Review of 2008 W300 fishing kayak

By Dennis Vircks Saltwater Wavewalk Kayak Fisherman, California -“Four months have passed since I received my Wavewalk.  I thought I would take some time to tell you how much I enjoy this fine little craft.  I now have it rigged to my satisfaction and to what I believe is the ultimate “individual fishing platform.” A … Continue reading “Review of 2008 W300 fishing kayak”

Southern Kayak Fishermen’s Complaints

I recently visited a popular online kayak fishing forum serving kayak fishermen in a Southern state. One of the discussions in it was about the negative side of kayak fishing as the participants see them. Most of the participants fish from SOTs and some from sit-in kayaks, but none of them fishes from a W … Continue reading “Southern Kayak Fishermen’s Complaints”