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Tarpon and redfish in my Wavewalk kayak

By Steve Lucas

I braved the heat, the mosquitoes and the alligators, and went fishing at Flamingo. This feisty tarpon was my reward –

After jumping Tarpon for the start of my Flamingo day I decided to check out areas that I seldom visit. I was glad that I did because I scored an incredibly robust Redfish. I did not measure the fish but I’m sure that length wise it was over slot. Probably width wise as well. 😀

I also found a wonderful Snapper hole while standing and paddling the W500. There were a ton of keeper fish that would hit anything that I threw. I had a great time and the only disappointment was that I could not hook a snook for my slam.



big-redfish-caught-in-this-trip (2)








my-w500-fishing-kayak-at-the ramp
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A rainy fishing trip

By Steve Lucas

Me and a fishing buddy decided to try fishing in Flamingo again last week. We both got up super early, checked the radar which was clear and headed for the deep south. Of course one we got to the bottom we could see and hear lightning and thunder closing in. We decided to push out anyway, stay close and run if it came to that. It did.

My friend headed deep into the bight. I stayed closer and everything turned hectic quick.
I was making for the nearest sheltering beach as the rain and lightning started when I spotted tails to my left.
“Yessss!” I thought to myself. I would bag a nice Red despite the weather. I cast and instantly hooked up. It turned out to be a Jack that dragged me around, got me wetter than I already was and pulled me closer to the mangroves where the mosquitoes were waiting. “Why do I keep doing this?” I asked myself.

We did see a lot of activity and the Snook were biting.

Oh well. Could be worse. I could be my fishing buddy, smooshed into mosquito infested mangroves, a mile from the nearest landing with lightning crackling all around his head.





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Fishing for trout, surrounded by storms

By Steve Lucas


I really wanted to go to Flamingo for Fathers Day but when I woke up and checked the weather I saw conflicting wind forecasts. Then the radar showed some early small storms in Florida Bay. I checked Choko and it looked clear as a bell so that’s where I went.
Once I got on SR 29 heading south naturally I was greeted with huge flashes of lightning coming from the coast. “Oh well” I thought to myself “maybe it’s not over the bay”. I’m glad I kept going because it was a beautiful morning although the wind was higher than forecast.

I stayed close because there were storms all around. I stand up paddled the W 500 and caught a load of nice size trout. I did spot and hook a nice size Snook but lost him because of an inconsiderate Googan in a microskiff. I have most of the trout on Go Pro film and will post that later.
I took so many pictures of the clouds that I ran my battery out on the still machine.











storm-clouds-over-the water-in-fishing-trip-in-chokoloskee-fl


trout-on-board-my-W500-chokoloskee-06-2015 (2)



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A day of Black Drum mayhem

By Steve Lucas

Earlier in the week I went over to the [Florida] West Coast to hunt for the Big Ugly – Black Drum. Cousin to the Red Drum.
All the Blacks this week were between 20 and 40 pounds. Here are some pictures from one day of fishing –
It was a gorgeous day and being able to stand and sight fish Black Drum was an absolute treat.
Armed with my new batch of T & A Jig Heads, I bagged three heavyweight monsters and my arms felt like rubber after the mayhem subsided.

Of course one of my fishing days would exhaust most ordinary folk but I still had enough energy to paddle behind an island, drop anchor, stick an enormous Tommy Bahama beach umbrella in the mud and stretch out for a cat nap in the W 500. When I awoke hot coffee and lunch in the shade seemed in order before the leisurely paddle back to the launch.
I hauled out onto the floating dock without getting my feet wet, washed off my gear and loaded up.





black drum below the surface

black drum dorsal fins showing...

big splash!

big black drum

black drum hauled out of the water

black drum hooked swimming near kayak

black drum mayhem

black drum mug shot

swirling black drum

the fight begins...

welcome on board

the island

big umbrella - big shade

kayak back on the dock

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Everglades stand up paddling (and attempted fishing) trip

By Steve Lucas

Put the W thru some glades back country. We had no particular plan except to make it into Coot Bay. The weather was so nice that we continued into Mud Lake. We had a blast. We spotted some fish but had no luck catching anything. I remembered that the W has incredible stump jumpin’ capabilities that I have never tested. The W 500 performed brilliantly in the tightest of tunnels.



Editor’s note: The above movie is a must see. Watch in full screen mode!




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