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fishing from a kayak

Crystal River snook, by Gary Rankel

I actually got my slam today, but the trout and redfish were to small too photograph.
Then I got a nice snook fishing near the Crystal River Power Plant just north of the mouth of the Crystal River. I don’t know what it is about snook, but they sure like sucking your thumb while recovering (thankfully, they don’t have real sharp teeth).


Mouth of the Crystal River

Nice Snook

Thumb Sucking Snook

Crystal River Power Plant

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Night fishing got me a striper I could keep, by Bill Davenport

Well, I finally got a keeper this season. Lousy photos, but I was in a hurry to try and find the camera and get the fish back in the water. I don’t care for night fishing all that much, but that’s when the fish are most active at this time of year. (And I feel pretty comfortable in my W.)
Still planning to motorize my W kayak.


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Big striper in my kayak - night fishing

26" striper in my kayak - night fishing, Massachusetts



Aaron landing some large legal redfish and then kayak surf playing…by Lynn Söderberg

Aaron landing a couple of large and legal Reds using the ample room of his Wavewalk kayak, and then taking his W to ride the surf. Aaron just had to try it out and I have to say… he rode with great adeptness??!! haha. I was not as brave or willing to scuff my beautiful W up.







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Outfitting our kayaks for fishing and for our dog, by Lynn Söderberg



Two platforms a 3 deep and a 2 deep. The 3 deep refers to how many saddle “troughs” it covers. ha* The 3 deep is for our dog and the 2 deep is for Aaron’s fish “stuff”. I went to our local hardware store, they specialize in marine grade lumber. 3 coats of SPAR varnish later we had several saddles and a few platforms.



2 of the 6 saddle brackets we made



Attaching a rubber looped outdoor rug that I cut to fit the 3 deep platform



Our dog Rumor adjusting to the new kayak platform



Rumor loves the platform, so far so good




I can tell he will be going with us on many more trips



The two of us styling our new “W’ caps…



Decal created for our trailer.


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