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My Electric Wavewalk 500 fishing kayak

By Chan Vannasing

North Carolina

I use my Wavewalk 500 for kayaking and fishing and it is a nice.
I fish standing and when I catch a fish I sit down.
I’d like to have the model that’s wider and more stable.

I fish in North Carolina, Tennessee, and the Atlanta area, and I would be happy to demo my Wavewalk 500 to people looking to test one.

Pictures of my stand up electric fishing kayak –









5 Reasons Why I Chose A Wavewalk Kayak, by Paul Little

I’m 55 years old and very active. I love to hike, camp, fish, hunt and generally be outdoors. I used to do a lot of canoeing and take weekend trips down trout rivers and streams in North Georgia.

Over the years though, my back has really put a stop to that kind of trip. It hurts to stay in a cramped sitting position too long. Kayaks are even worse. I love them, but they were just too uncomfortable to be in for more than an hour at a time.

Then I happened upon the Wavewalk website while internet browsing one day and the rest is history. Wavewalk put the fun back in kayak fishing for many anglers like me. I became so convinced about the superiority of the Wavewalk brand, I contacted Wavewalk about becoming a reseller for Wavewalk.

I recently received my first shipment and they are everything I expected…FANTASTIC!
The Wavewalk kayak comes closest to perfect for me. Here’s why:

1. I want the most stable kayak I can find because I like to stand up a lot while fishing. The Wavewalk puts your feet below waterline in the twin hulls of the kayak. This flat out makes for the most stable standing position in any kayak. There’s just no arguing about that.

2. I am 55 years old and the ole back ain’t what it used to be when I was twenty something. The sitting position in a Wavewalk kayak resembles sitting in a saddle. It has a 6 foot bench seat that you straddle. You can move around on it and put your feet and legs in a variety of positions that keep the blood flowing and prevent numbness and aching pain in your feet, legs and back.

3. The Wavewalk has many times the storage space of any other kayak on the market and yet weighs only 59 pounds. And what fisherman or camper can’t use more space. It’s a superior feature of Wavewalk Kayaks.

4. Your butt doesn’t get wet in a Wavewalk. The only way you can keep your butt dry in a traditional or SOT kayak is to wear waders.

5. Price. I will admit. I’m cheap. I vacillated back and forth for two years before making up my mind to buy a Wavewalk kayak. I kept seeing kayaks cheaper everywhere else. But I never bought one of them either. The more I thought about SOT fishing models, I saw how cramped I would be. I have good balance, so I’m sure I could stand on one, but getting up to the standing position is what worried me. And it was quite obvious the wet butt problem. Standing in the sporting goods store looking at that thing, I could only visualize a wet butt. So in the long run, stability, no back pain, easy sitting and standing, lots of storage and no wet butt won out for me. I feel kind of foolish for taking so long to decide. Some of the best SOT models cost A LOT MORE than the Wavewalk, and once I was convinced of the benefits, the price objection disappeared.

I’m extremely happy with my Wavewalk, but hey, it’s what’s right for me. I’ll never criticize anyone for what they prefer. We’re all individuals and have good reasons to justify our purchases. Hope to see you on the water soon catching lots of fish. Hope you keep your butt dry. I know I will.

This is a video that I shot while trying out my Wavewalk kayak on the Pumpkinvine, just a few miles from my house. The water was very shallow, but had a decent cruise. Just mute the music if you don’t like it. Enjoy!

Paul Little


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6’6″ tall, both stable and comfortable in my W500 kayak, by Andrew Smith

Being 6’6″ tall I had some real problems sitting comfortably in any kayak before I got my first W500. I am very pleased by how much room it has, and how easy it is to get in and out.
I also own a traditional sit-inside kayak and I always felt like it was a death-trap as squeezing all 6’6″ inches of me inside. I figured if I ever rolled I’d be in real trouble – thankfully I never did, but it was a constant worry.
Soon after I got my w500, my extended family and I had a blast using it.

I use my WaveWalk kayak for touring and nature photography around the islands and networks of rivers in the low country – Hilton Head SC area.
These kayaks are also great for fishing, as their stability, outfitting and storage are second to none.

Andrew Smith

Preparing launch of a WaveWalk Kayak into Mackay Creek, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Preparing launch of a WaveWalk Kayak into Mackay Creek, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

View from an ultra-stable WaveWalk 500 Kayak in the Calabogie Sound, off Hilton Head Island, SC

View from my ultra-stable WaveWalk 500 Kayak in the Calabogie Sound, off Hilton Head Island, SC

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Wavewalk Fishing Kayaks in Tennesse – A New Dealership

Clayton Knight and his son Jeremy have been fishing for many years, and they didn’t like the idea of fishing out of conventional fishing kayaks, simply because it doesn’t make much sense, really:
-“When i fish, I want to feel stable, dry, and comfortable.” says Clayton.

Tennesse fishing kayak dealers Tennessee Fishing Kayak, W’s dealership in central Tennessee is located in Lynchburg, seventy miles South of Nashville, and not that far from Birmigham, Alabama, and Atlanta, Georgia.

fishing kayaks in Tennessee - Lynchburg