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Bass lures are popular with kayak anglers who fish for bass

Trifecta – Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, and Northern Pike, while exploring new water

By John Fabina

I decided to explore new water on the Fox River today.
It was possible to launch the Wavewalk at a bridge where only a kayak could be launched. I wouldn’t attempt to launch here with a conventional kayak……..it would be easy to flip. It was a relaxing and fun day. I caught the trifecta , Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, and Northern Pike.
The bass were caught on a jointed Rapala and the pike on a Wacky worm.
As always hit the bridges for the current breaks and fish any inlets that dig out holes.













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Back in the saddle and fighting monster bass

I’m baaaack in the saddle again! Today was the day, the return to my beloved Wavewalk. Took a quick little afternoon trip to Upper Broad Creek with Fishing Buddy and picked up where I left off in January.

I thought I would be a little shaky the first few minutes but, no way, I felt great and took right off for a little point that has reed grass and a spiky stump. I tossed a “Trim Gim” by Bett’s poppers and hooked up with a pumpkinseed. He was a cute little fella and the popper was as big as his face. I tossed ole Gim to the left of the spiky stump, made two short strips, and felt some tension in the line. I figured I was hung up on spike so I lifted the rod tip to give it a little shake to release the popper and all of a sudden the rod gets bent slam over and then a big ole bass rockets out of the water. I was caught completely off guard thinking I was hung up on a stump. That dude looked like Jordan launching from the paint and made a move like you see at the Olympics during the diving competition. After the acrobatic display I strip striked to get the hook set and tried to keep from losing my rod. I don’t know how big that bass was but, it took 15 minutes for the hole to fill back up with water after he splashed down  😉
At some point during this epic battle the line went slack and I became intensely disappointed when I stripped my popper back without a big bass attached to it. As I sat there thinking about what could have gone wrong, I took a look at Ole Gim and noticed that the hook didn’t look quite right. Big ‘un had just about straightened it out.

Changed poppers and caught another pumpkinseed and a really nice bluegill. The bluegill was a whopper that I landed with the net.

It was a great trip and I’m so happy to be back out on the water in my Wavewalk. I’m going again soon and will let you know how it goes.

bass-fishing-kayak-and-angler-1024 bluegill lure pumpkinseed-1 pumpkinseed-2


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One (fish) on 1/1

What better way to spend the first day of the new year than fly fishing from my super awesome Wavewalk 700 kayak. Fishing Buddy and I splashed the yaks around 11:30 am with high hopes and low expectations. We have had some serious rain the past few days with the air temperature taking a 20 plus degree nosedive in a 12 hour period and super high water. Add to the mix a North wind, that seemed to have had a little too much spirit last eve because it was swirling around like a drunk on the tilt-a-whirl, and you get………

Jill- One big fat bluegill

Fishing Buddy- One chunky bass

It was more than tough to fly fish from a kayak today; we did it anyway. I am happy with my one fish on the first day of the new year and tomorrow I hope to get at least two fish on the second day of the new year. If the pattern holds, December 31st should be EPIC!

I have fished two patterns lately; a sinking spider and a wooly bugger. Both seem to catch fish so I morphed them into one fly to try out today. It’s like a skinny wooly bugger with legs. The bluegill totally inhaled it, that’s why you can’t see the fly in the fish’s mouth.

Happy New Year to my fellow Wavewalkers. I hope y’all catch a bunch this year.

I have attached some pictures of my fish and fly.


The fish



The fly


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Fishing for bass and bluegill – two action movies

By Paul Malm

Malm Fishing Services, Iowa

A little top-water fun for bass. This was a great afternoon on the water! Lots of action,…lots of fun!!




Fishing for some big bluegills for a few minutes, while out kayak fishing for bass! –


Both movies were filmed on the same day I got that huge carp! That was a very good day!!


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