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Bucketmouth bass is a species of fish

My kayak paddling and fishing therapy

By John Fabina


I had an unfortunate accident this spring that resulted in my hand being crushed. After surgery and pins, my hand is expected to make a full recovery.
Physical therapy was challenging but necessary to return my hand to normal. After a month or so I was able to begin kayaking again in my Wavewalk. The therapist was impressed at my improvement. I explained how paddling seemed to improve my hand strength and dexterity. My surgeon confirmed that it was perfect therapy for many reasons, the most important was that it was an activity I enjoyed.
As time went on , later this summer I was able to fish again. Back to exploring new waters, this time a remote lake in Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I found a few bucketmouths and pike. It was great to be fishing and exploring in my Wavewalk again!




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Bass fishing and shooting photos in my own slice of heaven, by John Fabina

I took my camera and fishing rods and headed to the Fox river, again.

I had some good action today. A couple of small pike where the Mukwonago River joins the Fox River.

It is a challenge to land Largemouth bass when using a frog. These fish know how to use the river current, weeds, and submerged branches to escape your hooks.
I lost so many nice fish today but it is still such an exciting way to fish.

17 inch bucket mouth bass

Caught this nice 17 inch bucket mouth on a Rapala.


bass caught on a frog lure

This little guy hit a Frog.


largemouth bass caught on a frog - Fox river

Fox river scenic view

Fox river scenic view (2)

Fox river scenic view (3)

Had the whole place to myself today. Peacefulness so close to an urban area. My own slice of heaven. Having a Wavewalk makes it so easy to enjoy. Less then five minutes of load time and you can hit the road and find your relaxing journey.

weeds in Fox river




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More From Roxanne About Her W500 Fishing Kayak

-“I have gone out a few times in my new W500. This weather has really taken a toll on me. If all goes well, next summer I may go down for a guided river trip in the W500. That should open some eyes to the W500.
As far as speed goes, though I couldn’t keep up the pace for too long, I bet I could paddle as fast as my 30# trolling motor moves my other yak. I really like paddling the W500, and I am still so amazed at the changes in it, at how much it has increased the stability of this craft.”

Large mouth bass in W500 fishing kayak
-“I hope to get together with a few fishermen soon, again, once they try it, they are gonna be wishing they had one.
I have everything ready to go for the motor, just not ready to add it yet.”

Big fish caught in Rox' W500 fishing yak

-“I am going to hit the salt with some fellow Connecticut kayak fishermen, just waiting on the weather for that. And if I enjoy the salt with the W500 as much as I do in the fresh waters, I might not add the motor at all.

At our local kayak fishing club we hold a Childerns fishing derby, I will be bringing my W300 and W500 to that.
I’ll send a full report on the event.