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Gar is a family of elongated game fish.

Bow fishing at night out of my W500

By Capn’ Larry Jarboe

Last night, I went freshwater bowfishing in a canal outside of the Everglades with my personally designed laser lite crossbow.  It is far more accurate than either my compound or recurve rigs which is a sorry statement regarding my skill as an archer.
These are Tilapia and Mayan Cichlids which are both invasive and very good to eat.  There is a single gar which is now de-shelled and ready to broil like lobster and serve w/ drawn butter sauce.
I was tipped by an FWC officer that the perpendicular canals that feed through submerged culverts are full of bigger fish and only accessible by dragging a canoe across from the main channel.  Give me a couple weeks to outfit Santiago with night lights, trolling motor, and overland transport wheel.  And, crossbow cocking station.
Might take a little more than two weeks.  The alligators can wait…  No, I’m not going to shoot them.  They are protected.  However, I am not.
My wife wants to take out a life insurance policy on my carcass.



Kayak, fishing crossbow, and a variety of fish

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Longnose gar spawning in the Pamlico river basin (photos)

By Charlie Manning

Washington, NC

Thought these shots may be interesting. Only possible because of my Wavewalk!
Deep into a swamp/marsh in the Duck Creek area in the Pamlico river basin. These are longnose gar during a spawn. Probably not many people have seen this. Thanks to my Wavewalk, I was in the right place at the right time. The jellylike globs on the edge of the bank are egg deposits covered in a jelly like coating. Thank you for a great product!

Still Kayaking at 76



Longnose-gar-fish-spawning-Pamlico-river-NC (2)





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Gar fishing on the Potomac

By Capn’ Larry Jarboe

Back up in Maryland.
The Wavewalk is down South.
We shot these photos from my Smoker Craft w/ nite lights.
Gar are very hard to clean but taste like a cross between alligator and lobster.  Come to think of it, they look like that, too.
I think the new Wavewalk 700 will be a hot bow fishing combo as well as a super stable boat.  I’m looking forward to some more night trips (between rain squalls) before heading south.
Living the dream!

Daddy Cat, Momma Mono-hull, & Baby Cat, family photo.  Happy Father’s Day, Dudes.




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Wavewalk fishing in Flensborg fjord, Denmark (video)

By Claus Nielsen

Nice weather in the forecast,  lots of Belone belone (Latin) [garfish – garpike] and with a bit of luck a seatrout also, certainly lots of pollocks.  This is my first YouTube video –


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Our first kayak fishing trip to Door County this year, by John Fabina

Jeanne and I went on a kayak fishing trip in Door county, a peninsula located between Green Bay and the main part of lake Michigan. It’s mostly a wildlife refuge, and we love going there.
We caught some small Smallmouth who fought hard, and lost a few…



Jeanne sneaking on smallmouth

One pesky gar!

At first I thought this carp was a smallmouth, it fought hard!

Top view of our Wavewalks from the tower at Peninsula State Park.

Sister Bay Door County, Wisconsin

Sunset in Door County, WIisconsin

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