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Fishing beyond plan B

By Captain Larry Jarboe

For at least the next couple weeks, I am closing up my business up north. I have a little fish camp that I retreat to that is well located for many types of fishing in the Chesapeake Watershed.

This morning, I renewed my Maryland fishing license, loaded up the W500 on the back of the Mother Truck, threw in my catfish rods and tackle, and made a thirty mile trip to Mallows Bay on the Potomac River.

Mallows Bay is the largest ship graveyard in the Western Hemisphere. Dozens of archaic wooden steamships were scuttled there after WWI. The story which can be Googled is laced with governmental ineptitude and environmental calamity.

Upon arriving at the excellent public landing, I realized that I had forgotten to bring the 5 lbs. of fresh mullet that I bought over the weekend. Ineptitude still prevails at Mallows Bay.

Undaunted, I grabbed my Barnett compound bowfishing outfit to search for Northern Snakeheads to skewer. Those big Blue Cats at the edge of the channel would have to wait.

Plan B was not so good, either. The water was muddy and the Asian invasion has moved to deep water. So, a few pics would have to suffice.

On the way home, Plan C was formulated. A quick trip to the fish camp to trade the catfish rods for my lucky stik and off to my special spring fed pond to catch a few pickerel on a Texas rigged Zoom Fluke in the cooling evening. Freshwater barracuda trump a skunk.

Five Largemouth Bass releases later, as the sun set into darkness, a pickerel cut me off. No sense tying a new rig in the dark. Five bass is a pretty good day. And, I still have 5 lbs. of mullet in the fridge.










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Mother ship

By Capn’ Larry Jarboe


No, the 4″ PVC pipe thru-bolted on the port gunnel is not a redneck rod holder. That is the spider rig on the starboard side made from an old trolling motor bracket, Azek board, and smaller PVC pipe.
And, the satellite dish is not mounted to the vessel.
But, the Wavewalk 500 rides and launches real well…
And, I may have to get a bigger boat to launch the Wavewalk 700. Any excuse for another hole in the ocean.

Larry J.





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Cat-A-Yakking – the beginning

By Capn’ Larry Jarboe


Yesterday, I mounted my rod holders. Thanks Wavewalk, for providing the pilot placement starter holes. Since I was obliged to try them out, I took a run up to the discharge canal of the power plant on the Pax River.

The Wavewalk has been offishially stinkified with the scent of four Blue and four Channel Catfish. Now, it is a real fishing machine though the catches will get much better as the weather in the Chesapeake Region warms.

This was also the first day of Striped Bass trophy season but those fish are a couple weeks behind schedule. I did better than almost all the charter boats, numbers wise. And, for a fraction of the price!

I am using a Mother Ship concept which I will post about later.

Also, the 4′ 9″ Ugly Stik is a killer boat/kayak rod for most of our local and invasive species in the Chesapeake watershed. The second generation graphite series is nice but I’m kind of partial to the original fiberglass version. I bought the last one yesterday that the Tackle Box in Lexington Park had squirrelled away in the storage room.

Look for more and bigger fish to come. The season has just begun. And, I have not yet begun to cat-a-yak.

Larry J.

Photo Credit: Catfish Bill Davis


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Me and my son in our new W kayak, by Gerald Gatchalian

I have taken the W kayak for a few fishing trips since I got it.
What can I say, it is amazing, other W kayak owners’ reviews is exactly what they say about it. I am still currently finding ways to rig my kayak. My first launch went smoothly, stability and handling was superb.
I took my son with me fishing and all things went well.
Enclosed are a few of the fishing trips I made. The W kayak was a head turner, and I have been directing them to check out your website.

I did notice the sound or how noisy (baffle noise?) it creates when certain things like when a pliers fall off the hull. It spooked fish when we went out for redfish fishing. So I was wondering if I could put some marine matting on the inside, just on the floor to muffle some of the sound? I was thinking just on the saddle area. This would be my project when winter comes and also plans to get it motorized by early spring.
Thank you and more power to Wavewalk kayaks.

Chesapeake, Virginia



My son caught his first bass on our first tandem launch

My son caught his first bass on our first tandem launch


Me, trying out the first time

Me, trying out the first time


my initial setup

My initial setup


in the back of the truck

In the back of the truck


Look W - are they your parents

Look W kayak – are they your Catamaran parents?


W kayak's catamarn Parents

W kayak’s catamarn Parents


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13 mph speed record in my motorized W500 kayak, and stable as a dock (movie), by Kenny (One-Shot) Tracy

Here’s a video showing me breaking in the new motor on my W kayak.
I’ve never gotten it more than a 1/3 throttle yet. I’m still trying to “break it in” according to their suggestions. The torque it makes is scary, so I was trying to gradually pick up my speed to ensure I won’t over-tax the motor mount.

I was driving with my left hand, and trying to video and keep my iPhone visible with my right hand. The video shows the magic number “13” on the screen.
I have yet to figure out how to edit these videos.
My doctor told me I had a pinched nerve in my back, so hopefully when it heals a little more, I will have mastered the videotaping art.


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