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New W700 story in Southern Kayak Fishing magazine

Southern Kayak Fishing magazine published a story about our new Wavewalk® 700 in their new January-February issue, which is available online.

The increasingly crowded space of fishing publications includes thousands of magazines, websites, blogs, forums, Facebook pages, YouTube channels, etc.  Most of those publications have no other reason to exist except the extremely low cost of electronic publishing, coupled with the desire of their publishers to add their own noise to the general cacophony.
The editors and publishers of Southern Kayak Fishing magazine seem to understand that, and they deserve compliments both for the professional quality of their publication, and for publishing material related to outboard gas motors and to Wavewalk that other kayak fishing magazines won’t publish.

My review of the Wavewalk 500 in Southern Kayak Fishing Magazine

By Gary Rankel

Nature Coast Kayak Fishers

Southern Kayak Fishing Magazine is a new publication whose editor, Ed Mashburn, invited me to contribute a review of my Wavewalk 500 for the magazine’s November /December issue, and a story about kayak fishing with manatees

Here is the review (Click the images to enlarge them) –

Gary's-Wavewalk-500-review-1 Gary's-Wavewalk-500-review-2 Gary's-Wavewalk-500-review-3 Gary's-Wavewalk-500-review-4








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Norwegian outdoors magazine Villmarksliv publishes its review of the Wavewalk kayak, by Eric Overdijk

At last, the popular Norwegian outdoors magazine “Villmarksliv” published an article about the Wavewalk kayak. In order to test Wavewalk 500 they have used it over a long period of time.
They gave the W500 five points out of six, which is highest.
This is very positive.


Wavewalk 500
Stable Fishing Kayak

Fishing from a kayak can be an unstable experience, so some choose a canoe instead, where there is also better space for equipment.
Wavewalk 500 is a kind of middle ground, and an exciting alternative for those who like to fish or hunt from a kayak or canoe.
This is a catamaran where you sit on a raised platform in the middle. Thus your position is more upright than in a kayak, and you get less tired.
You can also get up to stretch your legs and stand when you’re fishing, since the design makes the Wavewalk steady enough.
It is fitted with four convenient carrying handles, which allows two people to carry the kayak in a comfortable way.
It is somewhat cramped for fishing for two adults, and this is primarily a kayak for one person or an adult and a child.
On relatively quiet water, two medium-weight adults can sit back to back to fish.

Wavewalk 500 is pretty fast to paddle.

Because there’s storage space under the deck forward, it is convenient to stick the paddle down there when it’s not not in use.
There is also a bungee cord around the cockpit and the carrying handles can be used to fasten the luggage,.
An advantage of the Wavewalk is good directional stability during paddling, and that it does not turn or drifts away quickly because of wind.
This property makes it suitable for hunting for waterfowl.
I have not tried to hunt alone, but when you’re hunting sitting you can rotate completely around the seat, an advantage for hunting flying birds.
Although the material of the boat seems a little thin, and it gives a little under load, it is sturdy enough.
+ Stable.
Directional stability.
Good sitting position.
Ability to customize for larger luggage on top but little storage inside for large-size items.
The kayak is best paddling alone, and with two people it is a compromise.
Testing Results [rating]: 5 out of 6


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The Musky Guy on the cover of Northwest Iowa Outdoors Magazine!

Paul Malm, a.k.a. The Musky Guy is a fishing guide and tackle manufacturer, and a local celebrity in northwestern Iowa, and he was chosen to feature on the cover of Northwest Iowa Outdoors magazine!

Northwest-Iowa-Outdoors-magazine-cover-the Musky-Guy

So why is this important news for the W blog? It’s because Paul is also a big W kayak fan, and he wrote this great article called The kayak that’s useful for fishing in waters around here

Congratulations Paul!  🙂


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Article on Tackle Trade World magazine (TTW)

Tackle Trade World (TTW) is a magazine published in the UK, and it is one of the world’s leading sources of information on fishing tackle and equipment, including boats and kayaks.
In its July 2014 issue, TTW magazine published a spotlight section on boats and kayaks worldwide, in which it included a short review of the Wavewalk kayak (page 41), and this article contributed by Wavewalk (page 39):


Wavewalk, Inc. Yoav Rosen, president


The fishing kayak market has matured. In the past decade most US kayak companies and brands, big and small, changed ownership, some of them more than once. Some of the biggest kayak companies were either sold, or decided to de-emphasise their kayak and canoe business.
Many companies and brands were consolidated, and this process is still going on in the current marketplace.
The barriers for entry in this market are lower than ever. This prompts entrepreneurs and plastics manufacturers to create their own kayaks and enter what is becoming an increasingly crowded market. Companies that were active in other kayak niche markets that got hit by socio-economic factors are trying their luck in the fishing market as well.
Big retailers in the fishing and boating market now offer their own fishing kayak brands, which further increases competition and keeps driving retail prices down.
The United States is still by far the biggest market for fishing kayaks and related products, worldwide. Wavewalk has been serving this market for a decade now, and it’s still under the same ownership, which is rather uncommon.
Pricewise, fishing kayaks are becoming cheaper, a trend driven by Chinese exports. Years ago American manufacturers looked to outsource their production to China, but these days Chinese kayak manufacturers actively seek to increase their market share in the US.
In the high end of the market, manufacturers seek to distinguish themselves by making their kayaks bigger, and by accessorising them more. The result is a plethora of fishing kayaks that are hardly distinguishable from each other, and feature decks that are crowded with accessories to a point where their functionality (aka fishability) is considerably reduced. These large kayaks are promoted as offering sufficient stability for their user to fish standing on them, but few clients seem to believe it, and they are mostly young, lightweight, and physically fit, unlike the typical angler out there.
The Wavewalk is still the only kayak offering practically anyone to fish standing in full confidence, including anglers who are elderly, heavy, big or disabled.
Wavewalk’s strongest markets are the USA, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea. Our fastest market penetration is in colder regions, where other types of kayaks offer their users too little protection from the elements, and their poor stability is perceived as a risk factor. We recently recruited our first dealer in the UK, which we hope will also be an exciting market for us due to its large amount of saltwater fishing.

TOP-SWING PRODUCTS? Wavewalk’s top-selling product is still the W500 F2 fishing kayak model, and the biggest increase is in selling motor mounts for outboard gasoline engines. In general we have a healthy selling range.