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Fishing with my Wavewalk S4 out of Woods Hole, Cape Cod

By Mike Silva


I went fishing out of Woods Hole, Cape Cod. We had strong tidal currents today, and the sea was a bit rough with 16 mph SE wind and gusts up to 22 mph. We did pretty well though.
I’m getting a spray shield.

Wavewalk S4 mounted with a 6 HP Suzuki outboard motor. Cape Cod, November 2017. The fish on the front deck are Tautog (blackfish).


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Unbelievable shallow water bass fishing in Cape Cod, by Michael Chesloff

Earlier this summer I spent a week in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, which is famous for its saltwater fishing. The Cape is also rich with small lakes and ponds which just don’t seem to be under much fishing pressure, perhaps because most anglers are focused on offshore action.

I stayed inland and pursued the bass. All week I was catching 2, 3 and 4 pounders. The fishing was just astounding as the bass smashed Wacky Worms and Frog Imitations in water that was often less than 6 inches deep, which is not a problem with this kayak.

Best week of fishing I’ve ever had. All the bass were released unharmed.







And then, this:



I estimate this 22 inch monster weighed between 5 1/2 and 6 pounds.


Amazing finding – an 8″ perch inside a bass (click images to enlarge):


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Wavewalk’s web blast ad for On-The-Water Magazine readers

Here’s a new ad emailed today to all On-The-Water (OTW) Magazine subscribers:

Ad for motorized fishing kayak - Dowsize and Upgrade

The content is self explanatory, and we direct it to all anglers in New England and nearby states in the Northeast that don’t like the idea of fishing out of a common kayak (sit-in, SOT or hybrid) for obvious reasons such as lack of stability and comfort, and reasons that are particular to this region which are the cold climate and the popularity of offshore fishing.
The idea is that local anglers can use our W kayak as a lightweight, high performance car top boat rather than as just a kayak, and say goodbye to trailers and boat ramps…

Albeit bad weather, my best catch ever of big bass and pickerel, by Michael Chesloff

I just spent 8 days in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The weather was terrible for the first 4; relentless wind and rain such that I didn’t want to fish. The next 4 days were just incredibly windy so I went out for a few hours early each day. Considering the conditions, my Wavewalk made paddling and positioning easy.

The result? My best catch ever of big bass and pickerel.
Fish when you can!

Note that I just purchased the Plano Expandable Bump Board that you see in each shot. It keeps you honest, if you like that sort of things! :-)



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Bird Watching and Photography from a W Kayak, by Don MacAdam, Massachusetts

The W kayak has performed great! I’ve been to Ponkapoag Pond twice, Morris Island in Chatham, Neponset River and Quicksand Pond in RI. I only had my camera for Neponset and Quicksand so I’m sending a couple of shots. Bird watching has been fun and I doubled up with my wife one beautiful day on Ponkapoag. It definitely handles differently with two people than with one, but no problems, she loved it.

Of course, people come right up to me and ask me about the unique design. I tell them you guys sell them right over in Sharon and to check out your website. I tell them to just Google W boat and the Wavewalk site will list up. I’m looking forward to getting out on the Charles River next.

I was able to suspend/store it easily under my deck. I look forward to expanding my birdwatching excursions to include some “birding” from the water.

Thanks for everything! I’ll try and pass along some more pictures of any future paddles.


Neponset River

Neposet River Bridge

Quicksand Pond, Little Compton, Rhode Island

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