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Training my retriever dog with my Wavewalk 700 duck hunting kayak

By Chris Henderson

Fishing Kayaks of Gig Harbor

Went hunting yesterday and it was the first time I was able to get my retriever out.  Mixed results, she actually started getting a bit shy of the gun, which will take a lot of work to fix.  Definitely fixable but a bit more work before she is in the next video.
It was just Torri and I so I used the W700.  It is a trusty platform for getting to the duck hunting spot and my go to boat.  Others with motors and heavier boats dare not tread where we hunt (in truth they would sink trying to pull the boat across the mud the 700 is heavy enough!).  But it was a bright sunny day and the water was like glass.  I even had a cup of coffee while the current took me back to the ramp.
Here is a link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dasd8UVHWo

Duck boat for two hunters – Wavewalk 700

By Chris Henderson

Fishing Kayaks of Gig Harbor

Well I haven’t sent in a report lately because I have been deer hunting and the Wavewalks were not involved. But now it is on to ducks and the Wavewalks are an essential part of our arsenal.
We have long paddles in strong currents and in rough weather and the Wavewalk handles it just fine!
The W700 is particularly good as a duck boat. Two hunters can carry their gear and tandem paddling makes the currents no big deal.

On this trip we were able to use the outgoing tide as well as the current from a river to make the trip back home easy. According to the GPS we were doing 7-8 mph paddling with the current.

I have designed a blind for the boat but have yet to finish building it.

Most of the time the Wavewalks are only used as transportation. We are also able to transport 3 dozen deeks, two hunters, shooting boxes, guns, camo nets, all in the W700!

Enjoying the stability and versatility of the these kayaks.

Here are a few pictures from our latest duck hunt.




Drake crush


Ducks in the deeks


Wigeon down


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Nisqually Widgeon Smackdown

By Chris Henderson

Fishing Kayaks of Gig Harbor

My son and I got out on the mudflats and went hunting again in the Wavewalks.
We launched in the dark and paddled the 1.5 miles to the spot. Weather was clear and sunny. Almost too much for duck hunting. There were not as many birds on the marsh due to a big storm last week. It has the tendency to flood pastures and grass fields which spread the birds out and we had a wind storm with it which tends to blow the birds off of the salt water. But there were enough to make the day interesting. Because we are hunting on mudflats we just use the Wavewalk kayaks for transportation right now. We cover them up with a camo net and sit in little beach chairs until the tide fills and drives us back. In this spot we eventually are standing in 3 feet of water by a log, and then as the tide goes out, we reverse course. We were able to get some nice video of a couple of singles and one flock that came in sweet to the deeks.
We got 4 birds out of that flock (fourth one goes down out of frame). We got 11 birds for the day and made some great memories!

This is my first successful gopro video. I am learning and will get even better videos in the future. It is a lot of fun.



Our two camouflaged fishing and hunting W kayaks can be seen in the top right corner of this picture –

Nisqually Smackdwon still




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One Cold Duck Hunt

By Chris Henderson

Gig Harbor Fishing Kayaks

One of my favorite locations to hunt are tidal mudflats of Puget Sound. They are very challenging for a number of different reasons. One is the tides have big swings. The tides on this day had a high of 14.5′ and a low of 2.6′ 6 hours later. That is a lot of water moving back and forth. The ducks like to be in different spots on the high tide where they feed in flooded grass, and on the outgoing tide they go to the edge of the water and mud and feed on little shrimp and other goodies. With the tide moving you have to move as well to keep yourself in the place where they want to be.

My son and I usually have hunted this spot out of a little marsh boat that is designed for stability and very low profile. The problem is that the boat paddles like a box compared to a Wavewalk. The particular place we were hunting is a 1.56 mile paddle from the boat launch. We did it in the little marsh boats, but we were wasted by the time we got there and the trip back (after a day long hunt) was brutal. So this time we tried the Wavewalks. What a difference!

Since this was the first time with the Wavewalks on the mud flats we were a little concerned that the birds would flare from the boats, so we decided to sit next to one, in beach chairs. The white stuff is ice on the mudflats. It was about 20 degrees out. The camo net is new but looked much better after it got wet and got some mud on it. We just pretend to be a log! The birds ignored the boat so next trip we will try a small blind and see if we can make that work.

By the time the tide got to its fullest we had retreated back to a hollowed out log where we hunted. The spot we started was under about 4 feet of water. Then by the time we ended we were back out to where we started sitting on mud. We move our whole set about every 20 min. Long lines (one line with multiple decoys attached to it) are our friend!

The North wind picked up by the end of the hunt. When the North wind blows on this marsh you get big waves. So we were very thankful we had the Wavewalks on the way back. They do great in the waves and with the wind at our back we made good time getting back to the ramp before dark.

We ended with 9 ducks between the two of us and can’t wait for the next trip out in the Wavewalk.



Nisqually 11-30 2




nisqaully-ducks- 11-30 001


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