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A trade show where fishing products including tackle and boats are presented to the public.

Wavewalk kayaks at the Early Bird outdoor show in Bloomsburg, PA

By Joe Stauder

Hawg Buster Stand Up Fishing Kayaks


General view of HBBCO booth at the show



Favorable coverage in the local press





Hunting Wavewalk



Fishing kayak outfitted with a transportation wheel



Electric fishing kayak



Our version of a Wavewalk kayak for touring and photography in tandem




Hawg Buster Stand Up Fishing Kayaks trade show schedule

By Joe Stauder

The Hawg Buster Stand Up Fishing Kayaks team will be showing Wavewalk kayaks outfitted for fishing and hunting, both motorized and non-motorized, at the following trade shows –

  • The Early Bird Outdoor Sports Show, Bloomsburg, PA.  Jan. 22nd-25th
  • The Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Expo, Oaks, PA.  Feb. 26th-Mar. 1st

Live demos will be available at the Philly show.

Come visit us, we look forward to seeing you!




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W kayaks now showing at the Philadelphia Outdoor Sportshow

If you live near Philadelphia, don’t miss an opportunity to see (and live-test!) a Wavewalk kayak at the Philadelphia Outdoor Sportshow in Oaks, PA.
The show started today, and it will go on till Sunday, February 16th

Look for HBBCO Kayaks in booths 638-639 and 704-705, near the casting pool.


Joe monitoring the progress of a young stand up kayak angler


Hawg Buster Kayaks at the Philadelphia Outdoor Sportshow

Joe and his team from Hawg Buster Stand Up Fishing Kayaks will exhibit in a 20′ x 20′ booth at 5th Annual Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sportshow, home to Pennsylvania’s All-Outdoors Sports Show.
The show will take place between February 13-16, 2014 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pennsylvania. Oaks is 20 miles NW of Philly, and at a driving distance from New York City, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.

Joe and the Hawg Buster team will display four rigging options for the W kayak:

  1. basic touring kayak
  2. hunting kayak complete with a lay down duck blind – the same outfit can be used for bird photography
  3. W kayak rigged for fishing complete with fish finder, rod holders, anchor system etc.
  4. a motorized kayak complete with navigation lights and a swivel seat.

Wavewalk videos will be playing on a 60” flat screen for all to watch and enjoy  🙂

Hawg Buster’s booth will be adjacent to the kayak testing pool – Contact Joe and his team and make a reservation for a test ride at the show!