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Very comfortable for a good long day on the lake

By Jim Gifford


I am enjoying the boat very much. I am very happy with it.
I modified a cart to fit his boat and easily take the boat from the garage to my trailer then to the lakes pretty easily. I am experimenting with a trolling motor mount that will allow me to place the trolling motor to the side. I registered the boat to keep the state happy.

The grand kids have been out with me a few times, but don’t want to stay out as long as I wish. This should improve as they age and want to fish as much as play. It has proven to be a great boat to use on my own as well. I have lots of room for what I use to fish. Very comfortable for a good long day on the lake.

In all I enjoy using the boat very much and also the planning of ways to make it my own.

The motor mount is not fully tested. The cart is just 1inch pvc 31 inches long with 7 inches of a pool noodle at each end. This is tie strapped to a kayak cart I had already.


Wavewalk 700 with DIY motor mount



Wavewalk 700 attached to wheel cart


W700 on wheel cart


Paddling and sailing the Great Lakes with my Wavewalk 700

By Forrest Henry


Everything is fine. Only been able to use the kayak for a few hours, but love it.
I also sailed the kayak for a while using the Wind Paddle sail. Looking forward to spring!!

I finished the spray skirt this morning. The driveway marker was too stiff, so I used a fiberglass flat strip that was part of a canopy for my rope hammock. The canvas lays on my lap when I sit in the center of the kayak.
I also attached a piece of lexan with velcro to the back of the kayak to use as a table.





And for a cart I am using a modified Magnus cart from paddlelogic. When the off-the-shelf Magnus did not fit, Dave, the owner, was very accommodating and made arms that are 3 inches longer and a wider axle.

No sailing pictures yet.

Frogging for bass in the lily pads of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, by John Fabina

Frogging is a fun way to fish, watching them strike.
These lily pads that come to a point looked like a good place to flip a frog…
This spot held a half dozen Largemouth bass.

Posted while on the road…



me-and-a-big-largemouth-bass-michigan-trip (2)


big-largemouth-bass-michigan-trip (2)

big-largemouth-bass-michigan-trip (3)




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Republic Sportsman’s Club fishing derby, Republic, Michigan, by John Fabina

This weekend, we headed up to a fishing tourney on the Michigamme River, in Michigan Upper Peninsula.
As always, Wavewalk kayaks attracted a lot of attention. I love talking to people about these super kayaks.
We didn’t catch any whoppers but we had fun with the “Yoopers”, and we got some Northern Pike action. Eagles in the sky added to the beauty of the day.


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