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Poling and fishing the flats

By Steve Lucas

I took the W 500 down to Flamingo to try some more poling and using a short paddle.
I knew the tide and moon weren’t the best for fishing but it’s been about a month since we’ve had any light winds so I was happy just to get out.
The early morning was very calm but the wind did pick up around 10 AM contrary to the forecast.
The only real fishing that I did was chasing tarpon and I got one good jump on my first cast of the morning. Needless to say I wasted a ton of effort stalking these frustrating fish for the rest of the morning.

I got to pole on some close flats and that was a lot of fun. The W 500 is made for standing and sight fishing. Of course you actually have to see something  😀
I also used my regular kayak paddle and it worked pretty well but I think the longer one is optimal for the boat.

I consoled myself by gliding along the flats and taking in the wildlife. The birds are back! I got pretty close to a Rosey along the shore. It was extremely pink but my pictures don’t do that justice.








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Wildlife photography kayak trip at DeLeon Springs, by Harry Selsor

Went for a paddle today at DeLeon Springs… not much activity and although summer is officially here tomorrow…I melted today !


Reflections On Broward

Snowy Egret on Lily Pads

Great Blue Heron

Bump on a log

Tricolored Heron

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Me on the water with some redfish, trout and egrets, by Gary Rankel

Just me again on the water today with a few redfish, trout and egrets for company. I also attached a shot of some of the unique limestone (karst) bottom we have on some of the flats around here. The redfish like hanging out in the deeper crevices.







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