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Gator time

By Gary Rankel

Nature Coast Kayak Fishers Club

Art Myjak paddled his last trip with me for awhile as he and his wife will be headed up north later this week for the summer.  We had a slow day as far as fishing goes, but a bit of excitement coming across a gator who seemed interested in Art’s Wavewalk.  I’ll be looking for company on my fishing trips this summer, so if any Wavewalkers up there want to join me, c’mon down.



Art fishing, unsuspecting… while the gator silently approaches…


fisherman-taking-a-picture-of-the gator-next-to-hos-kayak



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I had a good day yesterday…

By Gary Rankel

I had a good day yesterday, and it fortunately coincided with a photo-only kayak fishing tournament I entered. With lots of competition, I managed to win 1st place for the biggest redfish and 2nd place in the mixed bag category (a 31 inch snook and 24 inch redfish).
This was my first attempt taking pictures of fish according to tournament rules, and it was a challenge keeping them from flopping off the measuring board while also keeping the official medallion visible and then standing up to snap the pictures. Fortunately, the noodles I have on the cockpit rim kept the measuring board from sliding around. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a third hand to pinch the tail for an accurate measurement (I don’t know how others manage to do that).
Anyhow, a good time was had by all, the Wavewalk came through with flying colors and I came away with $250 in prizes.
Think I’ll take the wife out for dinner tonite.


The Winner

Tournament Early Start

Fishing Tournament Flyer

31 inch snook

24 inch redfish

The Fishers

Tournament Awards

Nature Coast Kayak Fishers Club

Gary Rankel and his fishing buddies a.k.a. the Ozello Gang founded a new fishing club and named it The Nature Coast Kayak Fishers Club, in Citrus county, Florida.

By kayak fishing they don’t necessarily mean kayaks, and they welcome anglers who fish out of other light, human powered craft. As for club, they don’t mean a formal organization with a chart, membership, fees, elections, etc. – Just a group of people who like to fish together, exchange information, and enjoy nature and camaraderie.

The club (group) is open to everyone, including anglers who fish out of kayaks other than the Wavewalk™ (we just feel sorry for them 😉 …)

BTW, Wavewalk contributed the domain name,  design, and technical support for this new website, I.E. we sponsor it.

Gary already started creating some great content for the website:



Hosting members of a kayak fishing club at Ozello, by Gary Rankel

Crappie Dave (another Packeryaker and cheesehead like me, and a new Wavewalk kayak owner) joined me yesterday in Ozello where I hosted a group from the Bay Area Canoe and Kayak Fishing Club, a large kayak fishing club from the Tampa Bay / St. Pete area.
None of the BAC&KFC folks had Wavewalks, and some were surprised how fast, roomy and stable they were. Dave and I got lots of interest and questions.
Ozello was really jumping, a few nice redfish were caught, and a good time was had by all.

I took a few pictures of the group at the launch site, and of Dave’s Wavewalk setup showing the seat, anchor assembly and wheels he installed.

It’s great fun getting together with folks who enjoy my sport as much as I do. We had a blast.


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Crappie Dave standing next to his rigged W fishing kayak



Dave launching his kayak right out of his car. Others had trailers..



Dave’s DIY folding kayak seat







John and Jeanne at the Paddling Festival, in Milwaukee, WI

Jeanne and I had a fun and interesting day at the festival today. Weather was crummy, cloudy and cold, 52 degrees. We paddled up on shore on what they called the kayak beach.
Met a kayak fishing guide who liked the W.
If I get enough time this late summer early fall I may join a fishing club. Best fishing on Lake Michigan for kayakers is during this period.

paddling standing up in fishing kayak near the beach, Milwaukee, WIJohn paddling standing in his fishing kayak near an old sailing ship, Milwaukee, WIJohn and friend paddling under a bridge, Milwaukee, Wisconsin