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New W700 story in Southern Kayak Fishing magazine

Southern Kayak Fishing magazine published a story about our new Wavewalk® 700 in their new January-February issue, which is available online.

The increasingly crowded space of fishing publications includes thousands of magazines, websites, blogs, forums, Facebook pages, YouTube channels, etc.  Most of those publications have no other reason to exist except the extremely low cost of electronic publishing, coupled with the desire of their publishers to add their own noise to the general cacophony.
The editors and publishers of Southern Kayak Fishing magazine seem to understand that, and they deserve compliments both for the professional quality of their publication, and for publishing material related to outboard gas motors and to Wavewalk that other kayak fishing magazines won’t publish.

My review of the Wavewalk 500 in Southern Kayak Fishing Magazine

By Gary Rankel

Nature Coast Kayak Fishers

Southern Kayak Fishing Magazine is a new publication whose editor, Ed Mashburn, invited me to contribute a review of my Wavewalk 500 for the magazine’s November /December issue, and a story about kayak fishing with manatees

Here is the review (Click the images to enlarge them) –

Gary's-Wavewalk-500-review-1 Gary's-Wavewalk-500-review-2 Gary's-Wavewalk-500-review-3 Gary's-Wavewalk-500-review-4








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Norwegian outdoors magazine Villmarksliv publishes its review of the Wavewalk kayak, by Eric Overdijk

At last, the popular Norwegian outdoors magazine “Villmarksliv” published an article about the Wavewalk kayak. In order to test Wavewalk 500 they have used it over a long period of time.
They gave the W500 five points out of six, which is highest.
This is very positive.


Wavewalk 500
Stable Fishing Kayak

Fishing from a kayak can be an unstable experience, so some choose a canoe instead, where there is also better space for equipment.
Wavewalk 500 is a kind of middle ground, and an exciting alternative for those who like to fish or hunt from a kayak or canoe.
This is a catamaran where you sit on a raised platform in the middle. Thus your position is more upright than in a kayak, and you get less tired.
You can also get up to stretch your legs and stand when you’re fishing, since the design makes the Wavewalk steady enough.
It is fitted with four convenient carrying handles, which allows two people to carry the kayak in a comfortable way.
It is somewhat cramped for fishing for two adults, and this is primarily a kayak for one person or an adult and a child.
On relatively quiet water, two medium-weight adults can sit back to back to fish.

Wavewalk 500 is pretty fast to paddle.

Because there’s storage space under the deck forward, it is convenient to stick the paddle down there when it’s not not in use.
There is also a bungee cord around the cockpit and the carrying handles can be used to fasten the luggage,.
An advantage of the Wavewalk is good directional stability during paddling, and that it does not turn or drifts away quickly because of wind.
This property makes it suitable for hunting for waterfowl.
I have not tried to hunt alone, but when you’re hunting sitting you can rotate completely around the seat, an advantage for hunting flying birds.
Although the material of the boat seems a little thin, and it gives a little under load, it is sturdy enough.
+ Stable.
Directional stability.
Good sitting position.
Ability to customize for larger luggage on top but little storage inside for large-size items.
The kayak is best paddling alone, and with two people it is a compromise.
Testing Results [rating]: 5 out of 6


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Post number 1,200 published on Wavewalk’s Fishing Kayak Blog

That’s right!  1,200 posts published on our blog, the world’s number 1 source of information for sensible kayak anglers and paddlers  😛
I believe that this online magazine is also fun to read 😀 (Well, isn’t it?…)

Needless to say that without our contributors this would not have been possible.
Thank you very much my friends!

As this blog gets bigger, we are facing an increasing challenge of making the information in it easily accessible to readers. Currently, visitors can search for keywords and key phrases through 3 search widgets, a tag cloud, a list of categories, and a dual list of popular keywords. This is on top of the subject pages.
I’m told that using an Internet search engine with a combination of the keyword Wavewalk and the search subject sometimes yields good results…

And of course, anyone looking for info they cannot find is welcome to email us their questions. We always answer as fast as we can, and we make great efforts to provide full and accurate information.


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The Ozello boys on Kayak Angler magazine

Congratulations and thanks to Gary Rankel and his friends, who feature on ‘Grip and Grin’, Kayak Angler magazine’s online section dedicated to self submitted stories and pictures.
The story is named ‘Grip and Grin Wavewalk Snook’ after Bob Smaldone’s memorable catch 🙂

About Kayak Angler magazine

Kayak Angler magazine is published by Rapid Media, a company based in Ontario, Canada, which started as a paddle sports media company.
Kayak Angler first appeared in 2007. It is published online as well as in 4 paperback issues per year.

The kayak fishing media

The kayak fishing market in North America is covered by hundreds of online magazines, various websites in forum and blog formats, and paperback magazines. This plethora of media include online outlets that are specific to kayaks and fishing from them, as well as other media that primarily cover recreational fishing in a broad angle. The latter media allocate parts of their online and printed production capabilities to the kayak fishing market.
Like several other online and printed paddling magazines and websites, Kayak Angler’s publishing company diversified into fishing as the kayaking market matured and slowed down while kayak fishing was on the rise.

And last but not least on this list of kayak fishing related media are company blogs and websites such as Wavewalk’s Fishing Kayak Blog, which is considered by many of its fans as the best source of information for sensible kayak anglers, which are people who like to stay dry and comfy…  These people are perfectly aware of the fact that our blog is edited and published by a kayak manufacturer, but they also appreciate the fact that it exposes and discusses in depth the severe problems that many anglers suffer from when they try to fish from kayaks.
The latter can’t always be said about other media that depend on revenues from various advertisers, of which some offer over hyped kayaks that are suitable for neither fishing nor paddling, precisely because of such problems as our blog highlights. These ergonomic problems get critical as the angler gets older, and in case they suffer from physical disabilities, especially ones related to back pain, balance, arthritis, joint replacement in the legs, overweight, etc.

Sponsored kayak fishing media

Some other kayak manufacturers have become involved in the publishing business as well, but in a different way: They ‘sponsor’ kayak fishing websites directly, or through ‘sponsoring’ their owners. This way, the commercial affiliation is covert, or partly covert, which is an important thing for someone who’s concerned about their credibility…
In these cases, Sponsorship is a term used to describe financial support in return of the sponsored party endorsing the manufacturer’s brands and products.
It happens that sponsored individuals and their websites don’t stop at the endorsement stage, and they actively promote these brands and products, both overtly and covertly. Sometimes they even bash other brands and products, although this is usually done under alias 😉
In contrast, when we bash other brands and products, we do it here on our blog, under our own identity, and out of courtesy we don’t publish the name of the bashed brand or product  😀