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Hawg Buster Bait Co. – our new dealership in central Pennsylvania

Joe Stauder is a lifelong fisherman from Montandon, in central Pennsylvania, who created the Hawg Buster Bait.
From now on, Joe is also Wavewalk fishing kayaks’ dealer in this area.
Joe is also a member of a local bass fishing club, and he plans to teach his co-members how to fish standing up in a W kayak.

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First Wavewalk – Kayak Review By Mike Moody, North Dakota

I just wanted to drop you a line. I bought a Wavewalk W500 from Gary Thorberg at MinnYaks back in August.
First off, I want to tell you that Gary was amazing! He agreed to meet me at his lake place which was a short drive from my lake place instead of me driving all the way to the Twin Cities (4-5 hour drive). Not only was Gary prompt when communicating, the guy is just a genuinely good person. When I met up with him and first saw my Wavewalk it was love at first sight. I have to mention that I’ve been researching and reviewing the Wavewalk for about 18 months and finally decided to buy one. If anyone reading this has hesitated, please do yourself a favor and just get a Wavewalk. It’s worth every penny!

After Gary threw in a motor mount and plenty of good advice for free, I loaded up my new baby and drove back to our lake place. Well, the wind was blowing so I had to wait until the next day for my maiden voyage. At first I thought the Wavewalk was a bit tippy but then I realized that was just me, not the Wavewalk. I’m not a small guy (265 lbs) and after about 20 minutes, I was standing up fishing from my Wavewalk. Yeah, I got a bit off balance but as I had read, I just sat down and I was instantly fine. Then a boat went by threw a wake at me, and I was a bit worried but that was easy too.
I’ve listed some items that make the Wavewalk wonderful:

· The ability to move your leg position at will

· The ability to stand and stretch when needed

· The ability to lay back and relax when the mood strikes you

· The way you can rig the Wavewalk to your own liking. I will give some advice here, don’t do anything permanent until you’ve been out a handful of times

· The peace and quiet of a day on the water without a motor

· How easy it is to launch and beach the Wavewalk

· How easy it is to paddle into the lily pads and ambush largemouth bass with topwater lures!

I’ve attached a couple pictures for you.
Oh, I forgot to mention, my wife and my dog love the Wavewalk as well!

Mike Moody
Grand Forks, North Dakota

kayak fisherman from North Dakota

a fishing kayak with a passenger and dog on board - North Dakota

view from a fishing kayak - North Dakota

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