

WhiteLight GrayNEW: Gator Drab GreenMud Brown


More information on the 700 Series »

More information about the new Series 4 »

All Wavewalk® 700 models feature 4 ergonomic carry handles

Free shipping on all KAYAK AND BOAT models in the contiguous US (48 States)

Note: All Wavewalk models can be purchased with extra clamp mount rod holders

Please don’t hesitate to call or email us for consultation.


Wavewalk® PSP R  (9′ long)    Price: $190

Wavewalk® PSP L  (9’8″ long)    Price: $230

We don’t ship Wavewalk® paddles separately from Wavewalk® kayaks since all items that are over 8 ft long require shipping by freight truck.


Common kayak paddles are shorter than our paddles, and they won’t suit adults paddling our kayaks.
Other long paddles might be too ‘soft’ (flexible: slow, waste your energy ), or not sturdy enough.
Our composite paddles are extra rigid and durable, so that you can use them for launching and beaching in difficult spots, for stand up paddling, and even for poling in shallow water.
We don’t ship W paddles separately from W kayaks.
Learn more about the Wavewalk® paddles »





Transom-Motor-Mount-20-15Model TMM 20-A for 20″ long (L) propeller shafts only. For Wavewalk® 500 Series only.  Learn More »
Price: $160



TMM 700 120x800Model TMM 700 Heavy-Duty (HD) motor mount for Wavewalk® 700 Series.
Fits 20″ long (L) propeller shafts only.  Learn More »
Price: $190


Series 4 (S4) Heavy Duty (HD) Motor Mounting Plate: $130

1.5″ thick. Made from Medium Density Overlay (MDO) and coated with urethane.
Each mounting plate ships with a pair of 5/16″, 3″ long bolts, and self locking nuts.
Fits 20″ long (L) propeller shafts only.

Click image to enlarge


SHIPPING MOTOR MOUNTS AND S4 MOUNTING PLATE: If you order a motor mount separately from a Wavewalk® kayak or boat, please add $30 for shipping in the Contiguous US (48 states), and $40 for shipping to addresses in Canada.



INF-20-motorized-kayak-with-spray-shieldSPRAY SHIELD FOR MOTORIZED KAYAK & BOAT    Learn more »
Price:  $140
SHIPPING: If you order a spray shield separately from a Wavewalk® kayak, please add $30 for shipping in the Contiguous US (48 states), and $40 for shipping to addresses in Canada.


W700-joystick-outboard-Motor-Steering-120x120W700 OUTBOARD MOTORS JOYSTICK STEERING SYSTEM  Learn more »
Price: $270.
SHIPPING: If you order a joystick steering system separately from a Wavewalk® 700, please add $30 for shipping in the Contiguous US (48 states), and $40 for shipping to addresses in Canada.



clamp mount rod holder for fishing kayakTITE-LOK CLAMP MOUNT FISHING ROD HOLDER     Learn More »
We don’t ship this item separately from our kayaks.
Price: $46


NOTE:  Inflatable (INF) floats modules are much wider than ones made from Polyethylene foam, and they are not optimal for paddling.   More STANDARD INF info »
Price: $230
SHIPPING: If you order standard inflatable flotation modules separately from a Wavewalk® kayak, please add $25 for shipping in the Contiguous US (48 states), and $30 for shipping to addresses in Canada.

Price: $440
SHIPPING: If you order XL inflatable flotation modules separately from a Wavewalk® kayak, please add $30 for shipping in the Contiguous  US (48 states), and $40 for shipping to addresses in Canada.



Bracket for fishing kayak

Note: Since November 2013 all W500 kayaks come outfitted with a saddle bracket, standard, and there’s neither a need to order one separately, nor to order a spare one. If you want to use saddle brackets for projects such as a dog platform, please refer to the dimensions and instructions in the Saddle Bracket page »  Feel free to contact us for technical support.

Kayak_Fishing_Cap_KhakiTHE W CAP  Featuring Wavewalk’s embroidered logo
Price: $20



  • We ship each Wavewalk® in a custom heavy duty cardboard box for maximum protection
  • No extra charge on paddles and accessories shipped together with the kayak or boat
  • All our shipments are insured
  • We ship paddles only together with kayaks – No separate shipment for paddles.
  • Upon special request, we can ship other accessories separately from kayaks, in the US and worldwide, but in such case we charge a shipping fee depending on the shipped accessory and the destination address. Please contact us for details »

Shipping Wavewalk® kayaks and boats in the Contiguous US (48 States) is free of charge

Shipping kayaks to addresses in the contiguous US is free of charge and it includes tracking and free call before delivery service.

Shipping to other countries, and overseas


Bonded shipping to addresses in Canada:
  • W500 models: $60 US for bonded shipment, including tracking and call before delivery.
  • W700 models: $80 US for bonded shipment, including tracking call before delivery.
  • S4 models: $100 US for bonded shipment, including tracking call before delivery.

