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Wavewalk S4 with 2 HP Honda outboard in strong wind, lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

By Pyt Rotary

Ontario, Canada

Lake Simcoe is a 280 square mile lake in Ontario.

12km/h [7 mph] with Honda 2Hp against wind of 24km/h [15 mph]

Lots of fun except my rocky mistake to not have enough gas with me.
I got excited and let the boat run for 15km straight into the lake and realize I am out of gas.
I paddled back half the distance and got gas from shore.
Now I know… From now on I will carry enough gas with me.
Luckily I paid with just one blister on my hand.

I did come back at night and feel SUPER SAFE in it.
It is a great, fantastic boat.


(added comment) –

The S4 is SUPER, SUPER, SUPER stable. It does not sway at all.
I have been in bigger boats with V shape hulls.
Those boats don’t have the same stability on the water as the S4. The waves hammer them straight in the teeth.
The catamaran design cut the waves like a knife cuts through butter.
Definitely there is room for more HP on the S4.

It was my fist ever trip with a gas motor, I do use W500 with an electric motor but never played with gas before. Lots of fun. Now I can reach easily lots of my fishing spots.
Regards from Ontario, Canada.

(added later) –

After 7 years of tests I think I found the best way to store the rods on Wavewalk, at least for me.

The challenge was in S4 where drilling on the back side where the gas engine reside is not much appealing to me.
So what I did was to buy 2 Homer Tool boxes from Home depot $10 each and use the box to store dry different items at the tip of the S4.
The end of the fishing rod where the reel is, rests on the box and the tip is secured on the upper side of the kayak with sticking Velcro (same Home Depot).

I had some exist on water testing and I can carry easily 4,5 fishing rods in S4.
Since I like the concept I start to think how I can fit that in W500.

I got 2 plastic rings from dollar stores (shower curtains rings) and secure them with a round screw inside the tips on back side under the transom. The handle of the rods rest inside the rings, the tip of the rods is secured by same sticking Velcro in front of W500. 2 rods can be stored easily inside a W500 this way.

Now I am still in doubt to install the same rings in S4 as well since the setup is so successful for me in W500. I will still used the Tool boxes as storage (2L of gas, gloves, tackle, ropes, anchor).

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Wavewalk 500 with electric motor on Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

By Pyt Rotary


Lake Simcoe is not nearly as big as any of the great lakes, but it’s still pretty big for a small boat or a motorized kayak, and it can be choppy.
I’ve used this setup for fishing the great lakes, and in the ocean.



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My all-water electric fishing kayak

By Pyt Rotary (Thrac)


Best Motorization for fishing –

After playing with my Wavewalk 500 kayak for 5 years in various bodies of water (rivers, shallow rivers, lakes, swamps, and big lakes such as lake Ontario) I did reach these conclusions –
IMHO, for fishing, the best motorization is the electric motor at 24V with a Digital Maximizer.
1) Silent
2) No smoke
3) Low maintenance
4) The Wavewalk is stable but once you deploy the electric motor down it becomes rock solid stable.

I am having fun on the big lake when I see big boats with V profile having sway (rocking side to side like hell) and my kayak with the trolling motor deployed is stable like a rock (no sway).
5) After trying over 5 trolling motors I did finally settle for 24V with 70Lb thrust. If I have the chance I will go for 100Lb.
There are some important advantages of 24V with the Wavewalk.
a) You need two batteries that will have the weight nice distributed in the twin hull for balance in the front.
b) 24V is more efficient than 12V (draws less Amps) therefore you don’t need heavy batteries. Two batteries of 22Ah (6kg each) are sufficient for over 24h or continuous trolling at 3km/h or 1.5mph
c) 24V does not need thick wires as 12V (less Amps draw)
d) 24V motor has a heavier coil than 12V (12V has 11Kg, 24V has 15Kg). The center of gravity moves low, than means more stability. A gas motor raises the center of gravity, so it’s not ideal.

The only drawback for an electric motor is that it does not have the power of the gas outboard, but with 24V I can cruise for more than 24 hours on penny in comparison with gas cost.
Plus the torque is instantaneous. And for trolling with 1.5-2mph there is plenty of thrust. You just need to dial around 15-20% of the throttle.
At full throttle the speed is 8Km/h.

I did prefer a simple mount for the motor, I just use a 2×4 regular wood from Home Depot.
There are many times when I don’t need the motor on the kayak, therefore simplicity is the best.


Last performance of my motorized kayak was on 29 August trolling around 15 boats on Lake Ontario 3 km offshore at night chasing salmon.
Imagine how much gas those guzzler burn and in top of that with a slick W500 I can dance around those boats that steer like snails.
Actually after 10PM there were no boats around just me and another few kayakers in [fins and push-pedal driven kayaks] that were tired of pedaling and were close to shore.
A [fins and push-pedal driven] kayaker can’t match the advantages of a W500 electric motorized since pedaling for hours is not easy. Pedal drive is dead in shallow water or swamps with vegetation. I do use the Wavewalk in a rapid stream that has sometime just few inches of fast water. The pedal drive is useless there.

The best sprint on water is electric: instant torque at fingers tips.

I own two W500 looking to get one W700 to have more fun with the kids. No other craft has such open design.

I also got a 2HP Honda outboard for the W, and I will start to use it in Spring.
Here is already cold and fishing days are limited now.

Have fun, tight lines.



Lake Simcoe, Ontario, September 2015


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Kayak fishing trip pics from Kempenfelt Bay, lake Simcoe, Ontario

Here’s a couple pictures of Peter Rotari on a kayak fishing trip for trout in Kempenfelt Bay, lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada.

Peter fishing standing up in his W kayak

Photo: Mantaray14

This time of year the water is still cold, and the weather doesn’t seem to cooperate.

Says Peter: “You can stand on it to stretch but you have to watch your 6 o’clock for waves.
You will be always dry in this kayak, not need for rubber pants and you can go fishing in 15-20km of wind on Simcoe.
Very easy to rig FishFinder, Rods and trolling motor without having to drill the hull.
Easy to car top, no rack needed, just the car rack is enough.”