My all-water electric fishing kayak

By Pyt Rotary (Thrac) Ontario Best Motorization for fishing – After playing with my Wavewalk 500 kayak for 5 years in various bodies of water (rivers, shallow rivers, lakes, swamps, and big lakes such as lake Ontario) I did reach these conclusions – IMHO, for fishing, the best motorization is the electric motor at 24V … Continue reading “My all-water electric fishing kayak”


Outfitting and Rigging Your Wavewalk® We’ve stopped updating this section of our website due to the over abundance of new material. Simply, these days, nearly every new Wavewalk user motorize their Wavewalk, and this is especially true with the new W700 that we launched in 2015, and the S4 models that we launched in 2017. … Continue reading “Outfitting”

Locate Dealers

Authorized Wavewalk® Dealers and Demo Agents Only businesses listed on this page are authorized to demonstrate or resell Wavewalk® products. Since 2004, we’ve been selling our kayaks factory direct to clients in the US and in other countries. We also try to improve  distribution in some areas by reselling through local dealers. Our distribution includes … Continue reading “Locate Dealers”

Top Contributors

Top Contributors to Wavewalk® Fishing and Boating Over the years, many people have contributed to advancing and perfecting Wavewalk kayaks, Wavewalk fishing, and Wavewalk boating through countless reviews, ideas, experiments, innovations, fishing trip reports, articles, and videos. This section of our website highlights the top contributors, who have made exceptional and continuous contributions. We are … Continue reading “Top Contributors”