Canadian clients are not required to have a customs agent in order to clear customs, and there’s no need for anyone to be present at the US border. Thanks to NAFTA, Canadian duty on US made products is negligible, and you can clear customs by yourself locally, easily, and within a few minutes at the local Canadian Customs office in your town. You can also do it online through clearit.ca. Meanwhile, the carriers keep the boxed Wavewalk kayak in bondage in their warehouse. After you contact our bonded carrier and inform them that you’ve cleared customs, they will deliver the box to your address by appointment.
More information about importing a Wavewalk® kayak from the US to Canada »

Clients Overseas

We have distributors in New Zealand and in Scandinavia »
Direct Sales: We ship Wavewalk® kayaks regularly, by ocean freight, to individual clients in Hawaii, Australia, and several countries in northern Europe. For such shipments we charge an ocean freight fee of $290 for a W500 kayak, $340 for a W700 kayak, and $370 for an S4 kayak.
This price covers shipping from the US factory to a major sea port in the destination country (or island, in Hawaii), and it includes insurance (CIF, US Factory to Destination Port). The client is responsible for all local expenses in their country, including customs clearing, duty and local taxes (if applicable), and local storage and transportation (if applicable). Shipping from the factory to the US port is free of charge.

Clients in Alaska prefer us to ship their orders to an Alaskan shipping company’s freight terminal in the US West Coast, and they deal directly with that company. Shipping from the factory to the US West Coast freight terminal is free of charge.



We accept payments by check and by direct transfer (ACH).
Payment by personal check is fine, and there is no need to send us a cashier check.

You can send your check by regular mail. No need for registered mail.

Please make your check payable to WAVEWALK, INC. and mail to our address below

US checks and international checks in US dollars are cleared within 24 hours.
Checks from Canadian banks are accepted by US banks for payments in US dollars too, if you write US Funds twice on the check: next to the sum in digits, and next to the line that features the sum in words (known as the ‘Legal Line’).


  1. Paying by check won’t delay the execution of your order: Just send us an email or a text message telling us what you’re ordering, your address, and your phone number, and we’ll start processing your order without waiting for your check to arrive and clear.
  2. Banks don’t charge for payments by check, but they charge both payer and payee a ‘Wire Transfer’ fee for direct payments (ACH).

For more information email us to  support@wavewalk.com »

We do not accept credit cards, PayPal etc. due to the excessive merchant fees associated with these services.

When emailing us your order, please include the following information –

  • Your Full Name
  • Shipping Address including Zip Code
  • Telephone Number – For the carrier to call you in order to schedule the delivery time
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3 Nicole Road
Mansfield, MA 02048

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Transit time in the contiguous US is between two to five business days – The longer the distance the more time it takes. Typically, freight companies serve metropolitan areas faster than rural areas.

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If you have any question please email us , call (774) 315-6009 or text (774) 315-6009

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Our clients can buy kayaks, car-top boats, microskiffs and accessories directly from us, or from our local dealers –

1. Direct Order

You can buy a Wavewalk® kayak and accessories by ordering factory-direct from us, and we’ll ship your order to any address in the US and Canada. We also ship to clients overseas. We’ve been doing this since 2004, and most of our clients have gotten got their W kayaks this way.

Price List and Ordering Info »

  • We ship every W kayak in a custom heavy duty, custom cardboard box
  • All our shipments are insured
  • No extra charge on accessories shipped with the kayak
  • No tax on orders from outside Massachusetts
  • Free shipping in the Contiguous US (48 States)
  • Free call before delivery service for shipments in the US and Canada
  • Canada – We charge a bonded shipment fee for shipping to addresses in Canada: $70 for a W500, $100 for a W700, $150 for an S4
  • We ship worldwide by ocean freight to major ports and freight terminals

2. Buy From a Local Authorized Wavewalk® Dealer

You can buy a Wavewalk® kayak locally, at a Wavewalk authorized dealership, if there is one in your area.
Each Wavewalk® dealership is exclusive for its area, which means it doesn’t sell other kayaks, and we don’t sell through other dealers in that area.
We have dealers in the US and Canada, and in several other countries.

Authorized Wavewalk® Dealers List »

A white fishing kayak?

Wavewalk is now offering its W500 and W570 boats in white too.
This is an unusual color for a fishing kayak, since most of these products are rotationally molded from Polyethylene, and roto-molding in white is harder than in other colors.
However, white is the typical color of other types of small watercraft including the following:

  • Microskiffs, which are small FRP motorboats used for fishing mostly in the flats and other protected areas. Anglers looking to buy a microskiff expect to be able to get one in white.
  • High-end touring kayaks that are usually molded from fiber reinforced plastics (FRP), sometimes referred to as ‘Composite’ materials. Such plastics can be reinforced with glass fiber, carbon fiber, and Kevlar.  In many cases, the bottom part of such kayaks is white and the top part is of another color.
  • Dinghies, both roto-molded and FRP, that serve as tenders (service and rescue boats) for large boats and  yachts.  People who own a large boat or a yacht and consider buying a dinghy to serve as a tender for their boat expect to be able to get one in white.
  • Sailboats are often white, and people who plan to sail their W may prefer to get it in white.

My W570 with 3.5 hp Tohatsu outboard

By Warren Thomas




Launching at the beach. I took a SUP board and SUP paddle with me…


On the way to the beach


View of the California coast


Another picture shot from my boat


That red kill-switch lanyard had to be attached to me, of course…


My w570 next to the van


At the beach


Still in the box


My van packed with SUP gear, a W570, my new Tohatsu 3.5 hp outboard motor, and the wheel cart


W570 20-15 with 3.5 Tohatsu outboard.


The Wavewalk TMM 20-15 motor mount model is not rated for such horsepower. This motor has so much torque that we’re not taking any chance…


We reinforced this TMM 20-15 motor mount in multiple points, including doubling the  thickness of its vertical mounting plate.