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Motorized W700 Bass Fishing Trip in Rainbow Reservoir, Connecticut

By Rox Davis


I took the W700 to Rainbow res in Windsor Ct.

I wanted to really run the one of the motors for a good test.

Of course I had to fish too.

I got a great shot of this gray heron flying by me.

My next outing I’ll be testing another motor, and of course some more fishing.

Here’s a couple of pictures of the yak trip, then the next day I went out in my buddies bass boat and caught my Biggest Large Mouth Bass this season, 5.3lbs of fighting fury. 🙂

Funny thing, I ran into Gary Rankel’s fishing buddy (I think his name was Art) at the boat launch when I was leaving.
I was stunned to say the least, up from Florida with friends.
Small world. 🙂

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Nature Coast Kayak Fishers’ club outing in dense fog

By Gary Rankel

Nature Coast Kayak Fishers
My kayak angler group ran into a morning of dense fog at Ozello 2 days ago.
Art Myjak, who is still recovering from a stroke he had 2 years ago, was good to go in his Wavewalk 500. He is still a bit unsteady and don’t think he would do real well in a more traditional yak.
Fortunately, I asked the new guys in our club to bring a VHF radio with them so we could maintain contact. They were invaluable in the fog.


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Catfish on the Fox River – My first fish caught as a retiree

By John Fabina

Happy Memorial day, hope all is well.
Pics from today –

My first fish caught as a retiree. Catfish on the Fox River.

A beautiful day here in Wisconsin. A day to reflect and give thanks to the Vets that gave all so we can enjoy the freedom that this country offers.














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Nature Coast Kayak Fishers Club

Gary Rankel and his fishing buddies a.k.a. the Ozello Gang founded a new fishing club and named it The Nature Coast Kayak Fishers Club, in Citrus county, Florida.

By kayak fishing they don’t necessarily mean kayaks, and they welcome anglers who fish out of other light, human powered craft. As for club, they don’t mean a formal organization with a chart, membership, fees, elections, etc. – Just a group of people who like to fish together, exchange information, and enjoy nature and camaraderie.

The club (group) is open to everyone, including anglers who fish out of kayaks other than the Wavewalk™ (we just feel sorry for them 😉 …)

BTW, Wavewalk contributed the domain name,  design, and technical support for this new website, I.E. we sponsor it.

Gary already started creating some great content for the website: