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Anchor used for kayak fishing

Moving Sale on Fishing Kayaks in Stock

We’re moving to a new location, south of Boston, in the end of August.

Until August 20th, 2009, all W kayaks and W fishing kayaks we have in stock will be on sale, and you’ll be able to get a 10% discount on them.

After that date all kayak prices will go back to normal.

Unfortunately, we can’t offer any discounts on shipping, paddles, anchors, rod holders and stake-out poles.


Gary Rankel’s New, Rigged W500 Fishing Kayak, Florida

Back in 2006, Gary Rankel was one of the first to write a review of his rigged W fishing kayak.

Now Gary upgraded to a 2009 W500 GF4 model:

2006 and 2009 fishing kayaks on pickup truckbed

Gary plans to keep his 2006 W kayak for guests.

-“Had a few hours without rain this a.m. so snapped a few more pictures which pretty much cover my rigging and techniques, and show how simple and economical it can be to rig the W500:”

foam noodles around fishing kayak cockpit

“Noodles along the W rim serve (1) as extra flotation, (2) as head, arm and foot rests, (3) as a fish ruler, and (4) as soundproof cushions for my radio, as well as for rods and paddle which are repeatedly picked up and laid down.  Regular noodles don’t fit the W500 rim very well so I use the “monster” model (4-inch diameter with a 1 1/4 – inch hole, and a smooth, not rippled, outer surface).”

protective surface for dragging fishing kayak on rocks

“A steel reinforced outdoor mat with bungee cords serves as a cheap and easy way to minimize scratching the hulls when moving the W from Point A to Point B.”

large size collapsibe cooler for fishing kayak

“Large collapsible fish cooler bag packed with flexible ice packets tucks neatly into the hull.”

collapsibe cooler inside fishing kayak hull

“Anchor set-up with rope attached to a large clip which, in turn, clips onto the anchor or heavy duty plastic grabber (for clamping onto mangroves, oyster bars, etc.).  It can also clip onto the rope that comes with the “anchor pin” or “stick-it pin” (not shown, but a 6-foot rod pushed into a soft bottom to hold the W in place).”

Fishing kayak anchor and clamp

And this is a nice redfish that Gary caught in August:

Redfish caught in stand up fishing kayak

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2.2 lbs Anchor for Fishing Kayaks

We offer this hook-type, galvanized, fishing kayak anchor with a 35 ft long, braided, yellow polypropylene line.

Weight: 2.2 lbs (1 kg)

Price: $20

2.2 lbs hook type anchor for fishing kayaks

Accessories for Rigging Your Fishing Kayak

Wavewalk is offering a line of gear and accessories for rigging your fishing kayak.

The line includes paddles, paddle holders, anchors, stake out pole, deck rigging, flotation modules, deck mount rod holders, flush mount rod holders, kayak carry handles, and our Wavewalk hat.

We offer these products as a service to customers who bought a W-kayak from us, and are looking to either extend their basic order, or get spare parts after the initial purchase.