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A fishing rod is a semi-flexible pole used together with a fishing line, hook and bait (or lure) to catch fish.
Most modern fishing rods are outfitted with a mechanical device that includes a spool for the line and rotary handle commonly known as reel. By using a reel, the angler can through their bait or lure further away, to longer distances, as well as bring the line back (with a fish or without it) more easily.

Trolling for Barracuda in the S4

By Captain Larry Jarboe

Florida Fishing Kayaks

One of my least favorite fishing techniques is trolling.

Putting a rod and reel in a rod holder and waiting for what seems like hours for a bite can be borderline boring. Then, dragging a fish against the movement of a slow moving boat as we do fishing for stripers or bluefish in the Chesapeake Bay diminishes the tug and pull of the fish. Imagine cranking in a 5 gallon bucket of water. Welcome to the successful outcome of a trolling expedition.

However, trolling from a Wavewalk S4 is a completely different experience. After good success with my kayak spinning rigs trolling custom fabricated lures in mangrove creeks and channels, I set off to find the perfect rig for trolling in the clear inshore waters of South Florida.

I finally settled on a Shimano TR200-G graphite reel loaded with 20 lb. test mono line on a 4′ kayak Ricky Rod made in Miami.

With this rig in hand and the outboard tiller in the other, a kayak trolling fisherman (or woman) can smoothly ease out line and control the action of the lure or rigged bait while steering the S4. Unlike leaving the rig in the holder, with the rod in hand, bites are easily felt and the hook set. Now, we are fishing and catching and really enjoying the battle.

In less than an hour, I caught 4 barracuda no more than a 1/2 mile from my house using this technique. All were released. But, I had to gently tow the last one back to the dock to safely release from the dive platform of my big boat. It was just too big and toothy to bring aboard.

My next project is to build a long distance de-hooker.







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Wavewalk 700 skiff-kayak and Ricky Rods: A winning mangrove fishing combo

By Captain Larry Jarboe

Florida Fishing Kayaks

Yesterday, I took my W700 and a couple rigged Ricky Rods to little Snapper Creek that is virtually inaccessible to any other vessels. Only a motorized kayak can easily go the distance to get in there and back. Within a half hour, I had my limit of 5 legal Mangrove Snapper (over 10″) in my fish bag and hit the dock before a storm rolled in.



Wavewalk and Ricky Rod teamed up to put the limit of good eating snapper on my dock. Looks like we have a winning combination –

My first fishing rod that I purchased in the Keys in 1974 was a solid glass Ricky Rod. That rod set me back six bucks and has caught more species of fish than all my other rods together.
When I ran bottom and chumming charter and commercial fishing trips from my 25′ six-pack diesel powered Kencraft in the 1980’s, Ricky Rods with American made Penn spinning reels put fish in the boat on every trip. No skunk in the box with a Ricky Rod in hand.
About 3 years ago, on a Sunday morning, I spotted the Ricky delivery van at the Yellow Bait House in Key Largo. I pulled over to talk to the old timer who was delivering tackle from the Ricky company.
After telling him how great my first rod still is and how much I like Ricky products, the octogenarian looked at me and said, “Well, I am Ricky!”
Amazed at how the owner of a big Miami company would take such a hands on approach, I listened to his story.
Mr. Ricky came from Cuba many years ago to escape the oppressive Castro regime. He built his company with hard work and fine products that are still reasonably priced. And, he invited me for a personal tour of his company. My buddy, Peg Leg Dan, wants to go with me. He has been fishing a Ricky Rod for as long as I have.
Last week, at the Yellow Bait House, I spotted some short 48″ rods that are perfect for kayak fishing in tight quarters. Yes, they are Ricky Rods. Mr. Ricky is still innovating at eighty plus years old.
So, I bought one and came back for two more.


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July 3rd paddling and fishing adventures

By John Fabina

Jeanne and I headed out to a stretch of the Oconomowoc River that we have never paddled before. It’s always exciting to explore new areas with our Wavewalks.
It was more of a exploration trip then a fishing trip but I took a rod along anyways.
The water sure looked good as we went downstream. I was able to tie into some Smallmouth Bass. These small guys fight like big ones in the river current and this time of the year they get some air. One practically jumped into my Wavewalk.
I always check satellite photos for waters we haven’t explored that are nearby. Amazingly these streams can make you feel like you are out in the boonies. Always take a rod…..you will be surprised what you can catch near urban areas.
We watched a deer walking along with turkeys…






Version 2


tiny-fish (2)



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Back in the saddle and fighting monster bass

I’m baaaack in the saddle again! Today was the day, the return to my beloved Wavewalk. Took a quick little afternoon trip to Upper Broad Creek with Fishing Buddy and picked up where I left off in January.

I thought I would be a little shaky the first few minutes but, no way, I felt great and took right off for a little point that has reed grass and a spiky stump. I tossed a “Trim Gim” by Bett’s poppers and hooked up with a pumpkinseed. He was a cute little fella and the popper was as big as his face. I tossed ole Gim to the left of the spiky stump, made two short strips, and felt some tension in the line. I figured I was hung up on spike so I lifted the rod tip to give it a little shake to release the popper and all of a sudden the rod gets bent slam over and then a big ole bass rockets out of the water. I was caught completely off guard thinking I was hung up on a stump. That dude looked like Jordan launching from the paint and made a move like you see at the Olympics during the diving competition. After the acrobatic display I strip striked to get the hook set and tried to keep from losing my rod. I don’t know how big that bass was but, it took 15 minutes for the hole to fill back up with water after he splashed down  😉
At some point during this epic battle the line went slack and I became intensely disappointed when I stripped my popper back without a big bass attached to it. As I sat there thinking about what could have gone wrong, I took a look at Ole Gim and noticed that the hook didn’t look quite right. Big ‘un had just about straightened it out.

Changed poppers and caught another pumpkinseed and a really nice bluegill. The bluegill was a whopper that I landed with the net.

It was a great trip and I’m so happy to be back out on the water in my Wavewalk. I’m going again soon and will let you know how it goes.

bass-fishing-kayak-and-angler-1024 bluegill lure pumpkinseed-1 pumpkinseed-2


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Plug-in flush mount fishing rod holder for Wavewalk® 700

Cut off the bottom of a flush mount rod holder, and insert the rod holder into one of the vertical columns in the saddle of your Wavewalk® 700. It fits in perfectly – easy to insert, easy to rotate, no wobble, and easy to pull out when you no longer want it there.

Those versatile columns can serve for holding players, fish grips, a fish net, etc., and they also accommodate the base of the W700 Joystick.



Removable flush mount rod holder for W700 saddle