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Bass lures are popular with kayak anglers who fish for bass

Fishing trip to Itasca State Park, by Mike Moody

A video from my kayak fishing trip on 9/29 to Itasca State Park, Minnesota.
It’s the first time I use it after my wife camouflaged it for duck hunting. It used to be yellow…

It was cold and windy out there, and the fish didn’t cooperate that much.
Caught two bass and three northern pike.


North Dakota



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Top-water and front-loading bass at Sutherland Pond (movie), by Michael Chesloff

Like jon boats, the Wavewalk kayak has a front side, which expands both the angler’s field of view and field of action. It offers me to cast top-water lures (a frog, in this case) in the lily pads in front of me, as well as to land the fish (bass, in this case) from the space between the hull tips before me.
This feature is also convenient for shooting video. I shot this one at Sutherland Pond, in the Ooms Conservation area, near the northern end of the Taconic Parkway in upstate New York.


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Unbelievable shallow water bass fishing in Cape Cod, by Michael Chesloff

Earlier this summer I spent a week in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, which is famous for its saltwater fishing. The Cape is also rich with small lakes and ponds which just don’t seem to be under much fishing pressure, perhaps because most anglers are focused on offshore action.

I stayed inland and pursued the bass. All week I was catching 2, 3 and 4 pounders. The fishing was just astounding as the bass smashed Wacky Worms and Frog Imitations in water that was often less than 6 inches deep, which is not a problem with this kayak.

Best week of fishing I’ve ever had. All the bass were released unharmed.


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And then, this:



I estimate this 22 inch monster weighed between 5 1/2 and 6 pounds.


Amazing finding – an 8″ perch inside a bass (click images to enlarge):


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Frogging for bass in the lily pads of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, by John Fabina

Frogging is a fun way to fish, watching them strike.
These lily pads that come to a point looked like a good place to flip a frog…
This spot held a half dozen Largemouth bass.

Posted while on the road…


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me-and-a-big-largemouth-bass-michigan-trip (2)


big-largemouth-bass-michigan-trip (2)

big-largemouth-bass-michigan-trip (3)




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