Stand Up Kayak Fishing Movie From Korea

Sungjin posted this new kayak fishing movie, featuring local kayak anglers:
It’s the rain season in Korea now, and powerful rainstorms are frequent. But although the wind is blowing hard, the anglers in Sungjin’s movie are seen fishing and paddling standing up in their W kayaks, undaunted and hardly disturbed at all.
One of the W500 kayaks is outfitted with a powerful outboard gas engine. We hope to get some video of this beast in action!
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Paddling a Wavewalk Kayak In Tandem

This video shows two adult paddlers in the W500 kayak. Their weight plus their gear’s weight amounts to a total of 350 lbs. From watching this movie it’s clear to see this kayak is suitable for paddling when loaded with additional weight, but we recommend to avoid loading it more, doing so would affect its performance. The W500 works as perfect canoe as well, both solo and tandem.