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Bass lures are popular with kayak anglers who fish for bass

Not too shabby bass with my back injuries, by Rox Davis

Just started therapy for my back yesterday, opted out on the surgery for now.
I want to try all my options first before the Knife!!

I was able to still get out, Lisa pulled the W kayaks down to the waters edge at a pond near us.
I left my W500 at home since it’s a little heavier with the motor mount and deck.
A little paddling goes a long way with the W300.

Just tossing a 3” yum dinger in baby bass color Texas rigged weedless.
Not to shabby with my back and neck injuries. Plus a bonus 4lber to boot!!

If I was in a traditional yak, I would have never made it off shore – too hard to get in and out without a splash down. :)

Tight Lines and MoPaddle safe all.

This eight year old W300 kayak still does the job




bass-caught-july-7-CT (2)

Kayak fishing in the first week of summer, by Michael Chesloff

Until June 21st the weather and the fishing in my part of upstate New York were extremely challenging. Strong winds, even early in the morning, were unrelenting. And the bass I was catching were rarely over a pound. Then, almost magically, the first day of summer brought stunning changes. The mornings were calm and the fish put on some serious weight!

The action begins Saturday morning at Rudd Pond, including a largemouth that is close to 4 pounds!


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17-inch-4-lbs-largemouth-bass (2)Big-Eye-3-lbs-bass








All these fish were caught within three hours.

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Precision bass fishing thick weeds in my Wavewalk kayak, by Clint Miller

The pic of the water shows how thick the weeds I was fishing were.
Standup flipping the pockets was the ONLY way to get at the big ones.. there were at least 50 boats on an extremely small lake and the pressure and sunlight had em dug in deep.
No bass boat (or any boat with a motor) could even attempt to go thru those weed mats, and a conventional kayak wouldn’t help because u can’t stand up to hit the 2″ to 4″ holes in the weeds with your bait. So this method was actually derived exclusively from the wavewalk!!! And man am I thankful ..


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Landing bass from the front of my kayak, by Michael Chesloff (movie)

The spring weather in the Northeast has been challenging to say the least!
It was once again, windy, windy, windy but still a beautiful day so out I went in my W500.

Here is a movie I shot in Long Pond:

Notice that even though the camera is mounted directly to the kayak’s gunnel, the shots are rock-steady. This was shot with my Nikon Coolpix AW100, no stabilizers and no stabilization added during editing or by YouTube.


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