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Fishing kayaks are kayaks designed and outfitted for fishing, typically by one angler for recreational fishing. In most cases, the angler propels their kayak with a dual blade paddle (kayak paddle), and in their cases, the kayak is motorized, typically with an electric (trolling) motor powered by a battery carried on board.
Most fishing kayaks are inadequate for fishing due to several reasons, including insufficient stability, poor ergonomics (lack of basic comfort), wetness, and lack of good storage space. Some bigger fishing kayak models are too wide, heavy and slow for an average angler to paddle. Such kayaks are commonly known as ‘barges’. Their large size also makes them too hard to car top, and they often require to be transported by trailer, which defies the purpose of kayak fishing.
The only kayak that’s stable, comfortable and dry enough for an average person to fish from is the W kayak. It is also the only kayak offering adequate storage, as well as easy entrance into the cockpit and easy exit from it.

Our fishing kayaks’ fall display is up at the Susquehanna Valley Mall

By Joe Stauder

HBBCO Stand Up Fishing Kayaks

Last year’s theme was Christmas, and this year’s it’s Halloween.


Wavewalk 500 fishing kayaks and Wavewalk 700 portable fishing boat with lightweight outboard motor


Wavewalk 500 fishing kayak and electric fishing kayak



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Fishing and paddling on lake Ottsjö

By Kent Johnsen

Fiskekajak, Sweden



Lake Ottsjö is a great place for paddling and fishing. It’s 20 minutes from my house.


Our two motorized W700






We caught some fish…



W700 on top of electric car


Christer taking a break from fishing



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Nulltjärn in Vålådalen, the place for char and trout fishing

By Kent Johnsen

Fiske Kajak, Sweden

The pictures are from Nulltjärn in Vålådalen, Sweden.
It’s a very nice place.
You can fish for char and trout here.
Many famous sportsman train here. They run around the small lake.

Floyd Patterson USA has trained here. The famous boxer.
It’s 20 min from our home.

Mari loves Nulltjärn in Vålådalen

Mari loves Nulltjärn in Vålådalen

Nulltjärn in Vålådalen (2)

Paddling is nice but a motor can help

Nulltjärn in Vålådalen

Wavewalk 700 outfitted with an electric trolling motor - Sweden

Wavewalk’s booth at ICAST 2016

Finally, we’re back from the show, and we’re also back to normal, whatever that means  🙂

ICAST is the world’s biggest fishing trade show, and ICAST 2016 in Orlando, FL, was the first trade show that we participated in.

Here is an overview of our 400 square ft booth:

Camera: Yadin Rosen

Captain Larry Jarboe (wearing the Wavewalk cap) worked in the booth during the entire show. Larry did a fantastic job, and his presence at the booth was very enjoyable.

We had many visitors, both expected and unexpected, and we had a lot of fun.

Larry and Yoav standing next to the Wavewalk 700 Microskiff

Larry and Yoav standing next to the Wavewalk 700 Microskiff

We showed 4 Wavewalk 700, in the 4 color combinations. 3 boats were displayed on the ground, thus allowing us to give dry demos and letting customers get a close look and feel of the product. The Microskiff was displayed higher, facing the main isle.

Captain Larry Jarboe

Captain Larry Jarboe

Wavewalk team with Jeff

Left to right: Orit, Yanay, and Jeff McGovern who worked at the booth of a reel manufacturer, and came to visit us.

The booth wasn’t very elegant, to say the least, but it was practical, and allowed us to engage multiple clients simultaneously on its four sides.

We had two laptops playing Wavewalk videos non stop, and a virtual office that allowed us to stay in contact with the world outside…

Combat 700

A ‘dry demo’ on the floor. People could walk into the boat, feel it, and step out. They could also lift it, and see how lightweight it is.

Wavewalk team members before the show

If our booth wasn’t the most elegant at least we were  🙂  … Each one of us wore a white shirt with a blue W monogram, and a blue blazer with a golden W monogram.