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Bass is one of the most popular group of fish among kayak anglers, and it includes both freshwater and marine species. Most popular bass species are largemeouth bass, striped bass (a.k.a. ‘striper’), and smallmouth bass (a.k.a, ‘smallie’) which in fact belongs to the sunfish family.
Bass fishing is often called ‘bassing’, or ‘bassin’. A bass boat is a type of motorboat designed to offer two or more anglers a wide, stable and comfortable platform to fish from, as well as the ability to travel fast over long distances, mainly on flat water.

Catching smallmouth on the Allegheny river

By Dave Wayman


I went down the Allegheny River probably about 7-8 times this summer. Really enjoyed it.
We caught smallmouths mostly.
It wasn’t a banner year. You have to work hard for them. But it was fun.
Learning a lot about what to use and how to go about catching them.

I loaned my W500 kayak to two different guys and took them down the river (I used a standard kayak, which I hate). They love the WaveWalk and I’m trying to get them interested so they buy one. Also went down the river with another W500 owner who loves his WaveWalk.

My WaveWalk got pretty dirty from river water this summer. I need to try to clean it good before putting it up.

I was wondering if there is anything I should do to my WaveWalk as I get ready to put it up for the winter. Is there any dressing or wax that should be used to protect the material the kayak is molded from? So that it lasts longer?

This is a picture of a 15” er that I caught yesterday on the Allegheny.


Thanks to Joe Stauder from HBBCO Stand Up Fishing Kayaks

Bassin at Saratoga lake

By Clint Miller

Photos: Nioca Miller

It’s been awhile but we are still enjoying the Wavewalk!
Been a slow fishing summer due to the fact that Nioca is having twin boys any day now! Looking forward to getting them on the Wavewalk asap 😀
These pics are from July bassin at Saratoga lake.




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Review of my Wavewalk 500 outfitted with an electric motor

By Samuel Ramirez


I really like my W500 and have been using it a lot lately. I get a lot of comments on it and have let quite a few people ride it. Everyone loves it. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has ordered one from you or will soon as a result of riding it.
I have it rigged up with an electric trolling motor and a smart lithium battery almost exactly like Gary Thorberg did.
I love bass fishing in it with the trolling motor, it really lets me creep up on the locations I want to cast to, and use the trolling motor to stay in my desired position. The only real difference from Gary’s is I have it mounted in the front, in the center space between the hulls. I am very careful not to run the motor so as to hit the hulls when lifting it out of the water. I have quick release plugs and usually unplug it so that cannot happen.
I keep forgetting to take photos of the entire setup but here is a photo that shows the front end of the W500 with the trolling motor at Parker Canyon Lake south of Tucson. Mostly I took the photo to show how beautiful the day was at the lake and caught a small portion of the W500 front end.

As much as I like the W500, being 230 lbs I wish I had the W700 instead, so I could take another person easier.



July 3rd paddling and fishing adventures

By John Fabina

Jeanne and I headed out to a stretch of the Oconomowoc River that we have never paddled before. It’s always exciting to explore new areas with our Wavewalks.
It was more of a exploration trip then a fishing trip but I took a rod along anyways.
The water sure looked good as we went downstream. I was able to tie into some Smallmouth Bass. These small guys fight like big ones in the river current and this time of the year they get some air. One practically jumped into my Wavewalk.
I always check satellite photos for waters we haven’t explored that are nearby. Amazingly these streams can make you feel like you are out in the boonies. Always take a rod…..you will be surprised what you can catch near urban areas.
We watched a deer walking along with turkeys…






Version 2


tiny-fish (2)



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141 outings in 3 years. Best purchase of my life (almost)

Robbie Cairl

W. Massachusetts

I’m sorry I have not made any videos with my awesome Wavewalk 500. My buddy did take this snapshot of me yesterday. I’m about to land (and release) a nice 2 1/2 lb. smallmouth bass on the Connecticut River in Sunderland MA.
I love my W and keep track of my outings. Yesterday was my 141st adventure in 3 years. My back and all round fishing and kayaking experiences have been heavenly since I made the best purchase of my life. Well, second best, after my wedding license.

catching a 2.5 lb smallmouth bass on a fly

Me: Wavewalk 500 owner since spring 2013. I’m 60-ish soon to retire and use my W even more. I love to explore new bodies of water and fish (catch and release except for the rare stocked trout I may have to share with camping buddies). The Connecticut and Deerfield Rivers are my favorite haunts, I can put in the Conn just about a mile from home. My usual trip is a 3 mile paddle up stream for cardio and core workout, then crack a beer and float home while fishing, photographing, bird watching and observing whatever nature has to offer. The upright paddling position has allowed me to kayak more often for longer periods of time. The ample room, ability to stand, ease of handling while transporting were all added benefits I continue to enjoy.

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