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Wavewalk fishing in Flensborg fjord, Denmark (video)

By Claus Nielsen

Nice weather in the forecast,  lots of Belone belone (Latin) [garfish – garpike] and with a bit of luck a seatrout also, certainly lots of pollocks.  This is my first YouTube video –


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Getting a Wavewalk® in the EU

 Since 2010, we’ve been selling Wavewalk® kayaks factory direct to clients in the European Union (EU). So far we’ve shipped our kayaks to clients from northern countries such as Sweden, the Netherlands and Belgium and southern countries such as Italy and Greece.

Our European clients get all the technical and sales support they need directly from us by email and by phone, and they pay us by direct transfer (ACH) or by international check in US dollars.
We charge our European clients $210 US in total including insurance for shipping their W500 from the US factory to one of these major EU ports: Antwerp, Rotterdam, Thessaloniki, etc., and we charge $270 for doing the same for a W700. Once we know your address we can find the cheapest way to ship the kayak to you – We speak French and we can communicate reasonably well in Italian and Spanish.
We ship each Wavewalk® kayak in a custom cardboard box, for maximum protection, and our shipments are insured.
Typical transit time for such a shipment is 3 weeks, but it can take a couple of weeks more, depending on cutoff dates and other factors over which we have no control.

Once the boxed W kayak and accessories reach their European port of destination, the client has to take care of customs clearing and transportation from the port to their address. We provide our clients with all necessary documentation for customs.
EU duty on US made kayaks is minimal. However, our European clients are required to pay the local value added tax (VAT), like they do on all other products.
Other local expenses that European clients need to be aware of are port taxes and fees which may vary from time to time and from one port to another, and storage fees if the client requires the box to be stored locally before picking it up.

We can also ship to inland local freight terminals (e.g. Rome, Berlin, etc.) where the client would pickup their box.

How we manage to offer such low shipping rates to EU ports

Adding $210 and $270 as extra shipping fee to a European port helps us pay for shipping to our European clients –
The actual cost of shipping a boxed Wavewalk® kayak from the US factory to a main European port is between $450 and $550, depending on whether it’s a W500 or W700, and on the port of destination.
However, we don’t have to charge the full cost of shipping to Europe since our kayaks are already priced with a local shipping component for our US customers. This figure rarely covers our own cost when we ship a single box to an end customer’s address in the continental US, but it does cover much of it. We use these funds to cover part of our cost of shipping to our EU clients, so our EU don’t have to pay the full cost of shipping.

ICAST 2016 logo-256Wavewalk is a member of the American Sportfishing Association (ASA), and we will exhibit at ICAST 2016.
Our booth number is 3657
We are looking to recruit national distributors and dealers in EU countries .

Learn more about our national distributor program »

“De emphasizing”, eh?…

“Watercraft sales compared unfavorably to the same period last year due to a continuing de-emphasis on low-margin product lines and lower sales in Europe.”

This sentence appeared on a recent report to investors issued by the outdoors company that ruled the market for fishing kayaks until recently. This company is publicly traded on the NYSE, and it never lacked the resources to acquire the kayak brands it wanted, push its products through a massive network of distribution channels, use extensive bundling with products from its other product lines, finance huge advertising campaigns, and leverage its well known brand names ad nauseam.
In the market for fishing kayaks, they went as far as financing a TV series starring a fisherman backed by a paid crew who sailed with a mother ship dozens of miles into the pacific ocean, and loved being filmed chasing marlin from his SOT [brand name]. That company paid this kayak fishing ‘superstar’ it created to go on tours nationwide, praising and promoting its favorite SOT fishing kayak brand.
This kayak (and canoe) brand has always been aggressively protective of “their” markets in the US and overseas, and their ads stated that they were “leaders in design and innovation”… (no kidding).  They even launched some SOT fishing kayak models equipped with integrated electric motors, and touted them as some kind of technological breakthrough (I should have put a smiley here too, but let’s try to stay serious, shall we?…).
After the crisis of 2009, they closed some US factories that produced kayaks for them, and once they even tried to advertise kayaks made for them in (you’d never guess!) – Australia (you didn’t guess, right?) and imported to the US as some kind of prestigious “foreign kayak” (should the reader laugh or cry at this point?).

So now they’re “de emphasising” on their kayak and canoe “low-margin product line”, and it looks like this may be good news for their investors as well as for their competitors.

It shows that these days, being the 800 pound gorilla in your market and benefiting from very deep pockets and prestigious brand names doesn’t cut it anymore, if your products are lame, I.E. the same as all other SOT and sit-in kayaks out there.
Kayak fishing pseudo celebrities may travel from coast to coast praising your products, but if your fishing kayak isn’t different from any other SOT or sit-in kayak brand out there that sells for less than half your price, you’ll have to “de emphasize” sooner or later – Even hooking a marlin won’t keep your kayak moving  😀

Happy and successful de emphasizing!

Shipping W Kayaks to Overseas Clients – Europe, Australia and Asia

Wavewalk ships W kayaks via ocean freight to individual clients in countries overseas.
You can pickup your W kayak at the port, or at a freight terminal in the area where you live.
We ship each W kayak in an individual cardboard box.

US Factory to Port –

This means your shipping charge includes pickup at the US factory, inland shipment to the US port, and ocean freight to the port in your country.

US Factory to Freight Terminal –

This means your shipping charge includes pickup at the US factory, inland shipment to the US port, and ocean freight to the port in your country, or region, plus inland shipping to a local freight terminal in your country, close to you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

What’s not included

Our international shipping prices do not include any expense in your country. Such expenses can be duty, customs clearing, and local taxes and fees, if applicable. Our shipping prices do not include shipping from the port or freight terminal in your country to your address – We don’t ship to individual addresses overseas.
The freight forwarding company we contract for our international shipments is Weiss-Rohlig, which has offices and agents worldwide. You could use their custom clearing services in your country, or contract any other local customs agent that you prefer.

Note: Wavewalk has local distributors in Norway, South Korea, and New Zealand >

W Fishing Kayak In The Netherlands

Here’s a couple of pictures sent to us from Holland:

Fishing kayak in Netherlands, HollandRobert Borrenbergs, from Gouda, Holland, is an avid fly angler, kayaker, and canoeist, and the first W kayaker in his country.

And this is Robert’s son, Corrado, paddling their W500 for the first time, in a beautiful canal behind their house.

Young kayak angler paddling a fishing kayak, Holland, Netherlands