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W Kayak Website Hype – True Or False? By Mike Hancock

These gals were experienced kayakers, and they came to test the W kayak –
They have been renting sit-on-tops for a couple of years now, and they almost went and bought two of those, but thought they’d test out a Wavewalk kayak first, to see for themselves IF THE WEBSITE HYPE WAS TRUE OR NOT.
They both stood-up and paddled around standing up. They both loved the comfort and stability of the plastic chair sitting over the saddle too! They both said it was just as stable with the chair. I sure think it is! They also said that sit-on-tops, no matter what you do, you’re wet after about 10 minutes… just from wave and paddle splash. But not in these W kayaks – they keep you dry!

paddling standing in the stand-up kayak, California

paddling standing in the stand-up kayak, California

They tested holding onto the chain fence railing beside the dock and could NOT get the hull they were standing in to go below the waterline and take on water, even standing on one leg with the other up in the air. They both said what I thought: if you get that far out of balance (without the fence to hold to) you’ll fall out before you ever take on water over the side.

paddling standing in the stand-up kayak, California

paddling standing in the stand-up kayak, California

They loved the kayaks…  They live in Huntington Beach about 2 hours from here.
After they had tested the W, these two experienced kayakers sure thought the W website hype was true!




6’4″ 265 lbs Ex NFL Player 1st Time Standing in W Fishing Kayak, By Mike Hancock

I took my kayak out for a test spin at the lower lake lagoon at Castaic Lake here in South California. It’s been raining off and on the last two weeks but I finally just went!

kayak fisherman at Castaic lake California

It took about 5 minutes of getting used to the balance of sitting up so high on the center saddle, but after getting used to it, I was fine! I weigh 265, now I can start working out a bit again, paddling.
It was a May Grey day and windy as heck, but I went all over the lagoon anyway. No problem at all except my large profile acts like a sail going straight into the wind, so I leaned forward and that helped a lot!

fisherman paddling his kayak at Castaic lake California

view from a fishing kayak Castaic lake California

I couldn’t stand up in the w kayak in the rough windy center of the lake, but when I got in the calmer waters near shore, I could! The fact is, I just don’t have that good of “sea legs!” I even had trouble standing on the back deck a big fishing boat in Alaska last year when the water got rough.

fisherman standing in twin hull kayak

I took most of these pics myself so angles are weird, especially standing shots as I could only shoot straight down, but right at the end of the day, I talked a guy on shore into taking a few pics of me doing a short spin out in the water. It had brightened and got calmer by then too!

I’m NOT a guy that likes to just paddle around for fun. Now that I know how easy this thing is to use, I’m going fishing from now on! The guys in the float tubes just drag 4 to 6-inch plastic worms while kicking along (I saw about 5 fish caught), one about three lbs.
I have the two built-in rod holders in my W kayak, but their angle seems better for holding spare rods then for trolling, so I’m going to try the clamp-on holders. I’m going to paddle around slowly dragging a worm myself, and fish!

The bass are way bigger in this little lower lake lagoon than in the upper lake they said.

I’m back IN THE GAME NOW. That lower lake lagoon was off limits to me with my big bass boat. No power boats allowed except small boats powered by electric. It’s only 30 minutes away…so with launching, it’s only about 45 minutes to world class bass fishing. I’m taking advantage.

Next time I’m going to fish!

Mike Hancock
Simi Valley

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