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Disabled people can experience problems paddling kayaks and fishing from them. Some disabilities can cause balancing problems (e.g. MS and inner-ear issues), and others can cause discomfort and pain (e.g. joint problems, dislocated vertebrae, sensitive back, etc.).
W kayaks are more suitable for use by disabled people than other kayaks are.

Nature Coast Kayak Fishers’ club outing in dense fog

By Gary Rankel

Nature Coast Kayak Fishers
My kayak angler group ran into a morning of dense fog at Ozello 2 days ago.
Art Myjak, who is still recovering from a stroke he had 2 years ago, was good to go in his Wavewalk 500. He is still a bit unsteady and don’t think he would do real well in a more traditional yak.
Fortunately, I asked the new guys in our club to bring a VHF radio with them so we could maintain contact. They were invaluable in the fog.


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Paddling and fishing in Kachemak bay, Alaska

By Pat Irwin

Homer, Alaska

I’m working my way up to a longer trip so the only pics I have right now are random photos around the bay in front of my house. The salmon are running (spawning) right now so my focus is to fill the freezer for winter.

This pic is from a rainy fishing day. The W500 pointing toward Grewingk Glacier and the Harding Ice Field.

BTW, the 500 is helping my MS by allowing me to stay even more fit than if I use my bicycle only. This boat is great!

Grewingk Glacier and the Harding Ice Field viewed from the kayak 1024


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Wavewalk 500 with rowing oars, for trolling

By Billy Boughner

South Carolina

I am prevented from paddling due to a problem with my thumbs, so I outfitted my W500 with this rowing rig, and I use it to move around wherever I want. I used saddle brackets as a base for the seat and the rowing rig.
It rows really well, and I’m going out rowing a lot, 2 to 3 times a week. I can row for two hours without any problem.
I use this kayak for trolling, and it’s easy to catch fish with this setup.
My only complaint about this kayak is that it rows too easily… I’m thinking about getting a bigger boat so I could take another person with me.


Wavewalk 500 outfitted with fishing rod holders and rowing oars



Staying ahead of MS and enjoying the beauty of Alaska’s coast line

By Pat Irwin

Homer, Alaska
Free Spirit Wear

The W position is working great for me. I can now enjoy all that Homer, Alaska has to offer by way of the water and I can get a good workout as well without my legs going numb. I have MS [Multiple Sclerosis] and exercise is crucial for me to stay ahead of this disease, and cycling is getting to the point that it’s hard for me to even get my heart rate up much less get a workout. The Wavewalk now allows me to work my strong upper body, get a good workout, and enjoy the beauty of Alaska’s coast line.
I may even catch a few fish!
Thank you for making this possible.



Photos: Kathy Sarns Irwin


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DIY loading deck and winch system for my W500 kayak

By Pat Irwin

Homer, Alaska

I just got the W500 boat yesterday and finished my loading deck last night. These pics are at low tide so I’m waiting for the water to come up so I can launch this thing. I’m so excited and I have lots of local folks interested in it. I’ll keep you posted and thank you again for all your help.

Loading-dock-for-kayak winch-system-for-kayak-loading-deck


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