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Wavewalk offers patented catamaran fishing kayaks in three sizes:
The Wavewalk 500 – Weighs just 60 lbs and more stable than much bigger kayaks
The Wavewalk 700 tandem fishing kayak – Weighs just 80 lbs and more stable than the biggest sit-in and SOT kayaks out there
The Wavewalk S4 – The world’s most stable kayak. Weighs 98 lbs.
All Wavewalk kayaks are back pain free, and more stable that other kayaks of similar size, as well as bigger ones.

Wavewalk 500, 700 and S4, side by side

Following a request by Tom and Gary, here is a couple of computer renders of the W500, W700 and S4, side by side (virtually).
We opted to present the visual info this way rather than to shoot actual photos because computer imaging is less prone to distortions caused by lenses and inadequate angles of shooting.