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Blue heron is a large size fishing bird

Gator time

By Gary Rankel

Nature Coast Kayak Fishers Club

Art Myjak paddled his last trip with me for awhile as he and his wife will be headed up north later this week for the summer.  We had a slow day as far as fishing goes, but a bit of excitement coming across a gator who seemed interested in Art’s Wavewalk.  I’ll be looking for company on my fishing trips this summer, so if any Wavewalkers up there want to join me, c’mon down.



Art fishing, unsuspecting… while the gator silently approaches…


fisherman-taking-a-picture-of-the gator-next-to-hos-kayak



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Extended paddling and fishing season, by John Fabina

Wavewalk kayaks extend our paddling and fishing season into the cold water months. We can witness the fall color knowing that we will be safe, warm , and dry.


paddling standing october 2014

paddling on the river with autumn colors

view of the river bank

scenic view of the river with autumn colors

two herons looking for fish

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Great Egret on the Broward, by Harry Selsor

A Northeastern wind courtesy of Hurricane Cristobal brought a little respite from the high humidity and dog days of August weather pattern.

Tides were favorable for a morning excursion on my wavewalk so I headed out to check out my recently repaired lens. I went to the “Secret Hideout” on the Broward River and found the Great Egrets and some Tricolored Herons enjoying the morning. Got a few loud protests as I paddled my kayak by the tree.


Reflections On Broward

Great Egret





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PS –

Went back to the “hideout” this morning and found a pair of Roseate Spoonbills…they let me drift right under them and take few hundred photos before heading off for breakfast…the Great Egret also stayed a bit longer. When I returned to the dock area got a few of the Little Blue Herons also. Harry





roseate-spoonbill (2)

roseate-spoonbill (3)

roseate-spoonbill (4)

roseate-spoonbill (5)


New photos from my Wavewalk kayak, by Michael Pyle

I have the coolest Kayak known to man. It’s called a Wavewalk Kayak, and is the world’s stablest fishing Kayak.
I custom made a camera mount for this boat and these images were captured using it.
I hope you like!

Michael Pyle


Great Blue Heron Dancing on Poles

Great Blue Heron on a log fishing

Red wing Blackbird

Copyright © Michael Pyle


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Wildlife photography kayak trip at DeLeon Springs, by Harry Selsor

Went for a paddle today at DeLeon Springs… not much activity and although summer is officially here tomorrow…I melted today !


Reflections On Broward

Snowy Egret on Lily Pads

Great Blue Heron

Bump on a log

Tricolored Heron

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