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Opener 2011 – Minnesota Kayak Fishing Trip Report With 18′ Mothership

Opener 2011 was a success! (see photo gallery) Weather was lousy, but that made for good fishing. We caught and ate a lot of crappies, caught and released a lot of bass and northern pike. Didn’t really fish much for walleyes, but managed to catch and eat a few anyway. The W500 was really fun to fish from. I was able to go anywhere I wanted, and was never tired, even after hours of fishing. Trolling, casting, bobber fishing, and fly fishing were all easily managed. We tried transporting the ‘W’ with our ‘mother ship’, our 18′ bay boat. It was too easy! The long run into the wind to the fishing spot took only a few minutes! We will be doing that again. All in all, I can honestly say that fishing from the ‘W’ was one of my more memorable fishing experiences to date!

Clamp Mounted Side Mount For Fishing Kayak Electric Trolling Motor

Various vendors offer clamp mounts for electric trolling motors, for canoes.
This clamp mounted motor mount is offered with an optional outrigger, featuring an adjustable height system, which enables driving the kayak with the outrigger outside the water. The outrigger is not a must-have, and you can drive the motorized W500 without it.
The main advantages of this motor mount are: Best Comfort: The steering handle is conveniently located on your side, and does not require that you turn sideways or backward, or hold your arm behind your back. This is certainly easier from an ergonomic standpoint, and the way to go when outrigger motors are concerned.

Quick and Easy to Install
You attach this motor mount to your W500 fishing kayak using two clamps – It’s quick (takes about 1 minute), easy (no tools needed), and does not require that you drill holes in the hull.
Versatility: 1. You can attach the motor on either side of your fishing kayak, and easily switch sides. This can be an advantage especially if there’s a strong side wind blowing.
2. You can easily and quickly dismount the motor mount, and store it, as well as the electric motor in the W500 hull tips. It’s convenient in case you no longer feel like using the motor, or if you’re going in very shallow water, or in water that has a lot of seaweed, where paddling works better than trolling with a motor.