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Kayaking and kayak fishing with children is a lot of fun, if done with the right kayaks, namely ones that are stable, roomy, and comfortable, such as Wavewalk’s patented kayaks are.

Family Fishing Day

By Chris Henderson

We had a beautiful day for our annual Family Fishing Day!
Every year the State of Washington does a Fish Washington Free day to promote and encourage fishing in our state. Our church (Wellspring Fellowship) also wants to encourage great families and family time, and there are few activities better than going fishing!
So we gather up the Wavewalks and anything else that floats and take folks fishing!
We had two W700s and a W500 taking out kids and adults to catch fish. Some were catching their first fish ever. There is nothing quite so satisfying as watching kids catch fish. At first they are scared to touch them but it doesn’t take long and they want to hold them. I spent 12 hours on the water and lost track of the number of trout that I helped kids and adults catch.
What a great day!












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Electric W500 for fishing and fun with the kids

By Pyt Rotary (Thrac)

Ontario, Canada

I use the Wavewalk 500 kayak for fun and fishing, and I own two of them.
For myself I want to keep both W500 when I go with someone, each on his own.

For going with my son who’s 7 years old I’d rather have a W700.

I took my kids with me in the W500 but is was a little crowded for me to fish. The W700 will be perfect.

Here are pictures of me and my kids at Virginia beach this summer –

electric-fishing-kayak-with-dad-and-two-kids-on-board electric-fishing-kayak-with-dad-and-two-kids-on-board-Virginia-beach (2) electric-fishing-kayak-with-dad-and-two-kids-on-board-Virginia-beach

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My motorized W500 fishing kayak

By Jeremy Childers


After I tested my motorized W500 I figured out that it would not dump me, and with one person or an adult and a child it is plenty stable. Unfortunately, my fiancée and I won’t be able to tandem.
Who knows, we may be in the market for another kayak as our 13 year old, Jake is completely enamored with the w500.

The paddle clips I installed on it weren’t quite suitable for the Wavewalk paddle, and it somehow escaped into the water while I was trolling. I was not able to find it…

fishing-in-the gulf-AL


Spotted bass caught inland



car-top skiff




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Family fishing day

By Chris Henderson

At our church we have an annual event we call Family Fishing Day.
We plan it on the Fish Washingtion Free day, which is a day designed to get people into fishing.
We have a potluck and try and get every kid at least one little bluegill or something. This year they were not biting very well. A local heat wave put all of the trout off the bite, and most of the other fish as well. We did manage a few tiny bluegill, but with all the sunshine and Wavewalks we still had a lot of fun!

One of the things we did was go out to the middle of this little lake and anchor up and then create a Wavewalk raft. It was great!

Enjoy these boats and how kid friendly they are!

Here are some pictures from the day.




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