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Wavewalk 700 review by Canadian fishing & hunting guide

By Russ Popp


Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I am very pleased about the Wavewalk 700 .
It is a very easy craft to get in and out of.
It is a very stable craft for older people to feel safe in.
Easy to transport.
As an retired Canadian Outfitter and Guide for fishing and hunting, there is definite use and purpose for the Wavewalk in my outdoor activities, leaving the other four canoes, three kayaks and one twelve foot aluminum boat at home that I already had.

Last fall I used it for fishing and goose hunting with my gun dog.

I got my wife out, in the Wavewalk, this last fall –



We have some great videos with a go-pro but can’t seem to post them on you tube for some reason?

The ice believe it or not is still on the lakes this spring.
I was ice fishing for Lake Trout three weeks ago.

Lots of work to do this spring.
Tear down the old cabin (Had it from 1966, until now), and build a four seasons home in the bush, one hundred miles from where we are now living.
Will have to sneak in some kind of time, somewhere for the Wavewalk, but don’t know where this spring?


Our aluminum boat


A friend I met years ago


Curious fox…


The only thing I am having trouble with the Wavewalk is, that here in Canada, the plumbing pipe sizes don’t match the American plumbing pipe size holes, in the seat to make accessories for the craft at this time.
I am sure at some point in time, after building our home in the bush, I will find away to get the right size plastic pipe, and stand attachments for bolting onto the plywood to make all my ideas I have in mind.
Too bad I am retired now from Outfitting American clients, because they could have brought some pipe and attachments up with them, when they came up hunting and fishing with me.

Importing a Wavewalk to Canada

For clients living in Canada who are interested in importing a Wavewalk® kayak or boat into the country, the process is simple: You can either pick up your W kayak at a location on the US side of the border, and drive back to Canada, or have us ship the kayak to your Canadian address.
In such case called a Self Cleared Shipment, we contract a bonded freight company to deliver the boxed kayak to your Canadian address. When they pickup your kayak at the factory, we provide them with copies of the documents and information they need.
We email copies of these documents to you as well, and you can clear the kayak at a local office of the Canada Borders Services Agency (CBSA) – There is no need for anyone to be present at the US border.

There are some 2,000 local offices of the Canada Borders Services Agency (CBSA) across Canada, and you’d just have to find the one nearest to you (see list of locations), go there, and get your kayak cleared within a few minutes.
You won’t be required to use a customs broker for this matter, and thanks to NAFTA there is no duty on 100% U.S. made kayaks such as Wavewalk’s. You can also clear customs through an online service clearit.ca

Next, you just have to notify the carriers that your kayak has been cleared, send copies of the documents to them, and schedule with them the delivery to your address.

Bonded shipments to Canada are more expensive than regular shipments in the continental U.S., and they require more paperwork from us. Therefore, we charge on them a $60 fee for a W500 kayak, a $80 fee for a W700 boat, and a $100 fee for an S4 boat..

We ship each Wavewalk® kayak in an individual cardboard box, and all our shipments are insured. The price of shipping includes tracking and call before delivery.

Please call us at 1-744 315-6009, or email us if you have any question.