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Unbelievable shallow water bass fishing in Cape Cod, by Michael Chesloff

Earlier this summer I spent a week in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, which is famous for its saltwater fishing. The Cape is also rich with small lakes and ponds which just don’t seem to be under much fishing pressure, perhaps because most anglers are focused on offshore action.

I stayed inland and pursued the bass. All week I was catching 2, 3 and 4 pounders. The fishing was just astounding as the bass smashed Wacky Worms and Frog Imitations in water that was often less than 6 inches deep, which is not a problem with this kayak.

Best week of fishing I’ve ever had. All the bass were released unharmed.







And then, this:



I estimate this 22 inch monster weighed between 5 1/2 and 6 pounds.


Amazing finding – an 8″ perch inside a bass (click images to enlarge):


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Morning blitz, by Bill Davenport

The early bird gets the fish. I’m an early riser and it’s so easy to load the W kayak up that I have no excuse to not get out there. It helps to live three miles from my favorite launching spot. I can put the W and gear on the car and be on the water in less than half an hour.
The last two days have had terns working over baitfish that the stripers are feasting on.
15 fish yesterday, 4 today. All in the 20” to 24” range.

Light tackle nirvana, for me at least. . .


launching my rigged camo kayak out of my car

landing a striper


Striper in kayak

another striper

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Night fishing got me a striper I could keep, by Bill Davenport

Well, I finally got a keeper this season. Lousy photos, but I was in a hurry to try and find the camera and get the fish back in the water. I don’t care for night fishing all that much, but that’s when the fish are most active at this time of year. (And I feel pretty comfortable in my W.)
Still planning to motorize my W kayak.


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Big striper in my kayak - night fishing

26" striper in my kayak - night fishing, Massachusetts



No legal stripers yet… by Bill Davenport

Hope all is well.
This has been a less than perfect spring, however I’ve been out in W trying.
Quite a few little fish but no legal stripers yet.
I put Flying Tiger motif on, as if the Wavewalk didn’t attract enough attention as is. More to come.


Camo fly fishing kayak with shark motive Fly rods in fly fishing kayak, MA small size striper, Massachusetts, 2014 small striper Massachusetts 2014 sunset on the water sunshine on the water

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It’s even more fun when you’re the only one catching fish, by Bill Davenport

Well, they’re not striped bass, but it sure is good to get out in the “W”. The fresh water guys were all agog at the Wavewalk. “Is it tippy?” is the most common question. No, no, no is the answer. It’s even more fun when you’re the only one catching fish.





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