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Nature Coast Kayak Fishers Club recruiting new members

By Gary Rankel


Nature Coast Kayak Fishers Club


Our retirement community of about 2,300 people in Citrus Hills, Florida held its annual Activity Club Showcase yesterday where leaders of the many clubs and activities offered were provided tables on which to display handouts and other club materials. I drafted a handout on the Kayak Fishing Club I established last year and made it available along with other materials highlighting the fishery along Florida’s Nature Coast. I included handouts and pictures describing and depicting the Wavewalk, and answered questions about the sport and fishing kayak types.

While most of the old fogies attending congregated around the poker and bridge club tables, a few of the more adventurous ones stopped by expressing interest in the club. I offered “show-me” outings to a couple who wished to give my Wavewalk a try.

All in all, it was a good three hours spent. Hopefully, it will result in a few more club members.







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Portable kayak seat for my motorized Wavewalk 500

By Pyt Rotary


After fishing from a Wavewalk 500 for six years I can say it is a fantastic toy. What I do now to rest after 1-2 hours of trolling is to lay back, and I thought that a back rest/support could add to my comfort.
I looked at different seats, including canoe seats, and found this detachable kayak seat for $50. Very comfortable and portable.

I am not a paddle fan I use the trolling motor around 90% of the time. Instant electric torque is pure adrenaline.
The new generation of batteries (Lithium) are not accessible yet but soon / few years – Lots of fun to ride!

I have now:
* 70Lb Minnkota (24V)
* 101Lb thrust Minnkota (36V)
* 2Hp Honda 4 stroke

I choose the motor depending on the water I fish in.
There is no such flexibility in a boat.
The W500 & W700 bridge the gap between kayaks and boats. Good choice in having 2 categories: kayak and boat.
Still planning to get my combat W700 in next spring. I need both sizes.



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Fish of the week – The Black Margate

By Captain Larry Jarboe

One of the most diverse families of fish in the Atlantic Ocean is the grunt family. There are dozens of different type grunts that are predominately bottom dwelling species. The largest grunts are called margates. The White and Black Margates can grow over ten pounds but most grunts are a pound or less.

There are three grunts on the cleaning table in the picture. The two smaller ones are a White Grunt and a Bluestriped Grunt. The larger one is a Black Margate. Nearby, is a pan filled with boneless grunt fillets from a day when the catching was only so-so but there is still plenty of good eating ahead.

In the past, I might have released that Black Margate. My own discriminating taste and other on-line opinions might have prejudiced me from serving this fish to my own family. The meat is a little darker than most grunts and downright bloody red near the dorsal fin.

However, it was a tough day and this was the biggest catch of the day.

I seasoned and grilled the Black Margate fillet, a Jolthead Porgy Fillet, and some White Grunt fillets on the stove in a Pampered Chef grill pan. Served with a side of clam chowder heated in the fish broth, neither my son, his friend, or I could tell any difference in the taste. The fresh fillets were simply good eating.

Ironically, there is a special designation unique to Florida regarding the three fish pictured in the accompanying photo. For the members who blog on the Wavewalk website, I have a special prize, a copy of my first book “Fishy Deals” for the first person to deduct and post the legal importance, recognition, and award status of catching these three fish according to the Florida fishing regulatory authority.
Because, Black Margates matter.


Assorted fish ready for cooking, Key Largo, FL


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