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First 4 snook day ever, in Crystal River

By Gary Rankel

It’s that time of year down here in Florida to head into the warmer-water canals along our rivers to fish for snook.
I got my first 4-snook day ever today fishing under the docks of a canal along the Crystal River, and also managed a few seatrout.
I got everything on the gold original rapala which seems to work as good on saltwater fish down here as it does on bass and walleye up north.
I did have to slow down my paddle from that observed in Jeff’s latest video so as not to violate the “No Wake” signs in the area and disturb the manatees!!









…and this nice seatrout


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Crystal River snook, by Gary Rankel

I actually got my slam today, but the trout and redfish were to small too photograph.
Then I got a nice snook fishing near the Crystal River Power Plant just north of the mouth of the Crystal River. I don’t know what it is about snook, but they sure like sucking your thumb while recovering (thankfully, they don’t have real sharp teeth).


Mouth of the Crystal River

Nice Snook

Thumb Sucking Snook

Crystal River Power Plant

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Fishing the oyster bars in Crystal beach, by Gary Rankel

Dick Sherman and I fished some oyster bars off the Crystal River beach yesterday and caught the usual cast of characters. I did miss a big snook that threw my topwater lure back in my face.

Anchoring the Wavewalk on the bars (the lazy man’s anchoring system) saves lots of time (so far, no water has seeped up through the bottom).

I took a snap of how Dick has the area behind his seat rigged. Between the seat back and standing up once in awhile to stretch, his back does just fine in the W.


Dick Sherman standing next to the kayaks - Crystal river beach fishing trip

DIY seat and storage compartment in rigged fishing kayak, Florida

Dick’s hobby is woodworking – he’s really good at it.

elderly fisherman standing in his kayak and paddling

fishing out of a kayak near an oyster bar, Florida

wildlife photo - bird fishing in Crystal river, Florida

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Two days of nice seatrout fishing, by Gary Rankel

Dick Sherman and I fished the Ozello backcountry on Wednesday and the open Gulf off Crystal River today. No redfish were taken but we got some nice seatrout, including a really nice 22 incher. The weather was great and we’re tuckered out, so I think we’ll recuperate this weekend.


Dick Sherman’s W kayak in the gulf of Mexico

Gary’s Green Bay green Packeryakker

Dick Sherman showing a fish he caught on board his W kayak

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Bob’s Monster Snook – A Partially Successful Kayak Fishing Trip, By Gary Rankel

Bob Smaldone caught the fish of the day (maybe the fish of the year) out of Ozello this morning. I’m glad I was close to snap a few pictures.
I mostly just spooked redfish 🙂

Bob standing in his kayak and fishing

Bob showing the big snook he caught in his kayak
Big snook caught in a fishing kayak
Bob standing on shore next to fishing kayaks

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