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New photos from my Wavewalk kayak, by Michael Pyle

I have the coolest Kayak known to man. It’s called a Wavewalk Kayak, and is the world’s stablest fishing Kayak.
I custom made a camera mount for this boat and these images were captured using it.
I hope you like!

Michael Pyle


Great Blue Heron Dancing on Poles

Great Blue Heron on a log fishing

Red wing Blackbird

Copyright © Michael Pyle


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Wildlife photography kayak trip at DeLeon Springs, by Harry Selsor

Went for a paddle today at DeLeon Springs… not much activity and although summer is officially here tomorrow…I melted today !


Reflections On Broward

Snowy Egret on Lily Pads

Great Blue Heron

Bump on a log

Tricolored Heron

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