Wavewalk® 500 Reviews

We have suspended offering the W500, and we recommend that our clients get a Wavewalk 700 instead.   Wavewalk launched the 500 series in May of 2009.Currently, there are over two hundred Wavewalk® 500 reviews listed on this page.Per our company policy, each Wavewalk® 500 review features the full name and state of the person … Continue reading “Wavewalk® 500 Reviews”

Top Contributors

Top Contributors to Wavewalk® Fishing and Boating Over the years, many people have contributed to advancing and perfecting Wavewalk kayaks, Wavewalk fishing, and Wavewalk boating through countless reviews, ideas, experiments, innovations, fishing trip reports, articles, and videos. This section of our website highlights the top contributors, who have made exceptional and continuous contributions. We are … Continue reading “Top Contributors”

About Kayak Fishing In Tandem…

Whether we recommend kayak fishing in tandem is not an easy question to answer. Essentially, kayaks are solo boats that do not lend lend themselves easily to tandem applications – In principle, tandem kayak fishing is possible, since many kayaks are big enough to take two passengers on board. however, from a practical standpoint, having … Continue reading “About Kayak Fishing In Tandem…”

Jesse’s DIY Kayak Rack, North Carolina

Jesse Martinez, formerly known as Texas Tarheel Yaker writes from North Carolina: Weather just has not been cooperating with here in North Carolina, as you know we have had it all from earthquakes, hurricanes and now tropical storm Lee which has been causing havoc with tornadoes and flooding…..we did get an awesome lightning show early … Continue reading “Jesse’s DIY Kayak Rack, North Carolina”